Female Sex Toys: Strapon vibrators and adult sex toys boost female orgasm potential

My First Butterfly Vibe

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My First Butterfly Vibe: Strapon vibrators and adult sex toys boost female orgasm potential
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

The original butterfly-style strap-ons were primarily clitoral vibrators. In recent years, however, butterfly vibes have emphasized both clitoral and G-Spot stimulation, making dual stimulation accessible to all women. The My First Butterfly Vibe is one such dual stimulation butterfly sex toy.

The body of this toy is formed in the shape of a large butterfly. Made of super-soft Jel-Lee material, this butterfly's sensual texture ensures that your self-stimulation feels wonderful. A small dildo extends upward from the butterfly's body. This dildo is long enough to reach your cherished G-Spot.

A curved nub is located on one end of the butterfly's textured body. As the dildo stimulates your internal erogenous zones, the curved nub massages your external erogenous zone - your clitoris. Vibrations travel from the motor to the curved nub and dildo, and then are transmitted to both your G-Spot and clitoris.

The My First Butterfly Vibe comes with convenient-to-adjust straps that are remarkably comfortable and strong. Adjust each strap to your highest level of comfort. You can depend on these durable straps to keep your butterfly vibrator in the right position for consistent stimulation activity.

Wired controllers frustrate women to no end. Wire entanglements slow down the action at the most inopportune moments. The My First Butterfly Vibe comes with a wireless remote control, so you need not worry about the presence of tangling, messy wires. The remote control works up to 25 feet away.

VibeReview recommends that a personal lubricant be used with this sex toy. Try i-Lube, ID Glide, or Eros Bodyglide for a wilder, wetter, and more pleasurable experience. All three personal lubricants also enhance intercourse!

Editorial Review

As it stands now, butterfly-style vibrators are among the most popular strap-on sex toys ever invented. A variety of styles and models exist, so women can choose from many different ones. For example, the Venus Penis and Venus Penis 2 are designed similar to the My First Butterfly Vibe. Preference of color and size usually determines which one women choose to buy.

As for me, I am inclined to stick with the My First Butterfly Vibe and Venus Penis 2. These are my two favorite butterfly strap-ons. The My First Butterfly Vibe gets an energetic nod of approval from me. Unlike older butterfly models and styles, it comes with a wireless remote control. A moment of silence is needed - a quick thanks to the powers above: No more wires!

Like all butterfly strap-ons, the My First Butterfly Vibe's harness straps are adjustable. These straps, in contrast to older models, are easier to adjust and remain strong for as long as I need them to. If you've ever played with a butterfly vibrator that constantly moves as strap-strength weakens, you will understand why I like this particular butterfly vibrator so much. Few technical difficulties frustrate me more than harness straps that slip.

Power, precision, and comfort - all three factors make the My First Butterfly Vibe a quality vibrating strap-on sex toy. Similar to the Venus Penis 2, this sexy strap-on makes sure that your two most important erogenous zones receive direct vibrations and textured stimulation.

Additional Details

Size:  4.5" total length
3" width
Battery Info:  Butterfly Vibrator:
2 AAA batteries included.
Remote Control:
1 Cell battery included.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly, and PVC.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. Kybo

I like the idea of strapping something to my hips. It is nice that My First Butterfly Vibe stays in place, but it doesn't exactly stay close and inside without some outside assistant. I found that without close assistance from my hands I can't really get in there and use this toy. Not having a partner to use this toy with, I found I had to prop myself up on a pillow or something to really find it great. The penetration isn't quite deep enough for me, but the vibration does fine.

I can ride the vibe and make it work, but it doesn't quite hit my g-spot without some leg stretches. Also, not having a partner caused some issues with the remote. Mostly because I kept forgetting where it was and then turning it on and off when it slipped under my hand. I can see how a remote would be a fun tool, but only if it was something that I could see using secretly in public. The box says that it is quiet for use during the day under your clothes, but as far as I can tell, I might as well strap on a lawnmower and go to work.

This toy is fun. I like the concept and the follow through is great. I can have an orgasm quickly and easily, but i feel that the toy promises a couple of things that aren't really feasible. I think this toy is one I will use more when there is someone else around to test out some of the features.

Sex toy review: two hearts. Carin

It works nicely in bed, alone. The My First Butterfly Vibe is made of jelly so I recommend putting a condom over the shaft. The material is porous and prone to easy rips, albeit small ones. Considering everything, I have other vibrators that please me just the same and that I don't have to strap on. The My First Butterfly Vibe won't be a first pick in my stable of sex toys.

Sex toy review: one heart. Miss Molly

I try to be fair and add the good and bad with each product. But, honestly, I didn't find anything redeeming about My First Butterfly Vibe. The wireless remote control is a great idea but on the box it says, "... wear it under clothes for discreet pleasure, anytime or anywhere." The only place I can see that it might not attract attention is in loud bar or club that is dimly lit.

It has a loud buzzing sound and if you wear it under clothes, you may look like you're packing. And if you're using it at home and don't care about all that, it still didn't live up to the promise of being a G-spot vibrator. Wasn't long enough to reach my G-spot as promised and didn't do anything other than prompt annoyance. It also has a strong rubber/plastic smell.

Sex toy review: one heart. Juicy Goddess

I've always liked the idea of sex toys that can be used hands-free, so I have been enamored by little strap-on butterfly vibes for some time. While the vibrations aren't very strong, and I don't find them useful alone, they can add a nice buzzing bit of stimulation to enhance other activities.

They're often especially useful as an adjunct to intercourse, giving some clitoral encouragement, when needed. I often recommend them to women who are not orgasmic with intercourse alone, which, by the way, is about 50% of all women. Since most women need some clitoral stimulation to make sex fun, a small butterfly clit stimulator can be a good way to get it when hands are busy elsewhere or just won't fit in between your thrusting parts.

The first problem with this particular sex toy, the My First Butterfly Vibe, is that there's a small penetrative part that they claim will provide g-spot stimulation. Meaning, that you can't use this as a clit-humming adjunct to a pleasantly penetrating penis. Oh, well!

The other problem is that like many poorly designed sex toys, this one just doesn't account for my anatomy since, when the probe is inserted vaginally, the clit stimulator is nowhere near my clit.

You won't be surprised that this toy had a very short play time before my Charming Consort and I dumped it in the discard pile. Even I, the queen of inventive sex toy use, could find no way to play with this sex toy ... at least not in a way that made my clit and my g-spot and me happy.

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. LC

I was pleasantly surprised with this butterfly. It is not my first, but it is my best butterfly. I find that the distances between each pleasure zone (this vibrator stimulates the anus, gspot and clit) are right on. It is also very sturdy and doesn’t break with pushing. The coolest part is the remote, which works up to 25 feet away.

The only part of the vibrator that I would change would be that I would like the motor to be a little stronger. I prefer strong, fast vibrations and although the speed was good, it could have been stronger. Also, for those who like it a bit weaker, speed settings could be available.

Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. Amber

This gives wireless a whole new meaning! What is different about this vibrator is the added feature of a small penetrating knob in addition to the butterfly vibrating part. As someone who finds that penetration enhances the sensation, and who tends to like a toy that can address both at once, I appreciated this novel addition.

What amuses me is that it is described as "discreet", when the vibrator part is actually quite noisy. Discreet would apply at a party with loud music, but certainly not at a cocktail party. What I do like about this toy is the fact that it is remote control, so someone else can be at the helm of the vibrations. It is a mini SM dynamic which is fun.

If you've never experienced a sensual power exchange, I would highly recommend it. Perhaps my first butterfly vibe could be your first. On a side note,you can take the vibrator part out of the jelly mold and use it separately if needed.

Sex toy review: one heart. Anais

For me, the Butterfly Vibe didn't keep its promises, not at all. I always wanted to try one of those strap-on vibrators that you wear under your clothes, because "discreet pleasure" seemed like a lot of fun. But it sounded too good to be true, literally.

The first handicap: the straps. There was no description with the vibe and it took me several attempts and the help of a friend to get my way into it. Then, the straps didn't hold the toy in place, even when I adjusted them to their shortest length possible. I might be a small woman but my legs and ass surely don't have supermodel proportions.

The next hurdle: its size. The Butterfly is rather big and bulky under your clothes; i.e. if you are not wearing a crinoline dress you will look like you have added a pack for the night. The attached dildo is cool and fun but not long enough to reach my G-spot.

Last but not least: the noise. The vibrator sounds like you are wearing a buzzer in your pants as soon as you (or somebody else) turns it on. What might be fun if you are an exhibitionist, but for this sex toy is the opposite of discreet.

All in all: it might be fun to try out the Butterfly Vibe's unique strap-on shape and play with the remote in the privacy of your bedroom. But if you are looking for under-your-clothes, inconspicuous fun you might want to choose another toy.

Sex toy review: three hearts. Polly A. Moorus

Talk about a wild, strange, enjoyable, and frustrating experience ... all wrapped together as a single experience because of the My First Butterfly Vibe. This is my first butterfly-type of vibrator, so I was intrigued and excited by the idea of remote controlled, strap-on masturbation and kinky foreplay vibrator. In many ways, I viewed it as a versatile sex toy judging by the packaging's promises and advertisements.

Claimed as a "discreet" vibrating clitoral and G-spot sex toy, I looked forward to its powerful and quiet vibrations. Oh a bummer, on this front: Discreetness gone awful! Well, to be accurate, it has to be there first before it can go anywhere, and with this particular toy, the vibrations were loud from the start.

So, yeah: It wasn't as discreet as the manufacturer claimed. But, as usual with me, I look at the positive and moved on to the toy's other features with a positive outlook. Comfortable straps - or that's what is claimed. I am your average girl: average hip, waist, and leg size; so I didn't expect any problems with the straps. I thought, You know, if these straps don't feel quite right, I wonder how they'll feel to anyone who is smaller of larger than I am."

Hooray for the straps, which are comfortable and fit me perfectly. I haven’t had to stop and start to fiddle with the strap tightness. I felt quite at ease with these straps holding the vibrating part in place. Power. Blessed powerful vibrations. Wonderfully lovely, wonderfully arousing.

Um, but the My First Butterfly's vibrations are moderately powerful. Combine that with the vibrating dildo's relative inability to stay in one position when the action starts up and you could easily get frustrated like I did. I was forced to use my hands, holding the vibrating dildo in the position that feels best to me, and I had to switch hands to use the remote control. (The remote control is a non-issue with a partner, and I recommend women ask a partner to operate the controller ... wow, I had a lot of fun with a partner.)

I read that some women didn't think the vibrating dildo was long enough for G-spot stimulation. I only experienced that problem (the "it's not long enough") when the vibrating part moved out of place, but when I pushed the on the top of the textured base I could feel quality G-Spot stimulation. Point is, it could be longer, but with some help, it works just fine. I don't expect a miracle worker with my sex toys, so I know some work or help is required from me.

I doubt anyone could get away wearing this toy under their clothes. Not in a public atmosphere. It is way too bulky, heavy, and loud for naughty public affection. But for joking around, frisky, and fun masturbation with a partner, this toy is a great one to get.

Sex toy review: one heart. PlayfulOne
I just got this for this weekend. It wasn't strong enough for me personally. It definitely needs more speed variation. It was VERY bulky, I looked ok in jeans but I felt like I was packing down there. The straps were definitely confusing and I couldn't get it tight enough. At the end of the night, the front two straps that are attached, broke thru the gel. So now it is "broken" from one night of usage. The batteries are weak and if you plan on being out for more then a hour and playing with a partner, bring SEVERAL more batteries. This was my first wireless remote, I had been wanting to try one forever, and all I have to say, is I am really disappointed. But glad some people seemed to like it.
Sex toy review: three hearts. MS LOVIN

When I first opened the butterfly package, I eyed the cute little remote. I liked that it was sleek, compact, and easily hidden in the palm of my hand. Big improvement over my first butterfly experience years ago, which had a cord attached. The next adventure was peeling off the rubber casing to put the batteries in the butterfly. Then working the casing back on again.

This was the tightest fit of the experience. The casing smelled synthetic, which it is. However, I would prefer it to have no scent at all. The straps were a bit flimsy and so long that I initially thought they were suspenders to go over my shoulders! Then, I figured out how to adjust the straps.

I checked out the sound: BZZZZZZZing Butterfly. Not very silent. I then read on package about 25 feet for remote control operation, so I had to check it out. It worked in next room through the wall, and across next room, but not through two walls. I tried it out with different noise levels. With music, fine. In silence it sounded like very large, loud mosquitoes flying around.

I kept on looking for dial controller or variable speed button. One speed is boring. I like to vary the speed and tempo. It fit snugly inside: flexible, nice girth and inner vibration. It warms to my touch and body temperature. Little vein details and texture are nice.

The wings ended up down my thighs and with the bulging body/battery pack made it look like I was packing. Not for tight pants! It is made much better for skirts and LOUD crowds with music - unless you are looking to shock or entertain those around you. Fun for playing around town, but it needs variable speed options.

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. jennivine
My clit gets a kick out of it, but I can't have vaginal orgasms with it. The dildo should be longer and slightly curved for gspot rubbing. Please don't mistake my one criticism as meaning the My First Butterfly Vibe isn't any good. I think it is a good sex for for clit orgasms.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Gail in the City

The girls at my office pressured me to buy the My First Butterfly Vibe. At the time I couldn't see why any of them liked the toy. It doesn't look like much and I had heard that this type of vibrator, a strap on - doesn't stay in place, or that it moves frequently. I took the bait, however; and I followed through with their suggestion.

Since I am not familiar with the different butterfly vibrators, I can't discuss the positives or negatives of this type, but I can offer a glowing review of the My First Butterfly Vibe. I continue to have a good time with it. The girls at my office were right about it. If I had to choose a favorite characteristic it would be the remote control. And I am sure my husband feels the same way!

Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Travis S.
My fine sexy lady is hungry like a wolf, truth. I am constantly buying new sex toys for her and I get a few for myself. From time to time, we find one that is mutually beneficial. I guess they call those kinds of toys...couples toys? The My First Butterfly Vibe qualifies, I think, because I get to use the remote control as I see fit. Boy, oh boy! I tease her 'till the sun comes up!

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