Bondage Sex Toys: Learn about different sex positions for couples and why certain sex toys work better than others.

Kama Sutra: Art of Making Love

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Kama Sutra: Art of Making Love: Learn about different sex positions for couples and why certain sex toys work better than others.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

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You have the power to unlock the sexual secrets of the universe. All you need is a little assistance along the way, and Kama Sutra: The Art of Making Love is your enrichment guide to emotional and sexual fulfillment. Surprise your lover with your new titillating skills and attention to intimate details - all because you relied on this ancient Indian text for sexual suggestions and techniques.

This beautiful silk-bound book is broken down into eight discussions: Love Principles, Intercourse, Marriage, Seduction, Attraction, Gender Characteristics, Courting, and Illustrated Sex Positions. Covering every essential aspect of sexual matters, this Kama Sutra manual is meant for both singles and couples, and helps single or committed women and men improve their sexual techniques, skills, and intimate moments.

Unlike other Kama Sutra manuals, this particular modern translation is organized in a way that the modern mind can understand and appreciate - introducing readers to a fresh sexual perspective that livens up any romantic situation. While the book does include a modern translation, the original text's illustrations are included. Practice makes perfect, so it's time for you and your lover to get busy beneath the sheets!

Editorial Review

Tantric sex changed the way I look at my sex life. When I was a young woman I focused too much on the physical act of sex, often neglecting the emotional side of sex. I struggled immensely with intimate romance, but after reading the Kama Sutra and practicing its principles I quickly learned how to slow down, how to concentrate, and how to thrive in super-charged emotional states, and now I feel more confident in my lovemaking skills.

Kama Sutra: The Art of Making Love is one of many different translations and chapter compilations but is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive Kama Sutra manual available. I enjoy the elegantly translated text and the arousing illustrations, and both provide helpful instructions and unique opinions on relationships and sex. Besides the content material discussed in the book, this book is made of quality material that does not fall apart.

The exciting and arousing illustrations are my favorite, and serve as a guide through this ancient book of sexual secrets. Believe it or not, I've had my book for a long time and still haven't tried all the different positions! There are so many different combinations and techniques that I continue to experience something new whenever I use my book for assistance. I have plenty of clever ideas, a roaming imagination, and unparalleled eagerness, but this book is as practical as it is imaginative.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Him and Her for They
Sex! Sex! Sex! With this book we can add the correct qualifier: Great Sex! Great sex! Great sex. I learn a lot about myself and my husband when using this book as a sex guide. We used to rush through sex, almost like it was a chore. We take our time now and our sex life has never been this good. It is a nice looking book that doesn't draw a ton of attention, so I have it sitting out on our bedroom table.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. pac-man
Informative and interesting sex book. It is a good gift for newlyweds at weddings or anniversary parties. My wife and I pull our book out once or twice a month and give something new a try. It keeps the sexual excitement high and fresh.
Sex toy review: four hearts. AndreiB
Interesting book, no doubt. When I read it, I always learn something new.
Sex toy review: four hearts. rubber_duckie
I bought it for my best friend and his wife. I also own a copy of this book. Everyone I know who has one of these finds it useful. This is the easiest instruction/history/application book to follow.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Cool ass book. My girlfriend and I needed a few pointers. Nice pictures and descriptions.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Jenelope
No more of those lame Kama Sutra books. This particular version is really good. The illustrations are clear. You can tell it's made of quality material, unlike those tiny Kama Sutra books that fall apart within a month.

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