Lubes & Lotions: Liquid Sex lube lets sexually active couples slip and slide under the sheets while they use phthalate free vibrators.

Liquid Sex Warming

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Liquid Sex Warming: Liquid Sex lube lets sexually active couples slip and slide under the sheets while they use phthalate free vibrators.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

You and your partner are ready for a night of romance, and the bedroom's heat index skyrockets. You can feel the passion, the warmth, the sexual intensity - it's brewing just beneath the skin. But you want to start the night with a slipping and sliding sensual massage. Liquid Sex Warming - a water-based warming personal lubricant - helps you set a positive sexual tone!

Whether you use it for massage or for lubrication during sex, Liquid Sex Warming adds that extra oomph to your sexual convergence. Its warming properties stimulate external and internal tissue with subtly effective temperature increases. Warm, never hot - Liquid Sex Warming enhances every sensation, turning you and your lover into sensual lovers under the covers.

Because it is water-based, this personal lubricant can be used with all sex toy materials, and is also compatible with latex condoms. Its gentle warmth is soothing, relaxing, and intense. Warm up your sexy bedroom affairs with Liquid Sex Warming. You need slick, long-lasting lubrication to keep the night young, alive, and ready to explode! Massage and warm your way into better sex and intimacy.

Editorial Review

I sure love my warming lubricants. Cooling lubricants (like Climax Bursts Cooling) are also effective, but I just can't pass on an opportunity to play with effective warming lubricants. Liquid Sex Warming is one of the best products, and I am grateful that VibeReview added it recently. VibeReview customers and readers will be impressed by it, too. I recommend it to women and men who want a boost in the bedroom.

Normally I'd say that water-based lubes don't work well for massage, but Liquid Sex Warming's fantastic formula doesn't disappoint! Always smooth, slippery, and conducive to sex or massage, it is a personal lubricant worth my money and effort. Since it is is water-based, it washes off my body easily. I thoroughly appreciate the warming sensations as an important before-and-during sex enhancement. Slick, warm, and a whole lot of fun!

I suggest blowing and kissing on the applied area, wherever Liquid Sex Warming has been rubbed in. The softest movement of cool air reactivates the warming agents, bringing skin or genital areas to life. Some warming lubricants become too hot, but Liquid Sex Warming never feels too warm, and I've never felt uncomfortable with it on my skin. As a basic sex lubricant, its water-based formula lasts longer than other water-based formulas.

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Size:  4 oz.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. helloKitty
Nights and nights of using Liquid Sex Warming -- sometimes during intercourse, sometimes while I masturbate, and sometimes when I please my man. Fitting it into frisky bedroom playtime isn't difficult because it works as well as it does -- and each time.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Jacob L.
My girlfriend has more fun with Liquid Sex Warming than I do. She claims that her clit and nipples get a tingling sensation that feels real good. I didn't notice much of a difference when I put two drops on my penis. She's extremely happy with it. We will buy more in the future.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anne p.
Unless I am in the mood for quick sex, Liquid Sex Warming is part of my sexual routine. Even when I play with my vibrators and dildos. The importance of this lube is easy enough to understand, and how it works too: The warming sensation doubles the sensations I normally experience while masturbating or having sex. I've messed with other warming lubes, but this one is the best. Using this stuff with my sex toys works just as well as when I use it for sex or foreplay.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Girl on the Move
A splash of Liquid Sex Warming starts the night out just right. My orgasms might be better with it, I couldn't tell you for sure. But the building up process before an orgasm is definitely improved with this warming lubricant helping me out. My boyfriend likes the warm feeling on his penis head. We both value this lubricant.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Bring the warmth on. Every second spent with this warming lube makes my blood boil and my pulse increase. Sex without it doesn't feel as good.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. S.F.
My orgasms feel more intense. Is that a normal occurrence with Liquid Sex Warming? I don't have the answer, not for other people. But for me, Liquid Sex Warming apparently has a profound effect on my orgasms. For that reason alone I am faithful to this warming lubricant.
Sex toy review: four hearts. eros-versus-pathos
sends hot sensations all over my body. my skin feels more sensitive to touch or any kind of contact. i look forward to using more and more in the coming future.

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