Silicone Sex Toys: Sex toy vibrators are good clitoral stimulation adult toys

Laya Spot

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Laya Spot: Sex toy vibrators are good clitoral stimulation adult toys

Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Self-stimulation can be as majestic - or magical - as you like. A gateway of sex toy innovation invites you to delight in high quality vibrations and supremely defined textures. You've read about the popularity of the Pocket Rocket Booster and Silver Bullet and though you don't doubt the efficacy of either toy, you long for a quality multi-speed waterproof vibrator - for a vibrating sex toy that can please you like a professional!

The Laya Spot emanates beauty and an aura of sophistication. It is your dream vibrator - powerful, multi-speed, waterproof, and extremely durable. The Laya Spot stimulates your erotic love zone without the slightest hesitation, with the greatest precision, and with profound sexual results. Consistently pleasant sensual vibrations escape its powerful motor and travel across your highway of pleasure, pleasing every inch of your innermost sexual self.

Primarily used for clitoral stimulation, the Laya Spot is shaped for lay-on and straddling stimulation, or can be used as a hand-held vibrator - much like pocket rocket vibes and bullet vibrators. In a class all of its own, the Laya Spot's durable motor vibrates quietly without interruptions - even at its highest vibration level! Choose your preferred pulsation speed from three different vibration modes.

Jump into a Jacuzzi or slide into the bathtub with a lover and your gorgeous Laya Spot vibrator. Tease, tickle, and please yourself with its sensual vibrations. The Laya Spot can titillate your erotic love zones in ways that other vibrators cannot, so lay back and enjoy the soothing sensations created by one of the most impressive palm vibrators ever made for women.

Each Laya Spot comes with a Bodyfluid lubricant sample and detailed operating instructions.

Editorial Review

The manufacturer spared no expense on the Laya Spot. Like the Mini Meany and Mini Corsair, the Laya Spot is a nice addition to the highest quality vibrators sold. It comes in the nicest packaging I've ever seen - the box has actual magnets holding it shut! Just by looking at the packaging, I knew I was in for an extremely high-quality treat.

Once I had this beauty in my palm, I could sense the Laya Spot's fantastic sturdiness and durability. The vibrator's frame and silicone exterior felt extraordinarily strong. I could tell that the manufacturer wanted to make sure that the Laya Spot could go the distance, lasting much longer than plastic-made bullet and pocket rocket vibrators.

The Laya Spot does not produce the strongest vibrations I've ever felt, but its different vibration levels are strong enough to produce quality clitoral orgasms. Considering that it is smaller than many vibrators, its vibration power amazes me. The "up and down" controls (like a TV remote control) are easy to use, so adjusting speeds is more convenient than ever.

All in all, if you take nothing else from this review, know that this is unquestionably the highest quality "little" vibrator VibeReview sells. I could play with my Laya Spot all day and all night. With the high quality manufacturing and beautiful design, this vibe is like the love child of Apple and Mercedes. Though my Lily is the pinnacle of my vibrator collection, the Laya Spot isn't too far behind it in terms of pleasure power.

Additional Details

Size:  4" total length
1.25" wide at tip
Battery Info:  2 AAA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Fun Factory

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Sex toy review: five hearts. carnivalesq
I really like this toy. It's not the strongest vibrator in the world, but it has a good range and it got me off. ;) I’d recommend it to people looking for something ergonomic and for clitoral stimulation only. This might not be the best first toy if you don't yet know what you like yet. Then you might want to spend less money and get a classic vibe, or something like the Gigi that would be more versatile. All in all, though, I love this vibrator. :D
Sex toy review: four hearts. Essin' Em
Firstly, this vibrator is freaking adorable. Like really cute. I also love that there are so many color choices. It takes batteries, which is a bit of a drawback, but it works well. Didn't have quite enough power for what I needed, but my partner liked it, and I love the shape and how it fits the body well. Unless you need weapons grade sex toys like me, highly recommend.
Sex toy review: four hearts. hotmoviesforher
This petite pleasure-giver has all the power of a larger vibe, but literally fits in the palm of my hand. Created by someone who knows a little bit about a woman's body, this toy is curved perfectly to rest on your mons and hit your clit dead on. Great for quick, hot orgasms!
Sex toy review: three hearts. The Beautiful Kind
I LOVE Fun Factory toys, and I loved Laya's elegant curved design and even scored my favorite color scheme - chocolate/vanilla. But I tried it three times and it just didn't do it for me. Don't blame Laya, I think it's just not the right fit for me, I'm more of a Hitachi Magic Wand kinda gal.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Catalina Loves
This is, unfortunately, not my favorite vibe in the world. I had high hopes, because I really like the manufacturer, but in the end, I had trouble with the end coming off (where the batteries are stored) and with keeping it turned off. I would like to suggest something a little stronger if you are looking for a good clitoral vibrator, maybe something along the lines of the Silver Bullet - it's not expensive and it packs a powerful, yet quiet, punch!
Sex toy review: five hearts. mina
I have been giving the LayaSpot many trials. Not because I didn't enjoy it and was giving it more chances, but because I did in fact enjoy it very much. For me, the layaspot is the perfectly designed toy. Yes, you heard me correctly. It's almost as if the layaspot was designed for hands my size and let me say, I do have small hands.The layaspot cups perfectly in my palm. My middle finger falls naturally on the power buttons. I found this quite pleasing, as well as very comfortable. Not to mention, it made adjusting the speed and settings very convenient (not that it isn't simple in the first place.)

Now how did it perform? Oh, it rocked my world! It never failed to give me an orgasm. In fact, this last time that I used it, it gave me two. The motor is definitely powerful enough. I just loved how easily I held it cupped in my palm, running it back and forth over my clit and lips. Having the buttons literally at my fingertips made it so easy to change vibrations and/or intensity.

Sex toy review: five hearts. Amirah
Simply loved it! Quick, quiet and easy to use. I love the compact size and soft materials.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Sure, when I ordered the Laya Spot I expected a good vibrator. Um, otherwise I wouldn't have ordered it. But in terms of how it makes me feel, I couldn't have imagined a better sex toy or sexual situation. How is it that such a simple vibrator can have such a dramatic effect on a girl's sex life? I could cite example after example of how this toy either helped me orgasm or prepared me (got me in the mood) for good sex. I guess I've had mine for two or three months and I've yet to get bored with it, and it continues to make me feel good.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Janine Howls at Night
Best clitoral vibrator that I've personally played with and had. There's nothing quite like it. What, with the shape, size, texture, and decent power ... Yes, I am attached to my new Laya Spot.
Sex toy review: four hearts. personality disorder
I usually choose G-spot vibrators as my favorite type of toy, and I sure have been around a lot of different kinds of those toys, trying many of them. The Gigi became an instant hit with me, but since then I've struggled to find a good clit vibe. I read a bunch of Laya Spot reviews and liked the idea of a "palm vibrator," so it only seemed natural that I experiment with the Laya Spot. It's been a great experience for me thus far, and I suspect that trend will continue for a long time. I can see and feel the quality differences between this sex toy and others.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
It worked even better than my girlfriend described to me. She's had hers for a while now and she recommended that I give the Laya Spot a try. I have a hard time climaxing during sex, so sex toys have been my way of letting loose, if you know what I mean. My friend understands the situation, and she immediately notified me about this new vibrating heaven.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Mia South
Not like those cheap plastic vibes. It is a pleasure to finally purchase a solid vibe that doesn't fall apart under pressure. If it struggles with something, then it is high powered vibrations. I could use a tad more power, but I'd rather have less power and a high quality, durable vibe.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Tuesday Morning Dew
Yes, I am also infatuated with the Laya Spot vibrator. Probably the best vibrator I have ever owned. It is quality through and through.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Love it! Thank you for the suggestion, VibeReview.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Zende K.
A must have for women who like laying or straddling vibrators. Not too powerful, but comes with the right amount of power.

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