Silicone Sex Toys: Prostate massage with anal sex toys creates a strong male orgasm

Nexus Gyro

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Nexus Gyro: Prostate massage with anal sex toys creates a strong male orgasm
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The Nexus Gyro is taking prostate milking and P-Spot stimulation to a new pleasurable level. The Nexus Vibro and Nexus O appealed more to experienced prostate adventurers; however, the Nexus Gyro is designed for both beginners and experienced men. Ergonomically designed for internal comfort, the Nexus Gyro's shaft curves allow men to ease into titillating prostate stimulation, providing a perfect fit that complements natural anatomical structures.

This must-have luxury sex toy intensifies orgasms and strengthens erections while serving as a hands-free prostate stimulator that doubles one's pleasure and sexual enjoyment. Its angled and contoured head, once inserted, rests perfectly against the prostate gland, and due to the rectum's internal curves, the Nexus Gyro's angled head moves as anal muscles clench and contract while its narrow neck ensures that the head remains in direct contact with the prostate for as long as you want.

A quality prostate sex toy wouldn't be complete without a reliable flared base, and the Nexus Gyro certainly has one of those, which can be used for gripping power, twisting, and insertion or removal. And since it is made of high quality phthalate-free silicone material, you can keep your prostate arousal safe and clean (nonporous silicone is easy to clean). You will need lubrication with this adult toy, so Universal Lube is your best bet to keep penetration slick and enjoyable.

Editorial Review

The Nexus Gyro was on my personal wish list for close to two months. Several of my friends had already played with one, and they each talked about how much easier prostate stimulation was with this pacifier-looking sex toy. I've become a believer in Nexus products, so my friends' positive feedback didn't surprise me all that much, but now I wanted to experience the pleasure for myself. I can't say I was shocked when I received the assignment to review the Nexus Gyro, because I bugged my boss for weeks: "You just have to let me be the first reviewer to test it." So here I am, ready and willing to share my experience with you!

This prostate stimulator is, as my friends described, probably the most comfortable anal sex toy for beginners. Due to the nature of the toy's shaft curve and the pliability, beginners are less intimidated by its overall shape and design. Shaft width is the only real challenge beginners might face when starting out with this toy, but the shape sort of adjusts to anal contours, and fortunately makes for a comfortably tight fit. Adding a generous amount of lube to the mix is one way to avoid any unpleasantness caused by its width. When all else fails, a little lube sure can make a significant difference, so I recommend everyone use some form of lubrication before playing with the Nexus Gyro.

There's not a lot of shaft length, only enough length to reach the prostate gland. Deep penetration is not possible with the Nexus Gyro, which is fine with me. I am more interested in concentrating on prostate milking and stimulation, leaving out other forms of anal stimulation, and the Nexus Gyro is absolutely effective in creating a pleasurable internal pressure. This is one of those sex toys that does require some effort from the individual playing with it. Moving the flared base in a rocking, twisting motion is what feels the best to me, but there are a variety of movements that cause different sensations. Experimenting with this prostate toy is a lot of fun, and I learned some new techniques during the process.

Some men might prefer in-and-out penetration, and if you fall into this category, the Nexus Gyro is probably not the right toy for you. On the other hand, those who enjoy butt plugs and fairly stationary anal probes will definitely like this type of prostate stimulator. I frequently use mine as a hands-free sex toy, much like I do with the Nexus O and Pandora, inserting any of the three before and during sex - which increases the intensity of my orgasms and the strength of my erections. I am a pro-vibrations type of person, so I generally rate vibrating prostate sex toys higher than non-vibrating ones, but I make an exception for the Nexus Gyro. It is a common sense design that complements my anal contours and curves, allowing me to experience comfortable P-Spot stimulation.

For men who enjoy prostate sex toys designed for in-and-out penetration, the Clover and P-Spot Perfection are the two I recommend. Both are manufactured for harness compatibility and hand-driven backdoor fun. I frequently play with both, especially when my girlfriend joins the party! She can control and move each prostate stimulator better than some smaller models. If you want a mix between hands-free stimulation and penetrative movement, you should try the Nexus Vibro and Aneros. Those two products can be used by men of all experience levels, as they are less intimidating than other larger models with a tree-trunk shaft. Or you can go with the Nexus Gyro as a starter toy, eventually graduating to different designs.

Additional Details

Size:  6.5" total length
5" insertable length
5" circumference
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Nexus

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Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Dan Harris
The Gyro is a step above the average P-spot sex toy. Better P-spot toys are out there, but one could do much worse with a different brand. Nexus is one of my favorite companies - they make good sex toys for guys, especially prostate milking products. The Glide is one of my all-time favorites. Getting the best out of the Gyro isn't that difficult or time consuming, but it's not one of those instant orgasm types of toys. I have a good enough time with it that I recommended it to two friends.
Sex toy review: three hearts. T. B. Jones
Oh, the Gyro. It didn't live up to its reputation. Several of my friends love it and convinced me to buy one. Unfortunately for me, the Gyro was nothing more than an ordinary non-vibrating prostate sex toy. I like the idea of it - or it's basic design and construction, but the shaft's length just didn't do it for me. I am back to relying on my Nexus Vibro for prostate stimulation.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Tyrell

1. I seriously doubt beginners will like this sex toy. If you are a beginner and want to try a good starter prostate stimulator, check out the Aneros or the medium/large Pleasure Prostate Wand. Probably go with the Aneros first, before all others. Starting with the Nexus Gyro might be too much to ask in the beginning.

2. Since I am experienced with these types of sex toys, I look at the Nexus Gyro as wildly unique and underrated for what it can do. It doesn't vibrate like some prostate stimulators do, and I thought that might be an issue. What I found is that it doesn't need vibrations to feel exhilarating. This is a toy that, I can tell, was designed properly for intense, intense prostate and anal stimulation. 3. I recognized a positive difference between the Gyro's silicone exterior and other prostate stimulators that are made up of softer jelly and rubber materials. I compulsively clean my personal sex toys, but even more so with my anal dildos and prostate stimulators. The Gyro's silicone is so much easier to keep clean and in shape than those other porous materials.

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. BeggingMore
The Nexus Gyro would be much better if it vibrated. Though it is remains a quality prostate sex toy, better than most out there, it isn't as good as the Nexus Vibro, a toy that gets a solid 5 Hearts from me. The Gyro is better than average prostate toys, but not on the level of those that vibrate and can be pushed and pulled in and out.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Texas Rick
My friend from the UK heard about this toy before any of my friends in the US. He told me the Gyro felt just as good as other Nexus prostate sex toys, and being familiar with the other toys and liking them, I ordered the Nexus Gyro for myself. It is a different kind of prostate stimulator, one that took a little of adjusting to. The insertion part (the shaft) is fairly wide, so I start with a smaller toy as a warm up toy before playing with the Gyro. This is a very good toy for guys who want to feel really powerful orgasms.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Workout King
The Nexus Gyro feels way better than the Dr. Kaplan Prostate Massager, which was my very first prostate adult toy. It is the Gyro's unusual round shape that makes it good for pushing on the base and twisting the fat shaft. I like the texture because of its somewhat pliable construction.

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