Bondage Sex Toys: Dress up in sexy clothing before you jump in the sack with a vibrator, dildo, vibrating cock ring, lube, and dual stimulation sex toys.

Latex Mini Skirt

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Latex Mini Skirt: Dress up in sexy clothing before you jump in the sack with a vibrator, dildo, vibrating cock ring, lube, and dual stimulation sex toys.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Spice up your weekend with role-playing, with any sexy accessories that help you complete your mission of eroticism. Maybe a Latex Mini Skirt to drive your lover crazy, into a fit of passion? Slip into this stretchy, comfortable mini skirt. Sex without self-expression, it tends to lack enthusiasm and creativity. Plus, after wearing this mini-skirt around the house, your lover will find you irresistible. For a really sexy time, allow this Latex Mini Skirt to show off all your curves. Exuding confidence, you will be in charge of any sexual mission you face! One size does fit most people.

Editorial Review

What can I say, I am a sucker for role-playing. I love prancing around my apartment with sexy clothes hanging off and clinging onto my body. I've worked really hard to get my athletic shaped body and I want to show it off. The Latex Mini Skirt is one option. It provides a tight fit, looks sexy on me, and I get immediate attention from my husband, who so often is glued to ESPN. Sex and foreplay and intimacy are all about having fun, being able to relax enough to be myself. Wearing the Latex Mini Skirt is just one example of that process in motion.

Additional Details

Size:  One size fits most.
Material:  This item is made of Latex.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
There must be something about relationships and needing extra incentive to keep flames burning hot and bright. Whatever the reason or explanation, I do know that this Latex Mini Skirt is one of the many sexy costumes I wear for my husband--and even myself, honestly. I feel more attractive in it, which helps me relax.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Love Sick and Blue
I bought one for Hell-o-Ween, but I ended up wearing it in my bedroom for my husband. He got lucky. That's for sure. I got lucky too. My husband and I have purchased other items to go with the skirt. Let's just say that kinky is now "in" at my house, but not too kinky. We just have fun with one another.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Plai Fool
Sexy! Comfortable! My boyfriend and I have been role-playing a lot, so it only made sense to check out latex products. Found this mini skirt...well, so yeah, I like how it fits and looks. I know my boyfriend gets a kick out of it. It's the one piece of clothing he doesn't immediately rip off my body.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
My husband likes to role plays, which is why I purchased this skirt. It spices up our sex life. We can use all the help available, to escape the same boring routine. I also feel younger, more exciting when I slide this skirt on my body. My butt sure looks better. Hahaha.
Sex toy review: three hearts. lost_heart
Sexy as hell - that's what I am when I wear my Latex Mini Skirt. Always teasing my poor husband, it's necessary to keep married life sexually interesting. I don't want my husband straying from me. I also have so much fun with it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Kara R.
My boyfriend was shocked the first time I put the latex mini skirt on. He came home from work, and I was standing with one leg on the coffee table, the other on the floor. He said, "Um, excuse me...Honey, I can see your..." Yes, the skirt is short! My boyfriend often complained that he didn't know when I was interested in sex and when I wasn't. The latex mini skirt kinda changed all that! He approved, and he even encouraged me to buy other latex products. My boyfriend loves VibeReview now, but that's too predictable, huh?

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