Female Sex Toys: Lelo Mia vibrator is a rechargeable pocket rocket sex toy


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Mia: Lelo Mia vibrator is a rechargeable pocket rocket sex toy

Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

The Mia is LELO's version of a Pocket Rocket-style vibrator. This vibrator is a little longer and roughly the same width as a tube of lipstick, and with a candy-colored gloss, it looks good enough to eat. This little vibe has a built-in rechargeable battery and charges by plugging in to the USB port of your computer. If your computer's USB port is hard to reach, no problem! The Mia includes a USB extension cord for those tight fits.

As with most LELO products, the controls are designed with ease of use in mind. There's a simple plus/minus sign on the vibrator which increases and decreases the speed. Once the Mia is at maximum speed, any of four different vibration patterns are easily selected by continuing to click the plus sign.

You won't ever be caught with a dead battery since a red light automatically flashes when it's time for a charge, and you can quickly get back to business with a white light that illuminates when the Mia has completed the two hour charge cycle and is ready to go again.

Editorial Review

I've reviewed enough LELO vibrators that I usually have a pretty good idea what I'm getting when I try out a new one. As expected, the Mia is well made, and everything from the vibrator's elegant form to the artful packaging, is of the highest quality.

I pulled the cap off the Mia and was somewhat surprised to find a USB connector. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I don't have a computer in my bedroom, so charging the Mia involves hooking it up to the computer in my family room. On the other hand, I can see this being super-freaking-awesome on an airplane. Imagine - the battery is running low, no problem: plug that little sucker right into your laptop and charge it right up! Luckily this vibrator does not look like a typical sex toy, so it could probably be explained away as some kind of flash memory device if someone notices it hooked up to your computer.

Once I had the Mia fully charged, I lit some candles and relaxed on a pile of pillows. I turned the Mia up to its full intensity, but was somewhat dismayed to find out that it's simply not that powerful. I vibrated myself with the Mia for around 15 minutes and only ended up frustrated. I switched to my old standby, the Miracle Massager to get the job done.

I cannot understand why the vibrations were so weak when even smaller toys like the Silver Bullet have all the power a girl could want. Even though it didn't bring enough of a buzz for this reviewer, I think the Mia would be a wonderful first vibrator and the elegant packaging makes it a great choice as a sexy gift.

Additional Details

Size:  4.5" long
0.85" wide
Battery Info:  Rechargeable battery included
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, Plastic, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Lelo

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Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Tracer
This is a fun vibe. Perfect speed for its size. At home, I prefer something more powerful, but this is a great travel vibe and looks like a tube of lipstick when the cap is on.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Ice
If you've ever used any toys made by lelo, you already know what you're in for. This is a great little vibe to carry around in your purse and get yourself off whenever you like. My boyfriend and I were out shopping the other day and we ended up doing it in the dressing room. I had my Mia in my purse and... my God! It was also quiet enough that nobody outside knew.
Sex toy review: five hearts. fast and frisky
I am one of those who grew up on the Pocket Rocket, but I never grew out of it! I love small vibrators. I am really sensitive down there and the more powerful vibrators are just too much.

I like how you can just plug the charger into your computer too. No more running out of batteries for me!

Sex toy review: four hearts. carnivalesq
I have to disagree with the editorial review here. I have a Hitachi Magic Wang and used to think that I NEEDED a strong vibe to get off, only to discover that I was wrong. What I love about the Mia is how you can pinpoint the vibration against your clit. It feels utterly divine slid from my clit, downwards towards the opening of my vagina and back up and down again. The only way I can describe my appreciation for this vibe, even though it is less intense than some vibes, is that it's a treat. Sort of like vibrations to be enjoyed by a masturbation connoisseur.

Notes: The pulse settings make me insanely frustrated, so I stick to the solid vibe. If you grip the cap, it comes apart when you use it. You need to hold the band. Once you figure this out, you're golden.

It looks like a flash drive. What more could a geek want?

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