Prostate Massage : Prostate massage sex toys improve the male orgasm

P-Spot Pleaser

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P-Spot Pleaser: Prostate massage sex toys improve the male orgasm
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

You want the simplest, most effective prostate stimulator available. You know that the toy's body must have arousing curves and contours - your new toy must be ergonomically perfect! The P-Spot Pleaser and different Aneros models are two of the best non-vibrating prostate stimulators ever created - both are designed with ergonomic curves and contours that facilitate pleasurable P-Spot diving and massage.

The P-Spot Pleaser's shaft curves are ideal for titillating prostate stimulation. The shaft's smooth "diamond" texture breaks into subtle shaft segments, which make insertion and fast-paced penetrating movement more enjoyable and comfortable. Your anal muscles never feel overextended or overstimulated when the P-Spot Pleaser ventures into your hottest erogenous zone. You are amazed by the shaft's super-flexibility and how this flexibility triples the pleasure you experience.

A perfect balance between size and texture helps you make the most of an already explosive sexual situation. Controlling the toy's movements is important, which is why the manufacturer designed an ergonomic handle that forms to your hand. Like the flexible shaft, the handle's flexibility enables you to move the toy in different directions, or to angle the toy for precise P-Spot stimulation.

Editorial Review

Let me say, the P-Spot Pleaser is not as good as the Aneros. My Aneros is much more comfortable and easier to control than the P-Spot Pleaser. That being said, the Aneros is better than most non-vibrating prostate stimulators. Though as an inexpensive option to the Aneros, the P-Spot Pleaser works quite well. It all depends how much someone is willing to invest.

I like how the shaft bends easily. The handle bends too much, though. If the manufacturer had a plastic handle with some flexibility, leaving the shaft extremely soft and flexible, then I'd be more inclined to consider the toy a top prostate sex toy. However, since the handle does bend too much, controlling the depth and position of the shaft can be difficult.

Experienced men will likely get frustrated with the P-Spot Pleaser. I know beginners who thoroughly enjoy the P-Spot Pleaser, as it it conducive to learning about what works best - the shape of the toy, the amount of pressure applied, and the different movements that enhance prostate massage. In this way, the P-Spot Pleaser is best used as an experimental toy.

This isn't a bad toy, but unless you're just testing the waters, I suggest trying the Pandora, Aneros Progasm, P-Spot Perfection, or Clover instead. VibeReview has received raving reviews for each product, but the common denominator has always been...experience. If cost is an issue for beginners or experienced men, I also suggest the Waterproof P-Spot Vibe.

Additional Details

Size:  7.5" total length
2.5" insertable length
1.15" width
Material:  This item is made of Rubber.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. James H.
Yeah, I took a risk on it. But I knew I was taking a risk. I already have my P-Spot Perfection, and it is significantly better than the P-Spot Pleaser.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Logic(Alley)
I look at the P-Spot Pleaser as an average prostate sex toy. It doesn't vibrate, is shaped strangely, and has decent texture. It fits more like a plug or a probe than a prostate sex toy.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. Patton
I struck out with this toy. It looks cool, but didn't perform as I expected it would. I can't tell you why, all I know is that it didn't feel that great.
Sex toy review: four hearts. X-pletive
What's with all the negativity? I had the exact opposite experience than what some of you had. I think the toy's flexibility is its best feature. I don't want something hard and inflexible in my car's trunk. I like having toy mobility. Since I can move it around for total anal stimulation...
Sex toy review: two hearts. Duncan
Henry nailed it on the head. Too flexible, not firm enough. I own two other prostate sex toys, the Aneros and Clover -- with the Clover as the best toy of all three. If you are going to buy a p-spot sex toy, choose a better one than the P-Spot Pleaser.
Sex toy review: three hearts. MasterChief
For me, I see the P-Spot Pleaser as an awkwardly shaped toy that moves a lot. I wish it had a slightly firmer texture.
Sex toy review: two hearts. JesusComplex
I recommend a different prostate sex toy. The P-Spot Pleaser is marketed as a "flexible" sex toy. The advertisement for it is correct, but it is TOO flexible. It moves around far too often, which teases me when it should be pleasing me. The Aneros Progasm is more expensive, but it is 20 times better.

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