Bondage Sex Toys: Love Ties is the ideal sex toy restraint system for wild and naughty lovers who appreciate hands-free vibrators and dildos.

Love Ties

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Love Ties: Love Ties is the ideal sex toy restraint system for wild and naughty lovers who appreciate hands-free vibrators and dildos.
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

"Where do you think you are going, sexy?" Your lover might want to run and hide, but these super-duper Love Ties will prevent her or him from getting too far away from your strict hand. Role-playing and imagination become a bedroom reality when Love Ties are used to restrain your naughty lover. Watch your bedroom temperature increase by the second.

Each soft rubber Love Tie is multi-functional, durable, comfortable, and stretchy. There's no confusing business with pleasure, not with these restraints keeping your lover under control. Attempted escape will result in the harshest punishments imaginable. And, hey, maybe that's what your lover wants...a regulating hand and restraints to keep her or him in line.

Editorial Review

People often tell me that I don't get out enough. Usually, they are correct - except that I don't have any real reason to leave my house! I have all the naughty toys I want, so my fantasies always come true. Why go to a movie when I make my own unforgettable movie at home? I'd rather people live vicariously through me!

Love Ties is one of those products that couples absolutely must purchase. I used to feel intimidated by anything related to BDSM, but I've learned how much these products can liven up a relationship. I don't get much into the "pain is pleasure" sexual activity, but I am a thrill seeker who gets off on restraints. Tie me up for a good time!

Even my stubborn boyfriend likes to be tied up. I love acting like a French Revolution prison warden who ties up her prisoners for fun. I'll playfully spank my boyfriend. We have an incredible amount of fun that lets us ease into quality lovemaking. Love Ties is a couple's bonding type of product - one that lets partners express him or herself without feeling embarrassed or awkward.

Additional Details

Size:  4 Love Ties at 60" length
Material:  This item is made of Rubber.

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Sex toy review: one heart. tellann
I was heavily disappointed in these things, given the reviews. I almost wonder if I got a wholly different product. My own were made of a rubber material that clung to the skin, pulled on hairs, and attracted hair and fuzz and dust like the worst wool sweatshirt imaginable. Sometimes a little bit of pain goes great with sex, but usually not the kind of little pinpricks you get from pulled ankle or arm hairs.

And ultimately they were nothing special, either. There are a million household items that make just as good restraints as these. Scarves, shirts, rolled up blankets, nylon leggings, etc. All of which have their limitations, but this particular product isn't going to be an improvement over them.

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. V. Hill
We role play a lot. These Love Ties are handy.
Sex toy review: four hearts. feline frisky
Tie me up! Tease me! Spank me! Everything is about pleasing me! Until it's time for me to do the same to my girlfriend. Our collective creativity puts these Love Ties to interesting use, in exotic ways that are too graphic to describe here. Just know that we never run out of scenarios in which to include restraints.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Readsee Parts
Man, some of you get way into using Love Ties. I have fun with the restraints, but I don't get off on it as much as ya'll. Maybe I should use the restraints more often? I admit that Love Ties can turn a boring, normal sexual situation into a more exciting one.
Sex toy review: four hearts. fionna fox
Wow, oh wow. Just wow. My sex life improved with Love Ties restraining me. Even when I was in college trying all kinds of stuff, I never felt as excited and aroused as I get with Love Ties. I really enjoy being tied up while standing and my boyfriend beneath me, in between my legs. :) A must buy for people who like to experiment.
Sex toy review: four hearts. BarbieGirl
I didn't know what fun was until I tied my boyfriend up and he tied me up. Love Ties are surprisingly comfortable. My boyfriend and I kick it into another sexual gear with Love Ties around. There's something special about sex and restraints. Foreplay and restraints...even better. I like the loss of control.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Juicy, naughty, and devilishly fun. Great restraints!
Sex toy review: three hearts. Redux Engine
I used to think restraints and all that were goofy as hell. I didn't get it. My wife threw a fit when I told her I didn't want to try Love Ties. She bugged me, big time - all the time, always begging me to at least try using them. Now that I have tried the Love Ties, I probably want to use them more often than my wife.

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