Dildos: This vibrating sex toy has a moving shaft tip that massages the Gspot with dildo vibrations.


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Pixie: This vibrating sex toy has a moving shaft tip that massages the Gspot with dildo vibrations.
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Your waiting period has reached an abrupt conclusion, thank goodness. You've spent hours searching for the perfect G-Spot sex toy. Unfortunately, all your effort netted mediocre G-Spot toys, or none at all. A dilemma, or so you believed: But now you've found the Pixie, one of the most exciting G-Spot sex toys on the market!

The Pixie's shaft tip is remarkable. It moves in a "come hither" motion that intensifies G-Spot stroking. The arousing sensation created by the tip's up and down movement exceeds the typical shaft curves of other G-Spot sex toys. Once you experience this form of G-Spot stroking, you will accept nothing less - only perfection, which is what the Pixie is all about.

The Pixie wouldn't be complete without its amazingly velvety, flexible texture. Fabulously arranged nubs and nodules cover the entire shaft. As the vibrations and tip movements awe you into submission, the texture pushes you past mere stimulation and into orgasmic territory. It is a multi-speed vibrating dildo, and the controls are located on the base for easy access.

The manufacturer also created an advanced Pixie model, the Pixie Plus. While the Pixie focuses solely on G-Spot titillation, the Pixie Plus is a dual stimulation sex toy: The shaft functionality is identical to the original Pixie; however, the Pixie Plus comes with an attached vibrating bullet for clitoral stimulation. If you desire simultaneous G-Spot and clitoral stimulation, the Pixie Plus should be your next purchase.

The Pixie is made of phthalate-free and hypo-allergenic elastomer. Water-based and silicone-based lubricants are compatible with elastomer material. i-Lube, ID Glide, and Astroglide are three quality personal lubricants that will improve your sex toy experience!

Editorial Review

I have officially tested and reviewed both the Pixie and Pixie Plus. I love both of them, but I do have a preference between the two. The standard Pixie is more enjoyable for me. Before anyone claims that I am crazy, please let me explain: The Pixie Plus is the same shaft design - functionality and texture - as the standard Pixie.

So what's the difference between the two vibrating dildos? Well, the Pixie Plus comes with a clitoral vibrator. Common sense screams, "Choose the dual stimulation sex toy, are you nuts?!!" Normally, I would choose the dual stimulation sex toy; however, my dual stimulation preference falls into the category of rabbit vibrators.

The Vibe Rabbit and Jenna's Beaver Vibe are two fantastic dual stimulation rabbit vibrators. The clit tickler is attached to the base, which means only one hand is required to operate the entire toy. With the Pixie Plus, the clit tickler is attached by a cord to the control pack. You guessed it: Two hands are required for operation of the toy. It feels good, but I don't want to work that hard.

Now, the standard Pixie - when viewed as an erogenous zone-specific G-Spot sex toy - is better equipped to handle the kind of serious internal stimulation I like. The Gigi and Paradise Curve are equally stimulating, but take a different approach to G-Spot stimulation. The Pixie, on the other hand, uses exceptional texture and a moving shaft tip for immediate results. There is no turning back once this toy is inside of me - I get all the stimulation I demand.

Beginners will especially enjoy the Pixie. Since beginners sometimes get confused about the exact location of their G-Spot, the Pixie works wonders - mainly because its unique shaft tip naturally finds the right spot. As the G-Spot massaging begins, beginners will learn where their G-Spot is located and how much stimulation is required for a G-Spot orgasm. I highly recommend both the Pixie and Pixie Plus as reliable sex toys for beginners and veterans.

Additional Details

Size:  5" total length
2" width
5" circumference
Battery Info:  4 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Elastomer, and Phthalate Free material.
Manufacturer:  Vibratex

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Temptress Jena
The texture is softer than it looks in the picture, which surprised me - and yet the tip isn't soft enough. The shape is somewhat awkward, like a previous reviewer suggested. But as far as good, reliable G-Spot vibrators go, the Pixie's motor is strong and the moving tip/point does gently massage my G-Spot in a way that other G-Spot vibrators have failed.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. The sound of you and me
If I had waited a few weeks, I could have purchased the Pixie Plus. Ugh, it comes with a clit vibrator. Such as life...but the Pixie is still a good g-spot sex toy.
Sex toy review: three hearts. doitalot
My wife complains that the moving shaft tip isn't soft enough. She compliments the toy for its hair raising texture. She said the only thing holding it back the shape and hardness of the shaft tip. She apparently likes it enough to play with it frequently during the week.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. gem_lady

Ever heard of sex toy practice? If you haven't, you will right now. The Pixie frustrated the hell out of me. At first I felt no real stimulation. Insertion felt awkward, the hook tip was hard to get into place (or the right position), and there seemed to be too many tickler deals.

Now that I have had the Pixie for a month, I have a better understanding of how it works and what is supposed to do. Practice, practice, practice. I paid for an expensive sex toy. There was no way that I would give up. I still think the all the ticklers might be too much, but I resolved the other difficulties. I am now able to climax (a G-Spot orgasm, thankfully) with it moving inside, around my vagina. I also recommend that you wild women use to moving tip for clit tickling.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Marcie Miller
Happy, happy, happy. I get more out of this vibrating dildo than any of the others I've purchased over the years. The texture is its main selling point. After years of buying different sex toys, the Pixie has once again made me a believer in higher quality adult stuff.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Love is all I need
I am not sure how I should rate the Pixie. I mean, I don't have a problem climaxing with it inside of me. But it also takes me longer to climax with the Pixie than my Vibe Rabbit. I bought this one specifically for gspot orgasms, but it takes sooo long to cum.
Sex toy review: three hearts. FunforSue
Only an average sex toy. I like the concept more than I like how it actually works. Strong vibrations. Quality texture. It needs more action from the tip. I feel more teased than pleased. Works wonderfully as a foreplay toy.

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