Lesbian Sex Toys: Use vibrating dildos or female sex toys for arousing foreplay techniques

Mighty Magnate

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Mighty Magnate: Use vibrating dildos or female sex toys for arousing foreplay techniques
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Women love the realistic appearance and texture of Cyberskin sex toys. The Mighty Magnate is as real as it gets. Not only does this amazing dildo look and feel like the ideal penis, but it also comes with the softest balls on the planet. The Mighty Magnate's hunky-delightful shaft and dreamy balls prepare you for the orgasmic dance of your life!

Two dual multi-speed vibrating bullets are inside of this realistic dildo - one bullet is located in the head; the second bullet is placed in the base. The combination of bullet power and advantageous bullet placement within the toy ensures that total vaginal stimulation is achieved.

There are two independent motors: You can control each motor with this toy's simple-to-operate hand controller. Choose the highest speed for overdrive stimulation or please yourself with slow, sensual vibrations. Regardless of the vibration speed you prefer, your internal stimulation needs are addressed.

Editorial Review

The Mighty Magnate looks like a toy that means business. There's no use beating around the bush: The Mighty Magnate is a large vibrating dildo that experienced dildo enthusiasts must purchase. Its arousing thick shaft, realistic skin-like texture, and powerful vibrating head and shaft make this sex toy a force to be reckon with. I was so excited about reviewing the Mighty Magnate that I took it with me to Burning Man, in Las Vegas, Nevada - and I even passed out a few samplers for other women to review!

I recommend that women roll a condom over the Mighty Magnate's shaft. Cyberskin's porous material is difficult to clean, so using a condom ensures that the toy remains relatively clean and in good shape, and definitely prevents the toy from becoming too sticky. Even when covered by a condom, the Mighty Magnate feels - well, mighty good, because I could feel the flexible texture bend with deeper penetration and could feel the vibrating head and shaft stimulating my G-Spot. The vibrations are extraordinarily strong at the head, where one of the vibrators is located; but weaker toward the fake balls.

Insertion and penetration feel good, but I also enjoy straddling the toy for clit stimulation. Moving the head and shaft back and forth on my clit really sets me off, and I recommend that other women try it, as well. Because the vibrations are centered in the shaft head and are powerful, some women might dislike insertion coupled with vibrations, citing over-stimulation as the reason why. I like powerful vibrations, so I rather appreciated this toy's powerful vibrating shaft head.

I didn't like the Mighty Magnate's small range of motion, though. It's marketed as a strap-on dildo, but it will not fit most harnesses. If you are buying this sex toy for harness fun, be sure that you have a harnesses that can handle the Mighty Magnate's large size and weight. Also, be sure to store this Cyberskin dildo in a cool, dry place. I noticed that my Mighty Magnate didn't react well to extreme levels of heat.

All in all, the Mighty Magnate is worth the attention it is currently receiving. My suggestion: If you want a realistic dildo that emphasizes ideal penis characteristics, you should try the Champ or Emperor before purchasing the Mighty Magnate. For the price and performance, both the Champ and Emperor are better sex toys for women who want special dildos. But, if in the end, you want an extra large vibrating dildo that is extremely soft, the Mighty Magnate is a good choice.

Additional Details

Size:  10" total length
2" width
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Cyberskin, and Phthalate Free material.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: two hearts. MS LOVIN

I tried to be optimistic, even though at first glance it seemed rather large. So I gave it a try, using plenty of lube and foreplay. Alas, this sex toy dildo does not fit me. I relegate it to being an outside toy for shock effect only.

I think I'll use him for role play and call him Big Sir. It is too wide for me and I don't like the bottom, the way the testicles are flat on the base. They would have looked and felt better with a more rounded bottom. This would be a fun dildo for someone that can accommodate a Big Boy. If you like big dildos ... this is a good sex toy for you.

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Kybo

I would like to give this the best review. I would actually like for this toy to grow into a new boyfriend for myself. But I have to be honest: the Mighty Magnate is a little intimidating. It needs a better alluring voice. I wanted to use this sex toy a lot, but I had a really hard time working up the nerve to take it all in. I tried it a couple of times and it was fun, but it just took some patience and a bit of thought. I think that if I built up the excitement, this toy would be a bit better.

I love the feel. The shape is nice and isn't too hard. I just had a hard time with the size. I also have a problem with cords, especially because this is such a large toy and when playing alone it can be hard to maneuver by itself without worrying about a cord.

I can see how this toy could become one of my favorites as I get to know it a little more personally. I look forward to practicing. I would recommend this toy to anyone who has no fear and is a big fan of large sex toys.

Sex toy review: one heart. LC

I found the vibrations very weak, so I couldn't even enjoy it clitorally. The texture was very soft though and nice to touch, but that was about it. You should only buy this vibrator if you feel a need to cock-slap someone, as it seems to have no other use.

Sex toy review: three hearts. Anais

What a toy! This dildo surely made its impression on me in many ways.

First, its mere size. To be honest, even though I enjoy larger penises, this one was a couple of inches too big for my taste. But if you like size, you will love the Mighty Magnate's perfect in length and width. In combination with the two internal vibrating bullets, it will rock your world, I promise.

Second, the material. It is such a pleasure to just touch its skin-like surface, to feel this dildo's softness and light texture. It gives anticipation and foreplay an entirely new name. (Nevertheless, I only used the Mighty Magnate with a condom over it due to the material's porosity.)

All in all, even if generally I enjoy my toys a tad smaller, the Mighty Magnate is an exciting and unique addition to every adventurous, size-loving girl's sex toy collection!

BTW: I tried, but couldn't fit it in my strap-on and you should make sure you can if you intend to buy it for that purpose.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Miss Molly

Ok, so the Mighty Magnate is a fantastic sex toy, it is just too big for me! One of my lovers is almost as big in girth, but this toy is just a bit more and I'm still intimidated by it. I think I need to try this with a partner so I can relax a little more into it. So far I keep playing the shaft's tip for fun. Love it.

I love the Cyberskin feel, so my preferred use for the toy is to rub it up and down my clit (without the vibration feature). To ensure safer sex, rubbing a real penis on my clit is not something I feel comfortable doing without a condom. So this is a real treat! I had two mind-blowing orgasms with the Mighty Magnate this way and highly recommend it.

I rated this a 4, because I love the material, but not the size. I look forward to trying other toys made of Cyberskin, and will just look for the right size for me.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Amber

Otherwise known as the “Cyberskin Cybercock Vibrating Biggie”, this dildo appealed to me from the beginning. Cyberskin has an incredibly lifelike texture to it and invites touch as if it were alive. Anything made of this material already wins some of my approval, because it is so sensuous and lovely. Now size: this is a very big vibrating dildo, so if you know that you love size, then you will love this toy.

I do love size, so I had a blast with it. Although it vibrates from the inside a little bit, I used it in combination with Jenna's Curves (a toy I reviewed previously) on my clit, and the outcome was earth-shattering.

I love that this toy is big and thick, but not too hard, which means it doesn't hurt me to have it inside. Really, I loved this toy and I'd be happy to have the same model in various sizes, depending on my mood.

I can't fault this one.

Your Size Queen,


Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Carin

It's been a long time since I looked at a toy and giggled, but when I saw the Mighty Magnate I actually blushed. Perhaps it is because, in comparison to the other sex toys I've reviewed, this one is so realistic and, lets face it, so large. My boyfriend got really excited when he saw this one and rushed to get the batteries for this sex toy vibe.

Now, I'm no size queen, but I like a lot of meat from time to time, and this was right up my alley. Cyberskin is wildly realistic! It feels like a real penis and makes for a wonderful dildo, and because it has great cushy balls, you can also use it with a strap on! As turned on as my man was watching me play with this sex toy, we both missed a step when we went to turn the vibrator on and nothing happened. Coitus interrupt-us. We take the toy, bend it around a bit, play with the controller, and then a feeble buzz. Sigh. At this point I just wanted to grab a knife and cut the cord!

So, no vibes, but it is a great dildo!

Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Juicy Goddess

Well, when I got this big boy out of its package I was a bit intimidated. It's really big and larger then my largest dildo. I don't pride myself on huge dildo sizes, but my tastes are variable and rather accommodating. I would never have bought a Mighty Magnate for myself, because I would certainly have thought that it was just too big for comfort. And, generally I haven't found that I care for vibration inside my pussy, so I wouldn't have found the pulsation properties appealing either.

Boy, was I surprised and utterly pleased to discover that this big boy makes me very happy indeed! I love the jam-packed, full feeling I get when it's inside. And, with my pussy this stuffed, I was delighted to discover that these internal vibrations now felt quite stimulating, not like the annoying buzz of previous petite internal vibes that I've tried. I also enjoyed the variable intensity control that allows me (or my Charming Consort) to provide a variety of pulsation possibilities.

The almost natural texture of Cyberskin feels amazingly pleasant, plus I appreciate that it's a rather benign substance. It felt much like a real throbbing, pulsing cock and that definitely got my attention. And I held it for quite some time.

Another plus was that the size allowed me to get a good grip on the toy with my thighs so I didn't propel it forth as my powerful vaginal muscles often do with lesser toys.

I'm sure that its size is intimidating for many and such a stout schtupper may not be every girl (or boy's) taste, but if you want to feel filled up with something spectacular, you may want to expand your ideas of what is possible to fit in your special orifices.

You might be as surprised as I was - that such a substantial pulsating probe feels so marvelous. The Mighty Magnate leaves me feeling satisfyingly stuffed and pleased. For me, this big boy is staying within reach for those times when I want to feel utterly fulfilled.

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Polly A. Moorus

Size isn't everything, but it sure does help. I do prefer larger men. Well-endowed status isn't necessarily a requirement for ultimate satisfaction, but it sure does make sex more enjoyable for me - unless the man has an average-sized penis but superior technique. Sadly, oh so sadly, I've not met many men: small, medium, or large, with great sex techniques, so size is the next best thing.

In the case of dildos, I often experience more satisfaction with larger sizes, but I haven't tried one as large as the Mighty Magnate. I thought I could handle it, I thought it would be easy enough, and I thought wrong. After playing with it a couple of times, over the course of three days, my sweet petunia adjusted to its abnormally large size, and empowered by my tackling of this monster sex toy, I am having a blast with it. The Champ is my new favorite dildo, but the Mighty Magnate is right there tagging along.

The vibrations don't quite work out as well as I hoped they would. I am almost inclined to use the toy without vibrations altogether, because they aren't that strong and lack good positioning - the vibrators - within the dildo and balls. I could live without the vibrations, as the Mighty Magnate's monster size is more than enough stimulation for me. So, as I see it, the vibrations, though one of the toy's features, aren't a deal breaker for me.

The texture feels comparable to actual skin, though slightly more flexible and with a faint stickiness. It doesn't smell like some dildos that I reviewed and bought, which is a positive. I have to use plenty of lube with it (not silicone-based lube, only water-based, like Pjur Woman Aqua). Otherwise, with no lube, I wouldn't be able to play with this dildo. I am pleased and surprised by how much I like this sex toy. As it is a very large dildo, I can't play with all the time, but I sure like having it around for deeper, wider penetration.

Sex toy review: four hearts. ladynight
Unbelievably real feeling. Have you ever had sex with a dick that was too hard? Yeah, this mighty penis toy is semi-hard, which feels better than a hard as a rock dick. Because it is semi-hard, it bends and moves easily. The vibrators inside of it are damn strong too. I have multiple orgasms playing with the Mighty Magnate and that's more than I ever dreamed of.
Sex toy review: four hearts. energize me
The energy level is at an all-time high! Don't risk buying a crappy dildo. The Mighty Magnate, take my word for it, is the best.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Flavorful-filled
Sugar love, baby. All the time! Whenever I need a real penis and one isn't available, the Mighty Magnate is a good replacement or substitute. In some ways, it can do what a penis does, but without all the hassles of making sure a man does me the right way. I control my Mighty Magnate so it always feels good.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Ready, set, and goooo! Great fun, great shape, great texture - GREAT EVERYTHING. Love, love...the long penis and real feeling balls.

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