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PowerLock Harness

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PowerLock Harness: Strapon sex toys for lesbian sex
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Why settle for less when you fool around and make love to your partner? Lesbian sex toys should be designed to create, support, and prolong intense sexy fun shared between erotic lovers. The PowerLock Harness helps women experience ultimate sexual encounters from start to finish. Forget about the hassles and frustrations, because the PowerLock Harness is ready to set you free!

Quality harnesses and strapon sex toys play an integral role in bringing about a world of unfettered sexual pleasure. Late nights of passion spent fidgeting with poorly designed harnesses, taking away from the moment, are now a frustration of the past: use the PowerLock Harness to avoid sexual mishaps, to shape your late night lovin' as you see fit.

Its comfortable material is soft, durable, and washable. Snap and lock your pleasure object into place, preventing unwanted movement and slippage. This fully adjustable harness fits up to a size 52" waist, so it can be worn by women of most sizes and shapes. Best of all, a complete line of PowerLock compatible dildos and attachments are available to meet your sexual needs.

Editorial Review

"I think I'll take the afternoon off," I thought to myself. It's incredibly difficult to separate business from pleasure when one works in an industry of pleasure! The PowerLock Harness sat on my desk while I attempted to finish some work. But - I couldn't concentrate, no matter how hard I tried. Threw my arms up in frustration and figured, sure, why not - let's go test this harness out. (These sex toys are too hard to resist, even on the busiest of work days.)

I called my one of my playmates, told her to come over for an afternoon delight - explaining I had a new sex toy to try out. It didn't take long, of course, because she lives four blocks away. So much for knocking on the door ... she walked right in, pulled her clothes off, and we started kissing, sucking, and fondling one another. "Yes, I can skip a few hours for this!" echoed in my mind. She asked me, "So where is this new sex toy? Are we going into unfamiliar territory this time?" "Not exactly ... same territory, different mode of transportation."

I show my new harnesses no mercy. Sink or swim, I want to know if a harness can handle sex the way I like it. We spent a good twenty or thirty minutes trying the harness on, adjusting the straps, and seeing how stable the dildo was in this new lock system. Both my friend and I decided that the harness was super comfy on our sensitive parts. Harness durability gets a passing grade from me, but I wouldn't say it is a favorite harness. Performance-wise, this is a quality harness. Aesthetically? About average. Since I focus more on performance than looks, the PowerLock Harness meets my expectations.

Be sure to try the different dildos and attachments: the CyberSilicone Dildo and Natural Cyberskin Dildo. My personal favorite of the two PowerLock strapons? I highly recommend trying the CyberSilicone Dildo before the Natural Cyberskin Dildo. While both are quality strapons, the CyberSilicone makes me feel more stimulated. It's no secret many women prefer the natural and realistic looking dildos, so for those women, the Natural Cyberskin Dildo is a good choice. Or go with both for the sake of variety!

Be aware that this is probably the ideal harness for beginners or anyone who wants to save a few bucks. Are there better harnesses available? I think so, but not for such an inexpensive price tag. The attachments are also inexpensive, which should be another consideration before committing money to a particular harness. Since a lot of harnesses work with specific dildos, it's important to be familiar with accessory cost, too. When I take all the factors into consideration, I believe the PowerLock Harness and attachments are a good direction to go in.

Additional Details

Size:  Fits up to a size 52" (132 cm) waist
Manufacturer:  Topco

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Kinkerbelle
I own several strap-on harness type toys and this one is my favorite so far. It doesn't feel awkward and fits well. Easily adjusted and stays put without having to stop and re-tighten as with some harness toys.. The powerlock system is much better than the o-ring harness which is a real mood breaker to get setup for play if engaged in a scene. I highly recommend this harness and it's attachments.
Sex toy review: four hearts. hot pepper
I bought this for my Lady, along with the Natural Cyberskin Dildo. I'm a straight man, but sometimes I just have to have something up my ass, so I wanted to have her use this on me. The harness was really durable. I don't know if it would hold up to a super aggressive pornstar style fucking or not - we didn't use it in that way. I can say that it held up well, and putting the dildo on the end was super easy.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Kitsch Me!
I am a big girl and this thing did not fit me. The straps are adjustable, and will probably fit most girls, but was not happening for me. After struggling with this for a bit, my girlfriend ended up pinning me down to the bed instead, so it still turned out alright! Only problem is it needs to be bigger.
Sex toy review: three hearts. anonymous carol
This harness is dead simple to use, but kinda poor quality. I doubt it will hold up for the long run, but if you want something simple and cheap this is it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Julie P.
This is a neat concept and I definitely prefer it to the typical o-ring harnesses. What I do not prefer, however, is that I have to buy special compatible dildos. My normal dildos will not work with this harness.

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