Vibrator Reviews: Female sex toys, clit vibrators, and vibrating dildos for better orgasms

Mini-Vibro Dolphin

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Mini-Vibro Dolphin: Female sex toys, clit vibrators, and vibrating dildos for better orgasms
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Waterproof, powerful, discreet, and compact! Yes, the Mini-Vibro Dolphin exemplifies all those characteristics. But, wait, it's much more than that. The Mini-Vibro Dolphin is designed to focus on all your clitoral needs.

A tiny jelly dolphin extender sits on top of the vibrator. As the vibrator buzzes along, the soft dolphin texture accepts the powerful pulsations, delivering powerful vibrations to your clitoris.

This toy is perfect for water sports. The Mini-Vibro Dolphin might be small, but it vibrates like a champion. Dive deep into an ocean of orgasmic potential.

Color(s) available: crystal clear blue.

Editorial Review

One thing is certain: the Mini-Vibro Dolphin lives up to its name. Small, but extremely powerful, it handles vibrations successfully. Not only that, but it's one of the cutest vibrators ever. I've used mine in the pool and shower. There are so many effective waterproof toys that it's difficult to choose only one. This vibrator, however, is discreet enough that I travel with it. Due to its unique design, most people don't have a clue about its real purpose. It's also one of those rare toys, which is relatively inexpensive, yet highly effective. Gentle, gentle vibrations escape this basic toy of paradise.

Additional Details

Size:  .5" width
Battery Info:  1 AA battery required
Material:  This item is made of Jelly, and Plastic.

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Sex toy review: one heart. rayne
Well, this worked one time for me before i threw it in the trash. Spend your money on something else.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Move along. There's nothing to see here. That's how I look at this vibrator. It's nothing extraordinary or especially bad. The dolphin is cute as pie but is limited in many ways. A few things it could use: a larger vibrating dolphin and stronger vibrations. Do I climax? Only sometimes. I need more surface to surface contact, but the dolphin is too small for that.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. Doris Strickland
I wouldn't suggest buying the Mini-Vibro Dolphin. The vibrations aren't near strong enough and the dolphin tip isn't very good for clit rubbing. I became so frustrated with this vibrator that I bought something different two weeks ago. The Mini-Vibro Dolphin pales in comparison to my Starburst, like night and day .
Sex toy review: three hearts. Vicky D.
I have no problem recommending this cute dolphin vibe to other women. It has limitations, but that's evident from just looking at it. It is solely for clitoral fun, and it is fun. Expect delicate vibrations. This is one of the more sensual vibes I've owned.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Mae
If the dolphin on top of the vibrator were larger, I would give this toy a 5.0 rating. I am happy with the results of this vibrator. It's certainly powerful. The dolphin texture feels wonderful on my clitoris. This is a great after-shower toy, when I have my leg propped up on the sink counter, as I dry off. Yummy!!!! I watch in the mirror as I pleasure myself. Try it sometime.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Cries for humaniTy
Mini-Vibro Dolphin has power like the Pocket Rocket, but the jelly dolphin stimulator (the dolphin piece on the head of the vibrator) feels better than a series of nubs vibrating. I can massage my clit with this toy, while Pocket Rocket sits on top of my clitoris, usually only hitting one area. This is a great massager that all women should at least try.
Sex toy review: four hearts. mafia_princess
Everyone's down on Mini-Vibro Dolphin. What a lovely vibrator. It has the cutest dolphin head, and the vibrations are superb. What more could anyone want?
Sex toy review: three hearts. Princess Peak-a-Boo
We must be connected; I agree with each review. I do have a great time with Mini-Vibro Dolphin, and it was worth the money. But a few tweaks in the dolphin tip would turn this vibrator into a very good one, rather than just average an average one.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Lovely Lady
Great vibrations, but the vibrating dolphin attachment should be larger. I will continue to use the toy, but improvements could be made. It's one cute vibrator.
Sex toy review: three hearts. My Man's Delight
A cute looking vibrator, but the dolphin tip needs to be larger and less pointed. I have no issue with the power it puts out.

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