Rabbit Vibrators: Vibrating dildos and rabbit vibrators are quality adult toys


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Kangaroo: Vibrating dildos and rabbit vibrators are quality adult toys
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Rabbit vibrators and dual action sex toys continue to dominate the sex toy scene, proving their worth in bedroom sexy time, for solo masturbation, or for erotic moments shared between lovers. The Vibe Rabbit, Mary Mermaid, and Sally Seal became instant hits with women, but the Kangaroo rabbit vibrator is also making a name for itself.

Aesthetically beautiful and elegantly effective, this sex toy is helping women experience intense female orgasms. If large girth size scares you, the Kangaroo rabbit vibrator might be your best bet. The length of the shaft is comparable to that of most men, but the girth is slightly thinner than traditional vibrating dildos. The Kangaroo has dual stimulation capability, with shaft rotations focusing on G-spot orgasms and the clit tickler focusing on clitoral orgasms.

Jump around with this slick new vibrator, or roll around under the covers with it. The animal instinct inside of you, pushing you toward sexual gratification, will love this reliable and sexy rabbit vibrator. G-Spot and clitoral stimulation happens almost effortlessly, at the same time, because of the Kangaroo's multi-speed action, anatomically correct design, and outstanding shaft and tickler texture.

Editorial Review

I usually like my men and vibrators to maintain a girth standard. 1 inch thick is pushing those limits, as I tend to prefer a slightly thicker shaft. The degree of shaft rotation made it impossible for me to tell the difference - that's a good thing. It rotated so much inside of me that I always felt penetration. There was not a moment that my vagina or clitoris failed to feel a significant amount of stimulation.

I love the ticklers on these new conceptual vibrators. Though, I must say, the vibrations on this tickler aroused me more than other vibrators like it. Dual stimulation and controls are the sex toy future. The Kangaroo lived up to its reputation as the "standard" in dual stimulation vibrators. I guess, really, it depends on what your size preferences might be, too. I enjoy my vast collection of rabbit vibrators, mainly because of the different sizes, shapes, and textures.

I know plenty of women who prefer slimmer shaft sizes, so this rabbit vibrator would be the first sex toy I'd recommend to them. However, for larger and more stimulating action, one cannot go wrong with the Vibe Rabbit or Mary Mermaid. Neither of those sex toys has failed me. Because they are so reliable in making me orgasm, I stay close to both and make sure they are pampered with the utmost care.

Additional Details

Size:  6" insertable length
1" width
Battery Info:  3 C batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Little Minx
Personally I think any rabbit style vibe has a leg up on other vibrators. The kangaroo shaft is slim enough that I didn't need to use lube. Because it runs on C batteries instead of AA I thought the vibration was more powerful, always a plus. I'll echo the thoughts of others and say that this is a good choice for a first time user or for someone who prefers a vibe with a more easily manageable size.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Zende K.
The Kangaroo is the only sex toy I own, or have ever played with. I don't have much experience to offer. All I know is that it helps me climax faster than when I have sex. Since it works so well for me I see no need to buy another toy.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Cady
First time vibe users might really enjoy the Kangaroo. I personally prefer my Great King to the Kangaroo. A slim shaft only goes so far.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Hope
This is a cool toy and all, but it's nothing in comparison to Jenna's Beaver Vibe. It might be cheaper, but it's not that much cheaper - not so much that spending a few extra dollars is a bad thing.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Rhonda Lives
What a fabulous toy. You never really know what you might be missing out on...until you try something new. This vibrating dildo introduced me to a whole new world of pleasure. Masturbation has always been fun, but never this much fun.
Sex toy review: four hearts. black widow
I am surprised that this toy has so few reviews. I haven't found a better vibrator in all my years of playing with sex toys. A blast of a toy. Great speeds. Everything about it is pleasing to me. I feel lucky to have found it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Superbabe
For those women who hate gigantic vibrators and dildos, the Kangaroo will be your best option. It's tough to find vibrators and dildos of moderate length and width. While some women might like larger than life recreations, most do not. I've found that my lover and I have more appreciation for the average size. I have no desire to feel any painful stretching of my vagina. If I can feel the in and out pressure of the vibrator, then I know I have a successfully designed toy. That's exactly what I got with the Kangaroo. The tickler works fine, but my girlfriend and I love to use the Silver Bullet in conjunction with the Kangaroo. Using both ensures that we each experience our sexual potential.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Nadine

My sexy girlfriend and I bought the Kangaroo recently. We have so many different kinds of vibrators and toys that we really didn't "need" another one. Ehh, we decided to go for it anyway. The clit vibrator worked in perfect harmony with the shaft movement.

I am not one of those ladies who need some huge dong to get me off. I feel like I can do more with the Kangaroo's size - go faster, hold it in longer, and exercise the walls of my vagina, often squeezing the vibrator with my pc muscles.

Sex toy review: five hearts. mallory
I've enjoyed time spent with the Kangaroo. Not too large or long - just right, really. I especially liked the head of this vibrator. The "around-the-world" movement of this vibrator made a huge difference. I've never been able to find a guy who can spin me round, round - though with this vibrator, I get that type of penetration. It's the best type, too. Easily my new favorite toy.

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