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Liquid Sex Light

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Liquid Sex Light: Sex toys feel better with lubes
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

So, you know that you like water-based lubricants, but you've also realized that your sweet spot is sensitive to lubricants containing glycerin and fragrances - both of which are known to cause vaginal irritation. After searching the Internet and your local drugstores, you still haven't found a quality water-based lubricant that is glycerin-free and fragrance-free.

Liquid Sex Light is the water-based personal lubricant that you want. Its glycerin-free and fragrance-free formula eliminates unnecessary "down there" irritation. Enjoy the slippery sensations created by Liquid Sex Light's groundbreaking non-toxic water-based formula. There's no reason you should suffer while doing the thing you love the most - making love to your partner.

This lubricant is 100% latex friendly, so it is compatible with latex condoms and all sex toy materials. Sex can be enhanced by well-developed personal lubricants, and Liquid Sex Light is all about enhancing your bedroom affairs without the arrival of unwanted side effects.

For a sexual boost, try a different type of personal lubricant: Liquid Sex Aphrodisiac - one of the most revolutionary lubricants ever made, offering you a slight tingle, boost of energy, and long-lasting lubricant slickness.

Editorial Review

Does your petunia itch after using a water-based lubricant during sex? If so, you might be allergic to paraben and glycerin. Both ingredients can be found in various water-based lubricants and massage oils. Not all women are affected by either or both ingredients, but seeing as some women are, it's healthy to have viable lubricant options that do not contain either ingredient.

Liquid Sex Light removes both ingredients but does not lose any slickness in the process. The manufacturer promises long-lasting slickness and slipperiness; however, to be honest, it is a water-based lubricant - which means slickness turns into stickiness at some point. One way to combat that nasty sticky feeling is to use drops of water (or saliva) for reactivation.

If you notice your Liquid Sex Light's slickness vanish, reactivate the lubricant by wetting the applied area (vagina, usually) - using water or saliva. You will notice that the slickness quickly returns. For many people, this process of reactivation is frustrating. In such cases, I recommend a silicone lubricant be used, as silicone lubricants do not dry up or turn sticky.

As far as water-based lubricants go, Liquid Sex Light, Liquid Sex Aphrodisiac, O'My Original Lube, and Eros Aqua Water-Based Formula are all very good choices. But if you want the longest possible slickness, try a silicone lubricant - Eros Bodyglide or Pjur Woman Bodyglide.

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Size:  4 oz.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. mina
This review is written by my boyfriend:

We first brought the Liquid Sex out as we were playing with Iris. Squeezing it out, you quickly find it has that “just right” consistency for a liquid-type lube, where it is no so runny as to be uncontrollable, and not so thick as to be gooey. After spread the Liquid Sex around, I went to the time honored tradition of wiping my hand on my ass cheek (I really need a rack of hand towels for a headboard) and went on with my buisness. As the sex dried on my backside, it seemed to soak nicely into the skin without becoming sticky. (I am shooting a nasty glare at that bottle of Astroglide as I write that.)

Meanwhile, at the business end of things, I was slipping effortlessly into a gasping Mina’s pussy. I always love that gasp of “How did THAT get in me?” and it is really wonderful when a lube can deliver that, and not a screech of horror. Liquid Sex also does a commendable job of putting our various toys into service. Nearly odorless, it does nothing to hurt the mood, and with a very mild, though unpleasantly bitter, taste, it can does not forbid one from introducing oral activities once the moment takes you. The lube does leave a stain that easily washes out once it gets to your sheets.

Sex toy review: three hearts. Edward Block
it's always go time with this cool lube around
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. jennivine
I understand exactly what your wife means. I wholeheartedly agree with her. When a lube doesn't keep me wet, I have to apply more and more and more of it. All that lube turns into a jumbled nightmare of stickiness and thickness. Liquid Sex Light did not do any of that horrible crap. So am I buying more of it as we speak!
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Ivan
My wife wanted a thinner lube that didn't feel like a coat of paint on her tootie - that's how she put it. I can't say that I understand what she meant, but I figured that I could offer some feedback on why I like Liquid Sex Light. It's not some cosmic mystery. Liquid Sex Light just has a knack for staying wet longer.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Lovely Lady
Best lube ever. Highly recommend it to women.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I am rating Liquid Sex Light as high as I can. I spent years suffering with glycerin and fragranced lubricants that made me itch and even caused yeast infections. Liquid Sex Light is one of the few lubricants that does not contain some derivative of both compounds. As far as lube characteristics go ... pretty good.

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