Silicone Sex Toys: Prostate massage and anal adult toys for extreme pleasure

Light-Of-Love T

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Light-Of-Love T: Prostate massage and anal adult toys for extreme pleasure
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Unadulterated pleasure comes from intense anal masturbation sex toys. The more vibrations and textures, the better. The Vibrating Anal T and Waterproof P-Spot Vibe were both tremendous improvements on anal toys; however, the Light-Of-Love T is all about adding titillating texture to your butt fun.

The Light-Of-Love T is designed for men and women - though its shape and vibration power are fantastic for prostate stimulation. The shaft is segmented for comfortable penetration. As you gradually slide the shaft inside, anal muscles relax upon contact with the segmented shaft - introducing you to highly pleasurable shaft flexibility.

The upper part of the shaft is covered in many nodule ticklers that are neither too soft nor too hard: A perfect balance of texture is achieved. The Light-Of-Love T is a waterproof multi-speed anal sex toy, so as you explore your hidden deep, you receive all the direct benefits of awesome vibration power and pulsation programs. Use the scrolling hand controller to change functions and speeds.

Whether you are a man seeking convenient and comfortable prostate stimulation or a woman who loves the feel of a vibrating anal probe, the Light-Of-Love T is textured and powered for extraordinary orgasmic results; and you can now take this wonderful sex toy into the shower with you - or any watery environment that you deem appropriate!

Editorial Review

Anal sex toys are more in demand than they ever have been. Part of this is due to the amazing innovation that has swept through the sex toy industry; the other part is due to men and women experimenting more than they ever have - specifically men who are finding out how exciting prostate stimulation can be. Women, too, are diving into the waters of anal bliss, and the Light-Of-Love T is making pleasurable anal stimulation more accessible.

Like the Waterproof P-Spot Vibe, the Light-Of-Love T can be played with in the water - which enables men and women to take their self-stimulation fun into an entirely different environment, a more exciting environment. Playing with the Light-Of-Love T in the shower feels really good. I like using warm water to relax my anal muscles. Warm water also increases blood flow in that area which, in turn, increases anal sensitivity - to the point that every sensation feels more intense.

Arousing shaft texture separates this toy from all others. The noduled shaft tickles my insides exactly how I like to be tickled. It doesn't take long for my prostate gland to get excited, as my orgasms last longer, and are fuller and more enjoyable. I also like the Clover and Pandora a lot; however, neither toy is designed with the same type of stimulating texture as the Light-Of-Love T.

I really get off when I have the Light-Of-Love inside of me and my girlfriend is performing oral sex on me. If you haven't tried this (or inserting it into your butt during sex), you should give it a try. Once you experience prostate stimulation while having sex or during oral sex, you will understand what all the fuss is about. Experimenting with this toy has improved my orgasms and made couple playtime a lot of fun.

Additional Details

Size:  5" total length
3" insertable length
5" circumference
Battery Info:  3 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of PVC, and Silicone.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three hearts. Lady Sascha
I tried this sex toy on myself and on 3 other partners - one female and two males. Anally, the Light-Of-Love T was too wide and almost too difficult for me to insert. Vaginally, it was okay as a teaser sex toy, but I think the We-Vibe worked much better in that aspect. My female partner, who likes and does anal much more than I do, felt it was okay, and she liked the different settings, but the T-shape frustrated her a bit. She is used to a real male penis inside her anus, and the Light-Of-Love T was not long enough for her in that respect. Of the two male partners I had, one felt that it didn't have enough give to it. He thought there should be more of an outside pvc/silicone covering, making it softer, and more easily insertable, as well as a less-blunt/more pointy tip. My other male partner loved it... He loved the shape, the size, the vibrational options. But this is a partner I regularly use the Share dildo on, though, so he is very used to anal sex. So of 4 people that I used the same toy on - we have reviews from indifferent (me) to ecstatic (male number 2) and so I give the Light-of-Love T 3 hearts.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Maverick Man
The Light of Love T is my favorite sex toy. It puzzles me that anyone would dislike it. It was too wide for me at first. I took my time with it. Finally I am used to its size and I am very pleased with myself (for buying the right toy) and the toy (for being the right toy).
Sex toy review: two hearts. Anonymous
Well after my gf picked this up and used it i on me i can say im not too big of a fan. It was just too big around and i did not really feel anything other than a feeling of having to go to the bathroom lol. It looks like a really nice toy for a woman i actually think its a womans toy for vaginal use not to be used by a man just too big. I am not using it again tolf my gf my ass hurts from it. It also make me cum only about 1/3rd my normal amount :(
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Vibrates really well in comparison to my last prostate sex toy. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Its shape and texture are also very good. I feel like I got the perfect toy for what I personally like.
Sex toy review: four hearts. yousexyyou
Impressive little sex toy. Was given to me as a joke present. I used it, get off with it, and that's no joke.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I have seen the light! I am now aware of why prostate stimulation is so popular. My wife and I wanted to see what our friend's husband was talking about for the last three months. He kept unabashedly raving about this toy, this technique, that site...and we finally decided to see for ourselves. Is it just me or does prostate stimulation make men cum more? I definitely cum harder than I did in the past, but I swear I cum more. I thought prostate stimulation might hurt. It didn't feel 100% comfortable the first couple of times, but after that it felt, and continues to feel, fantastic.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Wilson M.
This is my second prostate sex toy. I purchased the Pandora several months ago. I've been very happy with it. Now that I've learned a thing or two or three about prostate stimulation I wanted a variety of toys. The Light-Of-Love T is pretty good. It feels totally different than my Pandora (which is the better toy, I believe). Different, I assume, doesn't always imply better, but I would say that guys should try the Pandora before this toy. Hope my comments assist someone!
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. girlie, gone
My hubbie continues to play with it. He taught me how to use it on him. Exciting times in our households. We might spend all our money on VibeReview, but at least we are having our own sex parties, just him and me. I am glad I bought it for him.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Jeremy R.
Light-Of-Love T sent me reeling into a sexual fit the first time I used it. I never expected it to make me cum that hard, but it did. Most guys don't remember specific orgasms, not like women. But you can bet I remember my first time with the Light-Of-T. P-Spot stimulation came easily from playing with this toy, and I play with it as frequently as I can -- which includes during sex, foreplay, and masturbation.

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