Male Sex Toys: Jenna Haze sex doll vagina and adult toys for men

Jenna Haze's Private Parts

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Jenna Haze's Private Parts: Jenna Haze sex doll vagina and adult toys for men
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

You fellas are interested in dual entry possibilities, right? We know you are. Jenna Haze's Private Parts welcomes you to thrust your best inside of this tight, ultra-realistic vaginal sleeve.

Jenna Haze is well-known for her famous sex scenes. Now, you can make the sex scenes in your home, with your very own vibrating Jenna Haze replica sleeve. Molded after the famous porn star's private parts, you will experience what it is like to please the leading lady.

This toy is made of super-soft Cyberskin material that is stretchy, flexible, and durable. Dual-entry holes are present - one vaginal opening, one anal opening. Both entries are tight and deep enough for you to experience wonderful stroking, thrusting action, plus they are lined with tiny ridges that will increase your pleasure.

A bullet vibrator is included with Jenna Haze's Private Parts. This vibrator slides inside of the toy, offering you a new form of stimulation...vibration-driven masturbation. The bullet vibrator is multi-speed and multi-functional. Use the handy remote control to change vibration speeds and vibration programs. Adjust it to your personal preferences.

This pornstar pocket pussy is a classic that every man should try. Designed with durability in mind, you will be able to experience your wildest, most erotic fantasies as your thrust your way toward greatness.

Editorial Review

Jenna Haze's Private Parts is my favorite leading lady replica vagina and rear end. No doubt, it is tight as tight can be. When I shoved my penis inside of its tight holes, I came close to spreading my seed immediately. Yes, it feels that good. I know several guys who also play with this amazing masturbation sex toy. They, like me, all enjoy the tightness and realistic texture.

You've often heard or read comments by women who claim dildos and vibrators stimulate them in ways that a man cannot. Well, Jenna Haze's Private Parts is my response to those types of comments. Realistic in appearance and texture but tighter than an actual vagina, it blew me away. Plus, it comes with vibrations! Have you ever had a sex with a vibrating vagina? Exactly.

The first thing I noticed is that this sucker is HEAVY! You set it down, and it doesn't move. This, combined with the lifelike material makes for a very slappable ass. The insertable parts of the pussy and ass are both lined with small ridges that were almost imperceptible when I stuck my finger in - but as soon as I stuck something in with few more nerve endings ... whoa! I liked how the vaginal opening was nice and tight, but if that wasn't enough, then the tight little ass was sitting there waiting to give me even more of a squeeze.

There's no reason for me to believe that this toy will not be around for a long time. After thrusting deep and hard inside of it, the toy returns to its original shape and tightness. My girlfriend likes watching me have sex with it, too, which excites me a lot. She's even "borrowed" the vibrating bullet that comes with it! Amazing, really. I am stoked to give Jenna Haze's Private Parts two thumbs up.

Additional Details

Size:  7" total length
4" depth
1.5" width
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Cyberskin, and Phthalate Free material.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three hearts. acid jazz realm
It is not the kind of toy that I like to play with every single day, but only a couple of days a week. The anal opening feels better than the vaginal opening. The vibrations didn't do much for me. Each vibration feels like a tickle, which is not good or's just a tickle. It is cool to have one of these available whenever I want to thrust my ding 'o' ling into something soft and skin-like, when the real thing is not available.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Professional Servant
Jenna Haze's Private Parts - though not the "real" deal - is a tremendous adult toy for guys. I've had mine for close to two months and I usually pull it out once a day (usually at night, right before bed). Cleaning the inside of each hole is tricky, a little time consuming, but this toy is worth the extra effort and money.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I went for it, bought it, and now I am having fun. Remarkable, honestly, how a sex toy can feels so good. True, it can't approach the pleasure of sex or blow jobs, but as a third option, this sex toy sleeve gets the job done. I didn't know how to use it the best at first, but I've quickly turned into a stroking fool. The only real downside that I can think of is cleaning it.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. all work no play
I wondered when the real Jenna would get some serious sex toy love. Jenna Haze is my favorite pornstar, and I wasted no time in purchasing her replica. The amount of fantastic detail on this fake puss and ass is remarkable. The sex toy industry is going with realism all the way, it appears. Good for them, good for us. But most importantly, it's great for my long schlong. When I write "great," I mean it not so much in the general way but in a very specific way: The vibrations are strong; the texture is smooth, silky; and the penetration holes are tight.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Ben Jammin
i am sold on this toy. i wouldn't trade it in for anything else. the anal hole is so tight that i cut a small incision in the top part, to give me a little more space for my dick.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I've been wasting my time with crappy masturbation sleeves, all while Jenna Haze's Private Parts have been waiting for me. Such an improvement over those cheaper sleeves and strokers. It might cost me more in the short-term, but I know that this replica pussy will last.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Harper High-Fives

I recently watched Jenna Haze Darkside for the first time. Wow, she is one hot, hot woman. I hopped on my computer, looking for any information about her. VibeReview showed up, which I thought was strange. It took me to her very own personal replica toy, Private Parts. I had to buy it, I did buy it, and now I am a very pleased man.

The anal hole is extraordinarily tight--certainly tighter than the vaginal hole. I like to alternate between the two holes while I push my pecker inside of it. Unlike my other masturbation toy, this one vibrates and the holes are deeper (I can slide more of "me" inside of it). It wasn't inexpensive but I am more than satisfied with the entire package--the vibrations, tightness of the holes, the toy's mobility (not heavy at all), and more.

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