Sex Toy Accessories: Combine a dual stimulation vibrator sex toy and this massage kit for couples into one wild night of eroticism.

Kama Sutra's Raspberry Kiss

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Kama Sutra's Raspberry Kiss: Combine a dual stimulation vibrator sex toy and this massage kit for couples into one wild night of eroticism.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Kama Sutra's Treasure Trove Raspberry Kiss is the next generation of tasty relationship enhancement kits. Many people are already familiar with Kama Sutra's Pleasure Balm, Honey Dust, and Oil of Love. However, for the first time ever, these three sensual products are packaged as one gift set with a new twist: Each flavor comes in a sweet, tongue-tantalizing raspberry flavor! Reach arousing heights of intimacy with the help of Kama Sutra's Raspberry Kiss.

Tasty Honey Dust comes in a aesthetically pleasing container and with its own soft feather applicator. Magical dust, it works by stimulating your tongue, sense of smell, and the sensations of touch. Sensual as it is fun, Honey Dust can be spread all over one's body, inspiring eager lovers to kiss, lick, tickle, and eat his or her way into non-stop pleasurable intimacy.

When the action heats up and you need a cool breeze, you can depend on Pleasure Balm for erotic cooling sensations on your hot spots. Also providing lasting power through semi-numbing sensations, lovers can extend their foreplay and sex with Pleasure Balm. Who can last the longest? Pleasure Balm makes sure that you go the distance while remaining aroused and active.

No Kama Sutra kit would be complete without sensual massage oil. Oil of Love is an edible, scented massage oil that helps tense muscles and over-stimulated senses relax. Tingling, tickling sensations erupt over your body, enslaving you to its arousing massage oil formula. Give your lover a sensual massage tonight, and watch him or her melt in the palm of your hands.

Relaxation. Total relaxation. Kama Sutra's Raspberry Kiss wants to decrease your stress and tension, increasing your relaxation and serenity - all of which help couples create and maintain healthy emotional and physical connections. This kit lays the groundwork for couples - all couples need to do is show up and participate in the sexual fireworks.

Each kit includes three containers: Honey Dust, Oil of Love, and Pleasure Balm. Perfect for romantic holidays and sexy vacations, Kama Sutra's Raspberry Kiss has everything you need to get started.

Editorial Review

Like the Sweet Celebration Box and Lovers Paintbox, Kama Sutra's Raspberry Kiss enables couples to connect on a deeper level, in a way that nurtures relationships, helping each individual grow emotionally, romantically, and sexually. This type of kit forces partners to focus on important stimulation techniques that, unfortunately, are sometimes considered cheesy and boring. The truth, though, is that kits like this one are instrumental in making sexual interaction more intense and enjoyable.

My boyfriend and I have enjoyed using Honey Dust and Pleasure Balm for a long time, before both of us experimented with this kit. However, after receiving my sample kit, I was finally introduced to Oil of Love. So this is the first time that I've tried Oil of Love. I already knew that the other two items met my satisfaction, so Oil of Love was primarily my focus. I am happy to report that it tastes great, smells wonderful, and feels equally good to Kama Sutra Massage Oil.

It's hard to pass up a kit like this one. But if I had my choice between Kama Sutra's Raspberry Kiss and the Sweet Celebration Box, I'd go with the Sweet Celebration Box as my first choice, since it is the best romantic kit for couples. Obviously, it is more expensive, but, as I see it, totally justifiable. I've purchased several Sweet Celebration Boxes, and I plan on continuing that trend. For a romantic shake up, I'll pull my Kama Sutra's Raspberry Kiss out, but I am more inclined to use the Lovers Paintbox more. It's impossible to go wrong with any of the previously mentioned kits, but I do have my personal preferences.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Domina
Sweet! As soon as you open this box you smell the scent of raspberries, which made my mouth water. I felt like I was instantly transported back to a mid-summer's dream, in a meadow where raspberries grow wild in the sun. It was only an instant, but a nice reverie all the same.

I would highly recommend Kama Sutra's Treasure Trove Raspberry Kiss for lovers who would like to try out some of the most popular Kama Sutra products with a raspberry zing. Kama Sutra's kits all make great gifts for Valentine's Day, to help elicit a spontaneous weekend of passion and intimacy between lovers. Check out the Kama Sutra Massage Therapy Kit, the Sweet Celebration Box and the Lovers Paintbox as well.

Sex toy review: three hearts. Shay
While some of the items have a few failings, the kit as a whole was a lot of fun to play with and smelled delicious!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Catalina Loves
I absolutely love this product. I'm a kinky wild girl, but I have a very tender romantic side. To me, this is the perfect end to any day. It's an instant transition from the stress of life to the joy of sex. Seriously. Just one brush of feathers with the honey dust on it and you'll be raving about this stuff just like me. I love the scent, I love the flavor, and I love the feeling of it on my skin. I think you'd be smart to skip the flowers and buy this for your sweetheart - you'll definitely get more enjoyment out of it!!
Sex toy review: four hearts. Essin' Em
The raspberry oil in this kit was absolutely delicious (and I've tried a lot of flavored things), and the warming sensation was fabulous. The Honey Dust was super fun, although I really didn't like the feather (cat toy!), and used just cosmetic powderpuffs and clean blush brushes to put it on my partner. I wasn't sure about the "Pleasure Balm/Sensation Gel" -- it comes out of the tube very quickly, and I didn't really get much of a tingly feeling from it...Personally, I like the taste of things in this kit far more than the Sweet Celebration Box. Definitely a thumbs up, and I'm not even the romantic type!
Sex toy review: four hearts. Beth-a-Million
Best damn gift my boyfriend's given to me in quite a while. We went through each product in less than three weeks. Since then, we've bought more. I really enjoy the Pleasure Balm. The raspberry flavor is fantastic. I can't ever see using too much of it; I want more all the time.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Pleasure Balm and the dust are wonderful. The other products, I could take or leave. I've used the feather applicator for other purposes, too. This neat kit didn't cost a whole lot. It was cheaper than buying each product separately.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Sexual Zoo
Raspberry overkill, I am afraid. It was fun for...oh, say, the first couple of times. I mean, sure, I still like using the products occasionally. My boyfriend loves the dust. Great taste, but too much consumption and usage ruin the fun. Use each product in moderation.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Lucky Becky
YUMMMMMMMMMMMMY!!!!!!!!! My husband and I use this stuff so much that I can't even remember foreplay without it. One thing is certain, we pay attention to important details now. Like what feels best to each of us. Using each product forces us to take one another's passions and feelings into consideration. Now if you asked my husband, he wouldn't say much, but his new attitude in the bedroom says everything that his words don't.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I love the Honey Dust and Oil of Love, but my husband did not like Pleasure Balm. I don't know why he didn't like it. After all, we had sex for an hour and a half, which is due to Pleasure Balm’s numbing, lasting power. The Raspberry flavor is better than Kama Sutra's other flavors.

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