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Luscious Touch

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Luscious Touch: Penis pumps and masturbation sex toys for men feel wonderful
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The Luscious Touch, much like the Blossom Sleeve and Grip Stroker, is an incredibly stretchy and durable masturbation sleeve. When the moment comes for intense stroking, the Luscious Touch opens the door for instant pleasure and satisfaction.

This sleeve houses stimulating rib and nub textures - perfect internal textured material that works to provide a suction force during intense stroking action. As you push your fella deeper into the Luscious Touch's squishy interior, the sleeve's sides collapse around your penis - offering you a tight penetrable hole that brings about strong, powerful orgasms.

The Luscious Touch's flower shape is easy to grab, squeeze, and move, especially since its flexible jelly material always returns to its original shape and form. Its opening is rather wide, so as you push your prized possession deeper into the sleeve, the sex toy's folds and indentations brush against your balls, tickling them as you stroke your way into paradise.

Masturbation improves in a variety of ways when you have a Luscious Touch available for stroking. It is one of the easiest sleeves to clean, it does not lose shape or form, and the material is soft, squishy, and durable, and is able to handle whatever type of penetration you enjoy - fast or slow, hard or soft. And it feels even better with the help of a quality personal lubricant. Try i-Lube or Slippery Stuff with this masturbation sex toy, enhancing every sensation.

Editorial Review

The Luscious Touch surprised me. Similar in many ways to the Blossom Sleeve, the Luscious Touch captures the users imagination and transforms the way one masturbates. The texture doesn't feel anything like real sex or a blow job, but it has its own distinct texture that feels better than other similar masturbation sex toy sleeves. Part of this is due to the flexibility of its jelly material, and the other part is due to its flower shape, which is a better shape for penetration.

The Luscious Touch can brag about its inexpensive price tag and pleasure potential. Save money and feel great in the long-term and short-term. It's not often that a toy can brag about both, so I am pleased with everything the Luscious Touch does at such a reasonable price. A good balance of cost and effectiveness is obvious. And, honestly, because this sleeve is lightweight, it is easier to masturbate faster, which is what I like. Who wants to masturbate for 45 minutes before they orgasm? Not me.

Its best feature is flexibility. Far too often sleeves lose their shape and tightness. The Luscious Touch, in comparison to a few other sleeves, can handle the pressure and pace that I need to feel good. If I am going to stroke with a sleeve, I want a sleeve that feels better than hand-stroking - the Luscious Touch, indeed, allows me to experience more pleasure than I would otherwise. This is a good introductory sex toy for men who have yet to test the waters of sleeve masturbation.

Here is one suggestion: Wrap both hands around the shaft, move the shaft in an up and down motion, like someone is riding you. Go really slow at first, letting the lubrication (which is necessary, by the way) spread throughout the toy. Once the sleeve's insides are wet enough, start going faster and deeper. The up and down movement is what works best for me. It literally feels like the insides are clutching my penis, and since I use enough lubrication, that clutching actually feels really good.

Additional Details

Size:  6.25" total length
3.75" insertable length
2.5" width
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three hearts. Shay
The toy was squishy and fairly fun to use. The Luscious Touch is made out of jelly, which seems pretty delicate, so he was impressed with how well it stood up to a good pounding. The jelly sleeve can stretch so that its insertable length is much longer than you'd expect from looking at it.

Although this sleeve was surprisingly sturdy, it also didn't bring much sensation to the party. While he said that it didn't feel like just his hand, it also didn't feel like much of anything - the alternating texture didn't do much for him. He also found it frustrating to clean because it's not open-ended or as sturdy as a Fleshlight. He didn't appreciate the flower design either (we had the pink sleeve), strictly because it included a second small (and unfuckable) flower along the side that made gripping the toy a little weird.

Final verdict: not bad, but also not great. Good for someone looking for a cheaper sleeve.

Sex toy review: five hearts. Duncan
Oh yeah, it makes me jack off better than ever. I actually like the squishy and stretchy material. It's like a deep throat. The sleeve swallows my dick and I'm off to the races, always cumming in first.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Bob (AKA Bob-O)
Is cleaning these sleeves always so difficult? That's my sole gripe - cleaning the Luscious Touch is a pain in the ass. How it makes me feel? I get a good grip on the sleeve and go fast until I bust a nut. Booya!
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
The Luscious Touch's super-flexi-interior is really good. The manufacturer might consider making the tube longer. I do like the tightness.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. l8tr Fella
feels down right awesome. stretches with my dick moving fast.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. david yen
Stretchy and tight. It's a weird combo. Whatever, I couldn't get sick of sliding my dick inside of it. Feels real nice.

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