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Natural Cyberskin Dildo

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Natural Cyberskin Dildo: Realistic sex toys for women
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Like the CyberSilicone Dildo, the Natural Cyberskin Dildo goes with the PowerLock Harness. Though compatible with the previously mentioned harness, this particular dildo can be used for solo masturbation, too. Whether you want to invite a lover to partake in your sexual fun or spend some time alone, this realistic dildo is what you need to have a good time.

Some women prefer the natural feel and look of realistic sex toys. For those women who love the Champ, the Natural Cyberskin Dildo is equally appealing in its texture, appearance, and size. Plus, it helps that couples can use it with the exciting PowerLock Harness, which is changing how women connect with one another.

Since it is made of skin-like phthalate-free Cyberskin material, this strapon dildo is flexible, soft, and nontoxic. Your fantasies become nightly realities whenever you include the Natural Cyberskin Dildo in your sexual affairs. Knowing what heaven feels like is possible with this dildo leading you toward magnificent intimacy and orgasms.

Editorial Review

I reviewed the CyberSilicone Dildo and PowerLock Harness a couple of days ago. I've been impressed with both thus far, so I was excited to try the Natural Cyberskin Dildo, seeing if it could match the pleasure I experienced with the CyberSilicone Dildo. Since both dildos differ in many exterior characteristics, I wanted to know which one I preferred to use with the PowerLock Harness.

Why make you wait for the answer? I lean toward the CyberSilicone as the better strapon sex toy of the two. While the Natural Cyberskin Dildo is better than a lot of the dildos out there, the CyberSilicone Dildo is everything I want in a dildo. I've never been one to prefer natural looking sex toys (though the Champ is my favorite suction cup dildo) to creative designs that shy away from realistic appearance.

My main objective is to experience the best stimulation and orgasms possible. The Natural Cyberskin Dildo, though quite capable of creating satisfactory stimulation, just can't compete with the CyberSilicone's ribbed texture and balance of rigidity and flexibility, which are better for G-Spot and vaginal opening stimulation. The Natural Cyberskin Dildo is almost too flexible and soft, making slower penetration more difficult to enjoy, as the dildo has too much give and take.

Of course, this is just my opinion. I know plenty of women who will prefer this realistic dildo strapon to the CyberSilicone Dildo. My compromise: Women should purchase and try both if they have the PowerLock Harness. Might as well have different sex toys and attachments to choose from, if only for the sake of variety and mixing it up. None of the PowerLock toys is expensive, so I suspect a lot of women will experiment with both. One last note, though: The Natural Cyberskin Dildo is more difficult to use as a handheld dildo than the CyberSilicone is.

Additional Details

Size:  7" total length
1" width
Material:  This item is made of Cyberskin, and Phthalate Free material.
Manufacturer:  Topco

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Carolyn Victor
I enjoyed this mostly for the size. It was a little too realistic for my tastes, but it was a gift, so I didn't really have a choice. Anyway - turn off the lights and it feels pretty much just the way I'd like.
Sex toy review: four hearts. hot pepper
I just reviewed the PowerLock Harness, which I bought for my Lady along with this dildo. We've used anal toys before, but I've never had a strapon used on me before so I was excited about trying something new. Honestly, this dildo was a little too big for me. It took lots of lube and probably 10 minutes of going really REALLY slow before I loosened up enough. A lot of people might find this to be a good size, but it was too big for this bootie.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Always Wright
This is a lovely dil. Great size, great feel! Totally recommend.
Sex toy review: five hearts. bea richardson
Oh my this thing is so cool! It's super easy for beginners how it just locks right onto the harness. No muss no fuss!
Sex toy review: four hearts. anonymous carol
This is a fairly straightforward, realistic-looking dildo. It's size is nice - good girth without hurting, and not too long. The PowerLock Harness works well too. The dildo snaps right on and stays put. Definitely better than trying to shove the damn thing through a ring like on most harnesses. Hopefully this PowerLock thing will catch on and we'll see some more variety!

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