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Lips of Pleasure

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Lips of Pleasure: Female sex toys, vibrators, and dildos for extreme pleasure
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Move those lips, move that tongue, feel those vibrations! The Lips of Pleasure vibrator simulates the erotic sensations created by a moving tongue and soft lips. Apply a thin layer of i-Lube lubricant to the tongue and lips for smoother, slicker texture. Prepare for one awesome lickfest that no real tongue can handle.

A Silver Bullet vibrator is placed inside of the textured mouth, providing all the pulsations you ever wanted. The Silver Bullet can be removed from the jelly tongue attachment, if direct stimulation is what you desire.

Allow your clitoris to experience this fluttering tongue of pleasure. Discreet and multi-speed, Lips of Pleasure vibrates its user into bedroom bliss.

Editorial Review

The Lips of Pleasure vibrator is a much sought after sex enhancement toy. Its basic construction and structural approach is based on common sense stimulation. Or, if you prefer, the design is founded on the idea of soft texture with plenty of flexibility and vibrations that emphasize female anatomical considerations.

I don't know about other women, but my clitoris either enjoys a particular type of stimulation or hates it. There's no in-between, no middle road of pleasure. With this in mind, if a toy's design is off the mark even slightly, my pleasure decreases significantly.

The Lips of Pleasure is brilliantly designed. The toy attachment (the lips and extended tongue) is made of a comfortable jelly material that adjusts to my arousal. As my clitoris grows through arousal, the tongue flicks back and forth in the perfect places (usually the right or left side of my clitoris, back and forth).

The bullet vibrator has strong vibrations that carry well throughout the attachment. From time to time, I do remove the attachment. Direct stimulation can be just as fun. Though simple, nothing fancy, I enjoy my Lips of Pleasure. If clitoral stimulation is what I want, I most often use this toy. If I want something more intensive, I opt for a dual stimulation vibrator.

Additional Details

Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

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Sex toy review: two hearts. Anonymous
Not long after I got my Lips of Pleasure I just pulled the sleeve off and used the bullet. The bullet itself has fairly strong vibration but it doesn't travel through the sleeve much at all. As with most bullets, the vibrator didn't last very long.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Erica J.
This is a fun toy, but nothing that I would depend on ever day. I use Lips of Pleasure in conjunction with my dildo. Using the two together gives me both types of orgasms.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Lovely Lady
I am glad Lips of Pleasure comes with a remote control. With other sex toys, I hate remotes, but a remote makes THIS toy easy to control. I enjoy the vibrations. Best of all, it's not a piece of crap toy that breaks soon after purchase!
Sex toy review: four hearts. queen of diatribes
Personally, for me, this is an outstanding toy. To get a really smooth feeling I put two drops of lube on the tip of the jelly tongue. That way, when the vibrations start the artificial tongue feels like the real thing. Or as close as it can. Happy, happy, happy!
Sex toy review: three hearts. stop staring at me
The vibrations are strong, but can't they make a tongue that actually moves up and down?!! It does feel good, but often takes me a while to cum.
Sex toy review: four hearts. duet songbird
My boyfriend can't handle how much time and effort it takes for foreplay, but Lips of Pleasure handles it great. I can take my time without having to worry about my boyfriend's complaints: "My tongue hurts. Are you almost there?" You know the drill, I'm sure. Satisfies all my clit needs and doesn't complain in the process.
Sex toy review: four hearts. sexyoldlady
I cum quickly if I use Lips of Pleasure. I don't like messing around with a great deal of time spent trying to orgasm. I want to seal the deal ASAP, and Lips of Pleasure's quality vibrations allow me to do that on a regular basis.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Plenty of power, so that's a non-issue. This toy does need more flexibility in the tongue texture. I wouldn't say the texture doesn't carry vibrations well, it does. I do orgasm with this toy, but if the tongue could move around more this toy's effectiveness would be better. Still, when I consider the price versus the pleasure, the toy wins.

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