Rabbit Vibrators: Adult sex toys and rabbit vibes double orgasms

Pearl Butterfly

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Pearl Butterfly: Adult sex toys and rabbit vibes double orgasms
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

The Pearl Butterfly employs revolutionary adult toy mechanics and materials, creating one of the most sophisticated and classy vibrators ever. Built around the idea of dual stimulation, this toy has everything a woman wants for total satisfaction. The vibration controller is part of the unit. Kiss distracting, messy wires to the curb with Pearl Butterfly as an alternative.

What's all the fuss about dual stimulation technology? First, the Pearl Butterfly has dramatic shaft rotations. These shaft rotations bump, grind, and rub against vaginal muscle tissue. Even better, the rotating shaft massages the G-Spot. Pleasure. While the rotations make your head spin in ecstasy, the clitoral extender vibrates with authority, rubbing against the clitoris. Have a G-Spot AND clitoral orgasm at the same time? The Pearl Butterfly makes that possible. Second, dual stimulation technology cuts down on the amount of time it takes to orgasm. Convenience and extreme pleasure are a certainty, when you purchase the Pearl Butterfly!

Independent controller technology also separates Pearl Butterfly from the rest. Perhaps you'd prefer your clitoral vibrations faster than shaft rotations. If so, it can accommodate that wish. Exceptionally designed, the Pearl Butterfly has more options than the average vibrator. Choose from five different clitoral and rotation speeds that meet all your needs.

Editorial Review

Traditionally designed vibrators should wave the white flag of surrender. Your time has come and gone. This is the sexual period of dual stimulation--a real exploration of self, pleasure, instant physical gratification and desire. Traditional vibrators have their place in this market, but dual stimulation technology has introduced women to a more intense sexual experience.

The Pearl Butterfly is not one of those trashy toys that last only a few months. The entire toy is quality made, from the material all the way to the motor. The texture exceeds that of a traditional vibrator. The shaft's rotation cycle explores my insides with precision: Insertion, G-Spot placement, rubbing. The rest is history. After a minute or two of clitoral and G-Spot attention, my body, especially my legs, shakes uncontrollably.

I've tested many, many vibrators for VibeReview. Dual stimulation toys are my favorite. I also like my dual stimulation toys to have a built-in hand controller. Cords and I do not mix well. The Pearl Butterfly meets all my standards, exceeding several levels of functionality that I find important. If you like it, chances are that you will also enjoy the Rabbit Pearl and the Aqua Allstar.

Additional Details

Size:  7" length
1.25" width
Battery Info:  3 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Stephanie K.
An angelic vibrator that saved me from the monotony of finger and clit masturbation. Dual stimulation, yes ma'am. I'm all over this toy. Like a puppy loving her bone, refusing to let go.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
My sister recommended the Pearl Butterfly. Boy, she sure got it right on this one. I don't mean that rudely, but we rarely agree on anything. Different tastes and all. Having both clit and g spot orgasms is a new world of pleasure for me. I've never had both types of orgasms simultaneously. Not until I played with the Pearl Butterfly. Only, why does it have to eat batteries up as quick as it does? That's the only negative.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Venus' Glow
They named this toy appropriately. "Pearl," as in the most cherished. "Butterfly," as in orgasmic shifting and turning of my insides, a floating sensation that erupts through my body. Does it sound like I enjoy myself with this toy? Most money I ever spent on anything sex-related. It's a justified expense.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Super-duper, the very best of all my vibrators. Pearl Butterfly is even better than the Impulse Jack Rabbit, which was my favorite vibrator. The two are similar, but Pearl Butterfly's shaft rotations are better. The shaft beads (the pearl looking thingies) feel so good. I've had my very best orgasms while using this toy. Recommend it? Um, yeah, it should be a requirement for all women.

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