Gifts & Gags: Cock rings with vibrators, and condoms are good romantic gifts

Ovation Intimacy Kit

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Ovation Intimacy Kit: Cock rings with vibrators, and condoms are good romantic gifts
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Every couple needs an injection of unadulterated passion and pleasure. Life's stresses sometimes interfere with the romantic and sexual connection shared between partners, so it's necessary to return to intimate beginnings. The Ovation Intimacy Kit includes all the sexy items you need to recapture or invigorate those magical moments in the bedroom.

The Ovation Intimacy Kit comes with two Screaming O Vibrating Rings, two ID Glide Lube packets, two warming lubricant packets, two lubricated latex condoms, two sensual wipe packets, two mints, and one informational sexy positions booklet. So, this romance-inducing kit includes all the essential items needed for wild, fun, and titillating bedroom foreplay and sex.

Vibrating Love Ring: The Screaming O Vibrating Ring is a popular sex toy that helps men sustain firm, enjoyable erections while inviting women to experience the pleasures of clitoral stimulation. Women experience simultaneous penetrative stimulation and clitoral stimulation when their men wear the Screaming O Vibrating Ring. Each ring vibrates for thirty minutes, is covered in tiny nubs, and has an on/off switch. Batteries are included.

ID Glide Personal Lubricant: ID Glide is a water-based personal lubricant, ranked #1 by Men's Health magazine. It is compatible with latex condoms. ID Glide makes sure that long-lasting slickness enhances your sexy moments, so get ready for one wet and wild time!

Warming Lubricant: ID Sensation Warming Lubricant continues a tradition of excellence, creating unique warming sensations for men and women while they explore one another's body. It can be used for clitoral, nipple, penile, and other erogenous zone stimulation. Adding a subtle warmth to your sexy affairs increases erogenous zone sensitivity.

Condoms: Two Vivid brand lubricated condoms let you dive into sexy pleasures and ensures safety for partners. Used as protection from Sexually Transmitted Diseases and unwanted pregnancy, these condoms let you have fun without worrying about your health and pregnancy.

Wipes, Mints, and Informational Booklet: Freshen your breath with tasty mints, for cuddling, kissing, and face-to-face encounters. Use these helpful wipes to clean up after-sex messes. And rely on the informational booklet for sex tips and suggestions!

Note: The Ovation Intimacy Kit is a fantastic gift set for newlyweds, anniversaries, vacations, and holidays! Both women and men benefit from the items included in each kit.

Editorial Review

The Screaming Ovation Kit is bound to be a hit with singles and couples. I was already familiar with each product included in the kit, but it was nice to get all those products in one package! This kit even comes with mints and body wipes. My boyfriend and I received a sample kit, but we've liked it so much that we continue to buy more.

It's the convenience factor that appeals to me. I own so many sex toys that buying batteries for them all can be a real pain. These vibrating cock rings are disposable, so I don't have to worry about batteries. Why visit my local drugstore for condoms? This kit comes with those, too. Two of the best water-based lubricants are also included in the kit.

I am fond of using the Ovation Intimacy Kit on sexy, romantic weekend trips. Instead of packing up all my different sex toys, I just throw this package inside of my luggage. Simple, sweet, and hassle-free. I recommend that couples who are interested in the Ovation Intimacy Kit also consider purchasing another important relationship-enhancing gift set: the White Nights Pleasure Kit. My boyfriend and I play with both kits as often as we can!

Additional Details

Material:  This item is made of Latex, Phthalate Free material, Silicone, and TPR.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. hotmoviesforher
I highly recommend this kit to any couples that are looking to enhance their experiences together. It's not something we normally would have bought if we saw it in a store, but it's definitely opened our minds.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. beatrice d.
The vibrating cock rings and warming lubricant surprised me. My husband bought the Ovation Intimacy Kit despite my request he refrain from spending money on stuff that doesn't do anything. I had this bad idea of how vibrating cock rings work. It seemed a Truck Stop Gimmick. This is one of those times where being wrong is a good thing. Those nifty vibrating cock rings feel amazingly good on my clit. Props to my husband for taking a risk. The warming lube stuff is darn arousing too.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Cutie Baby
my crazy aunt gave this gift set to my husband and me on our wedding night. she's a real trip. she has good taste. we love the ovation intimacy kit, and we've started using vibrating cock rings and lube most times we have sex.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
We ordered the Ovation Intimacy Kit and Kama Sutra Massage Therapy Kit. We took both with us to Europe. We were only disappointed because we should have brought TWO Ovation Intimacy Kits. We had so much fun that we used everything in the kit within three nights of getting to England. The massage kit lasted for the entire trip. Needless to say we ordered another Ovation Intimacy Kit today.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. H.M.
my husband and i sure like the ovation intimacy kit.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. NOS
Josh, I suggest you buy the Impulse Micro Arouser. As far as the Ovation Intimacy Kit, it might as well be a requirement for couples. My wife and I view this kit as a recipe for success. It has everything. We don't have kids yet, so traveling is a big part of our relationship. Sure, we have lots of sex toys at home, but who wants to pack them all? No way! This kit keeps traveling an sex simple.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. josh loves boobies
It is hard to believe that the Ovation Intimacy Kit could be so helpful, but I figured out through firsthand experience that it can! I am considering buying other vibrating cock rings because I have liked these disposable ones so much. Any recommendations? Thank you in advance!
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Frisky in Nola
We first purchased the Ovation Intimacy Kit for our marriage anniversary vacation. We went to Cancun, Mexico, and knew that we better arrive prepared. What a sensational vacation. We spent most of our time indoors. This neat little kit spiced up hungry, lusty sex. My husband likes the vibrating cock rings the most, but I got a lot out of the warming lubricant. We've purchased this kit a couple of times since getting home. This kit is just nice to have around.

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