Lubes & Lotions: All romantic couples need Kama Sutra sexual enhancement products and love vibrating adult sex toys.

Love Essentials

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Love Essentials: All romantic couples need Kama Sutra sexual enhancement products and love vibrating adult sex toys.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

This irresistable combination is a great way to try some Kama Sutra all-time favorites. Entice intimacy with this set that includes:
  • Honeysuckle Dust with a feather applicator
  • The Original Oil of Love
  • Love liquid lubricant

Editorial Review

Like the Weekender Kit, Love Essentials is a great way to improve your romantic life. No one product stands above the rest. Equally, each product contributes in the creation of a relaxing environment that each individual will enjoy. At least once a week we use Lovers Essential, most often at the end of the week, when stressful working conditions take their toll on my body.

If quality alone time with your partner is what you crave, Lovers Essentials is a good start. My boyfriend's complaints of not being involved enough do not take form, when we use Love Essentials. Both people are active in the events, which bodes well for romantic lovemaking, when each partner is connected to the other.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I did not like the lubricant that comes with Love Essentials. The rest of the gift set is quite enjoyable. Subtract the lubricant...and this would be the perfect gift set, at least for me.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Superbabe
There's not much to Love Essentials. The feather, Honey Dust, and lubrication all enhance my erotic voyages into myself and whatever partner I have for the night (or day). Playing with the feather is a real turn-on for me. I love to tickle myself and someone else. I was surprised at how much I liked the lubrication. Normally, I go with either ID Glide or Astroglide. If I ever need to order another batch of Love Essentials, I will do so immediately.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Eliza Dane
That Honeysuckle Dust stuff made me sneeze! I liked it, though -- not the sneezing part, but everything else about it. I had never used a feather before buying Love Essentials. Now I am hooked. I liked Love Essentials. I will buy it again when the time comes.
Sex toy review: four hearts. shoots and scores
I needed a gift for my significant other. I always order stuff from VibeReview. She is usually easy to please; however, I had no clue what to buy her this time. While there weren't many reviews on this product, I liked the product description. It seemed to be something right up her alley. I must know her well, because she loved it. The Honeysuckle Dust was her favorite part.
Sex toy review: five hearts. radunn
Kama Sutra anything fascinates me, so I decided to buy Love Essentials. I wasn't disappointed: the honeysuckle dust and feather applicator really did the trick. Not only did the honeysuckle dust smell and taste good, the best part was the feathers brushing up against my skin. Talk about body shivers! A few drops of the Love Liquid lubricant wasn't too bad either. My boyfriend sure enjoyed it, so we'll probably buy another one when this one runs out.

By the way, it looks like this website has a huge following of dedicated members/reviewers. This is my first review, so don't be too critical of it. I plan on buying more products and getting to know some of you. Again, thanks.

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