Male Sex Toys: Penis pumps and penis enlargement sex toys to improve erections and sex

Power Gauge Pump

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Power Gauge Pump: Penis pumps and penis enlargement sex toys to improve erections and sex
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Penis pumps are not new in the sex toy industry. Most men have considered purchasing one. In the past penis pumps were largely advertised as erection enhancement devices and penis enlargement tools; however, men are now purchasing penis pumps for masturbation purposes, as well.

The Power Gauge Pump is a heavy-duty penis pump that will help you achieve your best erection, improve masturbation, and add a little extra penis girth. When you need immediate results, the Power Gauge Pump can help you reach your sexual destination in style and comfort.

A comfortable latex sleeve awaits you. As the you increase the pump's pressure, the sleeve swallows your penis, offering you a suction-like pressure that is pleasurable and has real results. You will feel your penis fill with blood, getting thicker with each increase in pressure.

A nifty pressure gauge is attached to the pump's handle. Use this pressure gauge to monitor the heavy-duty vacuum action. A flexible hose is attached to the cylinder chamber. As your pump more and more pressure into the cylinder, your latex sleeve grows and grows, helping your penis increase in width and length.

Editorial Review

The jury is still out on penis pumps. Do they actually work? I've experimented with a few penis pumps, so I have a basic understanding of how they are intended to work. The pressure created in a penis pump is used to trap blood flow in the penis. This increase in blood flow, then, supposedly increases the amount of blood penile tissue can hold; thus, penis enlargement is apparently possible.

I've found that certain pumps work for short-term gains. I wouldn't count on any pump for long-term gains, but as an enhancement tool used right before sex, sure, it is highly beneficial. I always feel slightly larger - width and length - and sustaining the same erection firmness seems easier. However, Rubber Cock Rings serve a similar function and are less expensive.

The Power Gauge Pump is one of the better penis pumps, though. Its amazing suction power feels good and helps with short-term penis enlargement. I wouldn't use it solely as a masturbation toy (some men do), but as a temporary solution for erection difficulties or as an erection enhancement tool, I am happy to use it. Don't waste your time on horrible penis pumps with all the promises in the world. If you are interested in experimenting with penis pumps, you should check out the Power Gauge Pump or Fireman's Pump. Both are affordable and quality penis pumps that are helpful erection enhancement tools.

Additional Details

Size:  10" length
2.5" width
Material:  This item is made of Latex, and Plastic.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Stan N.
Pumping for perfection. Long-term versus short-term? I don't really think about it. The pump feels good and it works for small, incremental gains. I didn't expect a miracle worker!
Sex toy review: three hearts. goober
No one has talked about how good the pressure feels. I bought it for a variety of reasons. It fell short in the penis enlargement area, but it ended up being a good masturbation toy. The amount of pressure placed on my ding-a-ling-long feels good, much more intense than some of the sex toy strokers I've bought in the past.
Sex toy review: two hearts. mattm
Only works for a few minutes. After a few minutes, I have the same exact erection I've always had.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Google This

Erection problems or issues have never been much of a factor for me. My main concern has always been getting a slightly larger penis. I am too scared to try penis enlargement rollers and stretchers. Penis pumps have been around for years, so I assumed that there's something to its technology.

When the package arrived, I didn't want to wait. I pulled it out of the box, familiarized myself with the different parts, and tried it out. It didn't help much with length, but my penis was definitely wider than its ever been. When my got home from work, I used the pump again; then attacked her on the bed. She commented that I must be really horny; she could feel the firmness of my erection.

It's a bummer that the effects are short-lived. I can make it through sex with no complications. Using it before sex, each time, can be a hassle. In the end, I find this pump (the only pump I've tried) better than the alternative of no size gains, ever.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I've tested 5 different pumps. I experience erection problems frequently and I refuse to take medication for it. I opted to try penis pumps as a reasonable alternative. They obviously cost less than monthly medications and are safer than most medications, according to my doctor. Anyway, I didn't notice much of a difference in my erections with the first group of pumps I tried. The Power Gauge Pump is the only one that has proven to me that penis pumps work - if only for a short period of time.

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