Male Sex Toys: Penis pumps and cock rings are penis enlargement techniques


Penis Enlarger Cream

8 Customer Reviews
Penis Enlarger Cream: Penis pumps and cock rings are penis enlargement techniques
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Men are fascinated with the size of their penis. Big or small, quite a few men seek that extra length and girth. Penis Enlarger Cream provides sizeable gains that men desire. Size increase not only pleasures men, but women enjoy that extra size, too.

The cream's ingredients increase blood flow to the penis, which enlarges the penis. Deeper penetration, more width for extra stimulation, and confidence result from use of Penis Enlarger Cream. Give yourself well-endowed status and a healthier, harder erection, while also giving her or him a new erotic adventure on your amazing pogo stick.

Editorial Review

I use this cream regularly. The gains are not permanent. If you are looking for permanent gains, it's best to choose a penile exercise routine and/or pump that work effectively. VibeReview has the Fireman's Pump, and plenty of our male customers have rated it highly. You might consider purchasing the cream and Fireman's Pump for maximum results.

Using Penis Enlarger Cream does have a significant impact on my sex life. My girlfriend's vagina appreciates the extra size. I can feel more of her movements after applying the cream to my penis. My orgasms also feel stronger. The cream creates a warming sensation, so that adds to my satisfaction. You and your partner will be pleased with the results; I know my girlfriend is pleased, which pleases me: A win, win situation for everyone involved.

Additional Details

Size:  1.5 oz.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. Jonathan
Thanks to my new enlarger cream I've been able to successfully attract and mate with 3 female wolves!! goodbye fleshlight, hello wolf fetish!
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I do not have sex without it. My wife likes the added size, and I feel more confident about my sexual ability. Since my wife and I haven't had any adverse reactions to the cream, I will continue to use it. Appreciate all the comments. Puh-puh...PEACE.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Sustainability for the night, the cream does that. I knew, before buying it, the cream doesn't last forever. The cream does intensify the feeling in my dick, especially on the head.
Sex toy review: three hearts. tricky ricky
Yeah, the cream does make me "larger," but it only do so for a short period of time. I wish something was out there that could help get permanent gains. I guess, for now, this cream will do the trick. If anyone knows about another way of enlarging one's size without danger, please let me know.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
My wife notices a big difference in the width of my penis. It may not be a permanent solution but, currently, it sustains the size I want without causing any damage to my wife or me.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Ben Jammin
I have a healthier, fuller erection when I use the cream. I didn't expect the cream to have lasting effects. It's a temporary deal, but completely worth it. That's just me. Everyone is different.
Sex toy review: three hearts. strongbad
I felt like a man with a million dollar penis. Sex felt better. I'm not sure if the cream made my penis more excited or if being larger enabled my penis to feel more of my girlfriend. Either way, the goal was achieved.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Marine_4_U
I felt and looked bigger. My wife noticed a difference. Unfortunately, the enlargement is sustained long enough. I continue to use it, but am looking for something more permanent.

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