Dildos: This famous pornstar made a dildo replica sex toy for women to enjoy.

Julian's Private Parts

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Julian's Private Parts: This famous pornstar made a dildo replica sex toy for women to enjoy.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Pornstar penis and vagina replicas excite a lot of people: "Imagine the possibilities, what it would be like...." Julian's Private Parts, molded after the famous adult movie star's impressive penis, is calling you to the challenge! This amazing replica offers you the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience size, style and climax in pornstar fashion.

This massive 9.5" long dildo has a suction cup base, where two artificial testicles rest, waiting to tease your labia, as you ride this magnificent dildo. Artificial veins cover the shaft, providing additional stimulation. Mounting Julian's replica penis is easy, safe, and feels wonderful. Made of the finest rubber, this dildo looks and feels like the real thing. One thing is certain: a few minutes with this outstanding dildo is enough time for Aphrodite to sexually posses you, hand-delivering orgasmic bliss.

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Editorial Review

I am quickly becoming an avid fan of dildos with suction cup bases. Julian's Private Parts is constructed with the finest suction cup technology, making this dildo easier to mount than other dildos like it. This dildo is as realistic as they come. It would be tough to find another dildo that looks and feels so much like a real penis.

As our regular customers and reviewers know, my preferred penis and dildo size is slightly above average length and width (label me old fashioned, boring...perhaps), but Julian's Private Parts isn't too large. I've tested a few mammoth replicas, most of which made insertion and penetration seen like a lesson in geometry; but Julian's Private Parts is probably one of the few replicas that I use regularly. It is a quality-made dildo that should last for years, if cared for appropriately.

Only the John Holmes Replica Penis challenges Julian's Private Parts for the replica championship. If you desire even more length and width, the John Holmes Replica Penis should be your next purchase.

Additional Details

Size:  9.5" length
6" circumference
Material:  This item is made of Rubber.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three hearts. Your Favorite Smile
I bought the Champ and Julian's Private Parts. The whole pornstar thingie intrigued me, so I went with it. I'm not shy with my suction cup dildos and I wasn't going to pass on the opportunity to get two of the best. I like the Champ more than Julian's Private Parts, due to differences in texture and size. I still play with the Julian dildo pretty often. I just play with my Champ a lot more. Both are good for naughty dildo masturbation.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Old, but not Dead
There is not a better dildo. I've spent enough money on toys that the experience alone proves my statement. I get extra length and girth and realism with it. Expensive, but a small price to pay for greatness like this. In the long run I save money, because I am not buying more toys. This one keeps me satisfied. I'd like to have the real Julian for ten minutes. Please?!!!!!!
Sex toy review: three hearts. Gosh_it's_me
I only had mine for five months, then it ripped. I don't know if it's something I did or if the toy should last much longer. Before it ripped, it was the best damn ride a woman could get out of a toy. I liked enough that I bought it again. It hasn't ripped so far. I hope it never does.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Miss Sexual
So realistic. The suction cup makes this an instant hit with me. I have an impressive collection of dildos. And, easily, in my mind, Julian's Private Parts is my favorite of them all. Sure, it is larger than most dildos, but it is not so damn large that it hurts. Delicious in every way, I swear.
Sex toy review: three hearts. perry
My wife and I wanted to get a toy for foreplay time. Julian's Private Parts seemed like the best choice. Unbelievable. My wife looks like a possessed woman when she gets crazy with it. I still can't believe that shes likes it that much. I am glad that she includes me, though. We WILL be buying more and more stuff from you.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Blue Serenity Captures Me
Julian's Private Parts is the first non-vibrator I've played with. I was skeptical that lack of vibrations wouldn't feel as good. In some ways, I found that I like this dildo more than vibrating ones. The cool suction cup allows me to experience penetration in different positions and angles. I often like to place the suction cup against the head board of my bed frame, then slowly backing up onto the dildo.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
The suction cup, length and girth, and flexibility all satisfy me sexually. It is the most impressive dong that I have seen or used. Straddling this dong is easy, comfortable, and fun.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Pushed me to my breaking zone, the place where I love to be. Replica, copy, whatever--I want a real one for my own use. Until I get one, Julian's Private Parts is my new friend. Great toy with flexibility and size.

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