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Petite G-Spot Avenger

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Petite G-Spot Avenger: Adult toys for women and orgasms increase self pleasure
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

The Petite G-Spot Avenger (also known as Lucid Dreams No. 14) is the latest line of waterproof G-Spot stimulation vibrators. A medium-sized bullet sits inside of this amazing toy, near the initial curve of the shaft. That's not by accident, either. The bullet is positioned perfectly: the curved shaft is angled precisely for G-Spot stimulation, with the interior bullet adding increased G-Spot stimulation. The two designs work well with one another, creating one fantastic water toy.

This vibrator is made of a flexible jelly material that enables the vibrator to adjust to the unique contours of any woman's vagina. Put those old, inflexible plastic toys to the side. Your G-Spot has suffered from lack of stimulation. Avenge this vaginal injustice by purchasing the Petite G-Spot Avenger, a real redemption for real women.

Women's Health Magazine selected the Petite G-Spot Avenger as the number one vibrator for women!

Harmonic Motion is equally as effective as the Petite G-Spot Avenger. Both vibrators have a similar design, so be sure to check out Harmonic Motion, as well.

Editorial Review

I love the name of this vibrator, the Petite G-Spot Avenger! It's certainly a mouthful to say, but it sure does feel wonderful. Extreme length and girth do not characterize this waterproof vibrator. I applaud the manufacturer of this unique vibrator. In many vibrators, size doesn't always matter. Vibrations, angled curves, and material are the foundation of each and every vibrator.

If the curve is angled correctly, with the added vibrations and a flexible and durable material, size becomes irrelevant. Vibrators, such as the Petite G-Spot Avenger, are designed specifically to accomplish what most penises can't, due to anatomical limitations.

The Petite G-Spot Avenger will eventually be one of our best-selling vibrators. The unique design and waterproof ability convinced me in a matter of minutes. I played with this toy for at least an hour. Upon insertion, the Petite G-Spot Avenger knew exactly where to go. It hit my G-Spot in record time. No messing around for this fella'. The bullet, stationed in the absolute perfect part of the shaft's curve, sent me into a sexual spell. I had a G-Spot and Clitoral orgasm that ended up being three orgasms in a row. The curved shaft rubbed and vibrated my G-Spot with a soft touch -- none of that over-stimulation business that some toys gravitate toward.

As said before, the Petite G-Spot Avenger is a solid toy, with an exceptional design. Of all the new toys I've reviewed, I've had the most fun with this one. If you want a quick, intense orgasm, give the Petite G-Spot Avenger a try.

Additional Details

Size:  Length: 7"
Insertable length: 6"
Circumference: 4.75"
Battery Info:  2 AAA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I laughed so hard at the toy's name that I had to try it out. So that's what I did. It's turned into a longterm project! I've enjoyed playing with it enough that I am continuing to play with it several times a week. I don't like that it's made of jelly, but sliding a condom over the shaft works just fine.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Trista N.
The strong vibrations are, in my opinion, the best part. The curvy end contains the vibrator so I wasn't surprised that the vibrations are this intense. I can always play with Miss Perfect, the Gigi, but if I want a change in texture and shape, the Petite G-Spot Avenger is a reasonably priced change-things-up sex toy.
Sex toy review: one heart. Anonymous
Boy was this one frustrating. The vibes were so high speed and smooth it was a mere tickling sensation, and the flexibility meant having a hard time applying pressure where I wanted it. I got up after 15 minutes, washed it, and tossed it in a drawer. I have better toys to play with.
Sex toy review: one heart. Anonymous
Unfortunately.... I found this toy to be useless..... I end up bored and frustrated... so I bought another 2 kinds and are eagerly awaiting their arrival.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Beth-a-Million
Mine was backordered. I had to wait two weeks to get it. Totally worth the wait. I've always wanted a good toy for an acceptable price - and that's what I got from this toy. Don't waste your time with other toys, or your money...this fun toy is the golden ticket.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Sexy Lexie
So flexible. It has a squishy feel to the bulb head part, but not so much to the point that stimulation is lost. Much stronger vibration-wise than I thought it would be.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
This toy is named appropriately. If you like non-stop g-spot attention, this is the toy for you. The shaft curve and twist lessen the frustration of finding that hidden spot. I love the texture. The vibrations could be a bit stronger.
Sex toy review: four hearts. feminist in the making
A very good vibrator. I would still take my Decadent Indulgence over it. But as less functional vibes go ... it has a place in my sex toy collection. It is a powerful vibe, so if you like strong vibrations centered on the G-Spot, you should try the Petite G-Spot Avenger.
Sex toy review: five hearts. lost_heart
What a killer name. The name itself convinced me to buy it. Sounds like some sexual comic book hero's choice weapon. If so, I am convinced. It's about time that a vibrator with extreme flexibility and the perfect geometric shape was made solely for my G spot - or yours, possible. Whatever. The point is, the bending ability of this suave looking vibe is every girl's dream.

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