Sex Toy Accessories: Give yourself an opportunity to improve your sexual relationship with Kama Sutra gifts for couples and amazing adult vibrating sex toys.

Pleasure Balm

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Pleasure Balm: Give yourself an opportunity to improve your sexual relationship with Kama Sutra gifts for couples and amazing adult vibrating sex toys.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Kama Sutra's exceptional line of sexy accessories just got better. Pleasure Balm--an edible, tasty cooling balm that prolongs sex through numbing effects--is a favorite among VibeReview customers.

This cooling agent provides all the tingles, tastes and lasting power anyone needs for flirtatious foreplay and joyous lovemaking. Experience a new intensity in your lovemaking. Each flavor's container has 1.5 oz. of the most powerful balm available.

Editorial Review

Kama Sutra continually produces the greatest, most effective balms and massage oils on the planet. Pleasure Balm is no different. Once again, Kama Sutra has created a sexual enhancement balm that all people can appreciate, regardless of their sexual preferences.

My boyfriend doesn't need much help in the "lasting" department. He can make love like a rabbit. He just keeps going, going, going. This balm helps me keep up with his desire and natural ability to prolong sex. Raspberry tastes the best.

We do not use Pleasure Balm every time we have sex, but we use it enough that a fresh supply is needed every couple of months. We also use Kama Sutra Massage Oil. Using both Pleasure Balm and Kama Sutra Massage Oil makes for one sensual night, when both partners focus on the basic physical needs of one another.

Additional Details

Size:  1.5 oz.
Manufacturer:  Kama Sutra

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Sex toy review: three hearts. girlie, gone
It doesn't help me climax, but the tingle does feel wonderful. If you ever tried the peppermint trick, you know what I am referring to.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Stephanie K.
Pleasure Balm works. I didn't believe it would work, which makes its effectiveness all the more enjoyable. I am appreciative of VibeReview promoting it. I trust VibeReview and all the reviewers. But, uh, I question manufacturers. All the reviewers liked it, so I said why not. I am glad I gave it shot. Oh, and I got the raspberry flavored pleasure balm.
Sex toy review: four hearts. cara kisser
Spearmint is the best flavor. I have tasted each flavor -- you can trust my judgement. Oral sex and body rubbing is incomplete without this Pleasure Balm stuff. I've been buying it for a full year now.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. The.Best.Ever.
The original flavor tastes good. I haven't tried the other flavors, but I plan on it in the future. My girlfriend recommended we try it. We did, and the rest is history. Cools off, sure, and tastes great. I am more flavor-inclined than the cooling part. My girlfriend is the opposite. She says the cooling part makes me clitoris feel even more sensitive than it normally does, which helps me climax.
Sex toy review: three hearts. doitalot
A fun "extra" to use once in while but nothing that is reliable each time for pleasure. Might buy more when my current supply runs out.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Cannot get enough of this stuff. I refuse to play around with my husband IF he doesn't use pleasure balm. Make it in a larger container, please?!!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Marcie Miller
Kama Sutra products always satisfy me. I have not once bought a Kama Sutra product and been disappointed. The Pleasure Balm is my favorite of all the Kama Sutra line. Wonderful taste and lasting effects are what I get each time I use it.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
My boyfriend can have sex for hours. My poor vagina is equipped to handle only an hour. After 45 minutes to an hour, I start getting sore. He bought me the pleasure balm for oral sex, but it ended up helping me handle his prolonged sex activity. It tastes quite good. Raspberry is the best flavor.

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