Male Sex Toys: Adult toys for men include vibrating strokers and masturbation sleeves

Power Stroker 100X

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Power Stroker 100X: Adult toys for men include vibrating strokers and masturbation sleeves
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

What happens when technological innovation transforms ordinary sex toys for men? The answer is simple: Men experience more pleasure in less time, with less effort, and for greater periods of time. So it's no real surprise that the Cyberskin Power Stroker 100X has become such a popular stroker toy. Hey, this energetic masturbation sleeve is remarkably computer compatible! Plug the USB cable (included) into your computer - or rely on its battery operated system for power.

Are you a nighttime Internet surfer, looking for all of Jesse Jane's, Stormy Daniels', and Sydnee Steele's erotic clips? Plug in your new companion into your computer and watch your favorite naughty clips while feeling the Cyberskin Power Stroker 100X's pulsating tightness massage your penis. Pleasure, with style and power - it doesn't get much better.

This versatile sex toy is designed with 100 different vibration and pulsation programs - with each program creating truly unique sensations, offering men many different stimulation options. Change functionality modes according to your mood and stimulation preferences by using its nifty hand controller, which is easier to operate than other hand controllers. The sleeve is made of skin-like, soft Cyberskin material that enhances stroking movements, mimicking the sensations experienced during sex.

Editorial Review

This vibrating sex toy grabbed my attention immediately: "Wait ... so someone manufactures a pulsating masturbation sleeve that plugs directly into my USB port? You have me at 'hello' and so much more. I am all over this review assignment." That was my initial response when I had this stroker sex toy sitting in my hand, reading the informational booklet. There aren't many masturbation toys for men like it, so I eagerly volunteered to review it.

I had high expectations for the Cyberskin Power Stroker 100X. Did it live up to my expectations? Or exceed them? Phew! Yes, this vibrating stroker met all my expectations and even surprised me with all its many different programs. I hadn't really considered the programs its best feature, but in the end, those vibration and pulsation programs are exactly what a guy like me needs. I get bored with the same old sensations, so 100 different programs comes in handy.

Since it is computer compatible, I don't worry much about batteries. And though I am embarrassed to admit it, I enjoy searching the Internet for my favorite darling adult actresses. The two - this toy and Internet adult clips - fit together, and it makes masturbation more enjoyable and convenient. As excited as I was about its computer compatibility, I also got a kick out of its unbelievably soft sleeve texture. I'll never say it feels like the real thing, but this type of texture must be the closest to the real thing.

The manufacturer created an intuitive, common sense hand controller that doesn't complicate masturbation with strange placement of buttons or with the presence of too many controller options. I might like technological innovation in my sex toys, but that doesn't mean I am a hip, savvy tech expert. I am, in fact, somewhat slow at adapting to technology's widening arms, so I like this toy's controller simplicity. Keep it simple, but keep me stimulated - a motto that I live by, if possible.

Additional Details

Battery Info:  4 AA batteries and USB cable included.
Material:  This item is made of Cyberskin, and Phthalate Free material.
Manufacturer:  Topco

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Dissin'
Truckin' and tuggin'. It keeps me tuggin' and truckin'. Awesome vibrations and interesting skin-like material. I've put some serious miles on it, and it keeps on pleasin'. I recommend it to other guys.
Sex toy review: three hearts. wild wings
I like the texture the most. It's really soft and flexible. The vibrations feel good, too, but feels different than anything sex-related. I like that it the controller adapter slides into my computer usb for power. I blow my top quickly when this sex toy is at full speed.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I had this toy for a long time. It eventually broke, which was my fault. I accidentally dropped it my dog's water bowl. I'm clumsy as hell, and it was strange incident. Back to the main point, which is that the Power Stroker 100X is 100% worth every dollar. The only reason I didn't buy another one is because of wanting to try something new. I may get another one someday.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. 46&2 4 Now
Interesting sex toy as they come. At first I thought it was a interactive toy. Like one that vibrates and moves according to my computer's activities. It's not that kind of toy. That doesn't mean I'm dissatisfied. I am happy with it. It plugs into my computer for power, and it has tons of power and vibration options. I feel like VibeReview's editorial review painted an accurate picture of how good the toy works. If mine ever broke, I'd probably buy another one.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Willie Biddle
How in the hell this toy only cost me so little is beyond my comprehension. Half the artificial pussies cost a lot more, and they don't even have the different pulsation programs. By far, this is the best bargain for the best stimulation.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. nihil
The new inventions these adult toy companies create! What in the world goes through their brains?!! Some sort of gift to humanity award should be given to the makers of the Power Stroker 100x. I never thought that a sleeve masturbation sex toy could feel this real. The pulsations make a gigantic difference. When a vagina contracts, tensing up, right before a woman orgasms...that's what this toy feels like the ENTIRE time. The USB cable attachment was genius. Most guys like to mess with Internet porn, so common sense prevailed in the most profound way. A fascinating toy that all guys can appreciate. B+ Grade!
Sex toy review: four hearts. luna
I'm a little resentful at VibeReview for stealing my boyfriend. I bought the Power Stroker 100x for my boyfriend. I didn't think he'd actually use it, and if he did, I didn't expect him to use it as much. Since purchasing this damn thing, my boyfriend doesn't approach me for sex as much. We still have sex like three times a week, but I want more. I've spied on him using the toy, and it makes me even hornier. He really likes the Power Stroker, so that's good. I scored points on that gift. Now it's time to steal him back. Is that selfish? Naw, he's sure to get more gifts from VibeReview, but they will be gifts we can both use for mutual satisfaction.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Ziggy Stardust

Internet viewing is a hobby of mine, especially viewing "those" websites. So, naturally, when I read the editorial review and it mentioned the enhancement of internet porn, I immediately investigated the Power Stroker 100x. I read reviews all over the place. No one had given it poor grades. I went ahead and purchased it.

I used the USB port the very first day. I went to my favorite website, pulled the lube out, and went to a hard day's work. I had no idea the vibrations would feel as good as they did - or do. I prefer the random programming, because I don't have to mess with the controls as much. The smooth feeling of this male masturbation toy surprised me. I expected it to be soft and all, yet, I didn't expect the inside lining to be as smooth. It does have small bumps that give it a unique feeling, but my penis slid in and out as if it was lubed more than it was.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Sgt. Major
I currently own the Fleshlight. While it has been a great sleeve for masturbation, I decided to try something new...the Power Stoker 100x. The name itself intrigued me, so I figured, "what the heck." How much better can it get? The Power Stroker, with all the technological advantages, displayed no technical problems. I was initially afraid that the USB cable wouldn't work -- that something about it would be broken. Nope, everything works like it is supposed to. The internal bumps of the sleeve do feel like a vagina changing shape, contracting. The vibration programs rock. Cleaning it can be a pain, but a few extra minutes is a nice trade off.

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