Lubes & Lotions: Flavored lube enhances oral sex, time spent with adult toys, and clitoral stimulation with vibrators.

Naughty Secrets

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Naughty Secrets: Flavored lube enhances oral sex, time spent with adult toys, and clitoral stimulation with vibrators.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Get ready for the next generation of lubricants. Naughty Secrets lubrication, engineered to achieve a silky, smooth and soothing feeling, is artificially flavored and scented. If you've got the passion, Naughty Secrets has the taste and aroma necessary to take that next step.

If you are tired of fancy lubricants that stain those nice satin sheets, Naughty Secrets will please you: It's non-staining, water-based formula will put you at ease. Its water-soluble formula will keep you gliding longer than most! Our customers may choose between two delicious flavors and scents: cherry vanilla or strawberry.

Editorial Review

Doc Johnson products get better and better. I am happy to introduce the best water soluble lubricant available: Naughty Secrets. I've been waiting patiently for the right lubrication to arrive. While I do appreciate the longevity and superiority of Astroglide, Naughty Secrets will now be my personal lubricant for the present and future.

Its fantastic lasting ability (it takes some serious action for this formula to dry up) puts it ahead of the rest. When it does finally dry up, here's a suggestion: add a few drops of water to the area where dryness occurs. This formula is so effective that even water re-activates it. Cherry vanilla is my favorite scent and flavor. It's not too strong, which is an accomplishment for all flavored, scented lubricants. I strongly recommend that every sexually active woman try Naughty Secrets. You will not be disappointed.

Additional Details

Size:  3.4 oz
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

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Sex toy review: two hearts. Samulars
The one and only problem I have with this product is the smell. I got the cherry vanilla - the smell is like chemical jolly ranchers. Otherwise as a lube it works great. The taste is funky, kind of sweet but I'm not spending too much time tasting it. All in all good if you don't breathe through your nose.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous
It tastes very medicinal, but it does last long enough to finish.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Passion's legend
A day without sex is a day wasted. Ok, maybe not every day. Ha. I wouldn't be able to walk if I had sex every single day. Anyway, I do have sex often--probably more than the average person, average couple. Naughty Secrets has become part of my routine. It keeps me wetter longer and I always feel better with it than without. This is a winning lubricant.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Professional Servant
My wife hated oral sex. She said I needed to buy a flavored lubrication if oral sex was that important to me. She couldn't stand the taste of a non-flavored penis. Since getting Naughty Secrets, my wife has taken a new interest in oral sex. The same goes for me. I enjoy the taste so much that I have placed new emphasis on pleasing her with longer periods of oral sex. We have never used it for intercourse, as she gets plenty wet. But for oral sex, it is the bomb.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Hope
Nothing comes to mind, as being better than Naughty Secrets. I was buying this stuff before I came to VibeReview. Now that I get most of my sex-related products from VibeReview, I buy it from them. If you are tired of short-lived lubrication and horrible flavors, Naughty Secrets should be your next lubricant.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Miss Honest Often
I still can't make up my mind: i-Lube or Naughty Secrets. Both are exceptional in their own way. Naughty Secrets probably ousts i-Lube for the simple fact that Naughty Secrets is flavored. On the other hand, i-Lube feels a little smoother. Eeeeek. I just skip the choosing part, buying both, alternating between the two. Except when I oral sex is involved, then I always use Naughty Secrets.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Brenda
Non-staining, it is. And that's a positive deal. It's not the most attractive situation when I bring home a new lover, to a stained bed. I'm sure others have had this experience. Naughty Secrets has a unique taste -- it does taste good, but I am still adjusting to the strength of the flavor.
Sex toy review: three hearts. kinky for you
The judgment, it is here: this is a successful lubricant formula. For me, at least. It tastes good, has extreme gliding, and lacks that after-sex sticky feeling, which is annoying as hell.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Dee K.
I recommend this lubricant for everyone - men and women. My significant other refuses to use another lubricant. I am the same; I have finally found a reliable lubricant in Naughty Secrets. I see no reason to seek for a different brand.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Martin Gore Rocks
I've looked and looked and looked for the perfect lubricant. Not only did I find it, but it's flavored, as well. I get the best of both worlds (oral sex and frictionless intercourse) in one lubricant. I buy a fresh supply every month, just to make sure I always have some available.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anne p.
I've tried enough of the "popular" lubrications to know what works and what doesn't. Naughty Secrets can be used for intercourse or oral sex, and does both better than any lubrication that I've played around with.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Ghost of Love
I've spent tons of money and too much time on flawed lubrications. Not only does Naughty Secrets last longer, it even tastes good. Incentive for longer, more physical sex, and the desire for a tasteful oral sex experience.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
i switched from naughty secrets to astroglide, wanting see if there is a difference. oh, there is a huge difference. naughty secrets (yes, i know, it's flavored - and astroglide is not), aside from the obvious differences, left astroglide somewhere is no man's land. naughty secrets has all the glide and slide a girl needs.

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