Just for Guys: Jacking off with lube has never felt as good as it has with this sex toy personal lubricant.

Jac-Off Lube

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Jac-Off Lube: Jacking off with lube has never felt as good as it has with this sex toy personal lubricant.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Fellas, VibeReview knows how you stroke your prized penis with singular purpose - to orgasm as quickly as possible. As you've found out over the years, you need a personal lubricant to make masturbation more pleasurable and to avoid chaffing sensitive penis skin tissue.

Jac-Off Lube's male formula is designated for you and all your masturbation toys - sleeves, strokers, replicas...anything that can be used for masturbation. Jac-Off Lube is water-based, so it is compatible with all of your favorite sex toys. When you need a smooth glide to make your stroking more sensitive, this 100% latex-safe lube does the trick.

Editorial Review

I tested this lube with my Maven - my new favorite masturbation sleeve. I don't waste time masturbating with my hand - it seems so yesterday to me. Why masturbate with my hand when so many spectacular sleeves are at my disposal? Exactly.

So, I placed three drops inside of the sleeve and two drops on my penis (one on my glans and one on my shaft). I slowly inserted my penis into the Maven's soft interior. I gradually worked up to fast stroking. No problems, none! I masturbated for 15 minutes and never found it necessary to add more lube.

I don't know where Jac-Off Lube falls into the grand order of lubes, but I never had to re-apply lube for the entire time I masturbated. Toward the end, I could feel the lube drying up; however, it took 15 minutes before that happened. If it does dry up a little bit, water re-activates it.

Though I am pleased with its slickness longevity, I still prefer Boy Butter and Eros Bodyglide. Neither lube desensitizes my penis. I noticed that I lost some sensations and feeling when playing with Jac-Off Lube. Boy Butter and Eros Bodyglide are just as slick, but both ensure that I never lose feeling.

Additional Details

Size:  4 oz.
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Martin L.
Why is everyone down on Jac-Off Lube? Weird. Substance-wise, it is a lubricant that doesn't lose slickness quickly. Eventually a sticky texture replaces the slickness, though not until I've been stroking for a long time. I am satisfied, true dat.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. Samoan Pride Fighting
Jac-off lube blows the big one. Try Boy Butter or Eros Bodyglide instead. For the last month these are the two I've been stroking with and sex, too.
Sex toy review: two hearts. stars-n-stripes
Skip Jac-Off Lube. Boy Butter does everything better.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Almost too watery. A sticky mess within minutes.
Sex toy review: three hearts. henry r.
Horrible bottle label. Good lube.

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