Male Sex Toys: Jill Kelly sex toys create male orgasms

Jill Kelly's Amazing Lips

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Jill Kelly's Amazing Lips: Jill Kelly sex toys create male orgasms
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Jill Kelly, one of the most well-known erotic actresses, worked closely with California Exotic Novelties to create and manufacture a vibrating sleeve that men can truly appreciate. The collaboration proved successful. VibeReview is excited about this amazing sleeve. We expect this sleeve to satisfy many men.

Jill Kelly's Amazing Lips are ready for your deepest, hardest thrust. This sleeve is made of soft, life-like external and internal material. Protruding lips cover the tiny mouth opening. As you glide in and out of the sleeve, the lips provide secondary stimulation. The material is extremely flexible, so you can get nutty with your penetration! It can handle your best thrust.

The entry hole is quite small, but provides one super-tight fit for every man, regardless of penis size. A powerful multi-speed bullet vibrator is sold with the toy. Add powerful vibrations to your stroking activities, by inserting the vibrator into the sleeve.

Using some form of lubrication with this toy is necessary. Opting to do otherwise can result in skin irritation or damage to the toy. VibeReview recommends i-Lube, Astroglide, and ForPlay.

Editorial Review

I wasn't sold on this product until I experimented with it. I mean, really, I've played with many different sleeves; and Jill Kelly's Amazing Lips looked like the average 'ole sleeve that I encounter most days. My characterization of the sleeve as "average" did not match up with reality--that is, I actually found Jill Kelly's Amazing Lips to be better than most sleeves.

The entry hole (the mouth opening) is so tight that I didn't know if I was going to get total penetration. I had to use more lubrication than usual, but I finally inserted my entire penis into the sleeve. My penis is longer than the toy, but this sleeve is designed with an exit hole, which adds additional stimulation.

Surprisingly, the vibrations carry exceptionally well throughout the sleeve. I can feel strong pulsations all over the sleeve, not just at the back or front of the sleeve. Jill Kelly's Amazing Lips are easy to hold; the toy isn't as heavy as some masturbation sleeves, which makes masturbation more enjoyable.

Masturbation sleeves are favorite toy among men. Here are a few other sleeves that our reviewers recommend: Blossom Sleeve, Silicone Snatch, Cyberskin Sex Buddy, Blow Job Stroker and Power Stroker 100X (our most popular stroker/sleeve).

Additional Details

Size:  6.5" total length
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required
Material:  This item is made of PVC, and Silicone.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Nick C.
I thought vibrators were only for chicks. I found out otherwise. I've used this toy in several different ways. Taking the vibrator out of the toy, then placing the vibrator directly beneath my testicles, and sitting on it. While vibrations buzz my balls, I stroke with the lips sleeve. Awesome. Outstanding.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Leader in Disguise
Integrated vibrations? Word. I am all over this cool toy. Jill Kelly is one of my favorite porn stars/directors. I am convinced that this toy is the best all-around toy, all things considered. The tightness is hard to believe.
Sex toy review: three hearts. on the open road
These stretchy lips feel good enough to justify the purchase. This is my first sleeve that has vibrations. Pretty damn good. Stretchy material goes a long way.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Martin Gore Rocks
I didn't know that vibrations would make that big of a difference; they do. Thrusting my guy deep inside of this tight ass toy feels good, but the vibrations take pleasure to another level. When my girlfriend is out of town or not in the mood, this toy comes in handy. I thought the toy might rip or lose its tightness after playing with it a lot. No rips, and still tight.
Sex toy review: five hearts. tickle my nuts
Big fan of Jill Kelly. I had to have her lips on this prick. That sounds bad. I am being playful. But, seriously, this toy feels good on my dick. All the vibrations...they tingle my balls as I screw this toy. So stoked to have this toy.

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