Dildos: Beautiful swirling colors wrap around this glass dildo sex toy that serves as a quality non-vibrating G-Spot wand.

Purple Haze

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Purple Haze: Beautiful swirling colors wrap around this glass dildo sex toy that serves as a quality non-vibrating G-Spot wand.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Moans and groans escape the confines of your bedroom, heavier and louder than ever. The arrested artist within you demands liberation. It's time for you to know what the sexiest self-stimulation feels like. And the Purple Haze is your unique path toward sexual salvation. The sophistication and artistic quality of this glass dildo send your senses into overdrive, and you know that sensual pleasure awaits you when you play with the spellbinding Purple Haze.

The Purple Haze is an amazingly crafted six-inch Pyrex glass dildo with sensational eye-raising colors and arousing shapes. Its extreme shaft curve aids in concentrated, direct G-Spot stimulation that equally satisfies inexperienced and experienced women alike. The bulbed shaft widens and narrows, and then widens and narrows again - designed perfectly for gentle, comfortable insertion and internal stimulation.

Each Purple Haze is handcrafted, one piece at a time, with precisely angled curves that emphasize stimulation of your special hot zone. This glass dildo can be warmed or cooled with running tap water, which increases the amount of stimulation you experience. Warm or cool sensations complement G-Spot stimulation, turning your sexiest moments into memorable days and nights. The Purple Haze is ready for wonderful self-stimulation at any moment, is non-porous, and can be cleaned easily.

Editorial Review

I've been a glass dildo enthusiast for a while now. I hadn't recently been exposed to any new designs that struck me as "must own" sex toys, but I am constantly looking for new glass dildos, and I always get excited when the opportunity to try new glass products presents itself. The Purple Haze, thankfully, was recently released, and I grabbed it from other reviewers, like a hungry cat in an alleyway fighting for a meal! Don't mess with a girl and her new glass dildo. That's a serious mistake to make on Monday morning. Some people need their coffee. Other people, like me, need their fill of sex toys in the morning, after a short weekend.

So, I pulled out my favorite personal lubricant, i-Lube, went to the bedroom and undressed. I laid on my messy bed, kicking the covers to the floor. I spread several drops of lube all over my vagina, then a little on the Purple Haze. Ok, so this glass dildo has several balls covering the shaft, and each ball stimulates internal muscles, teasing my sweet petunia with different sizes. Talk about getting hot and bothered! I could feel my vaginal muscles relax and tense up the faster I played with the Purple Haze. Once I found my sweet spot (my G-spot), I rubbed and pushed the glass dildo back and forth until I orgasmed twice.

Artistic glass dildos define a dildo collection. If you don't have a glass dildo yet, the Purple Haze is a great starter piece. Of all the glass dildos I've reviewed, the Purple Haze is my favorite. The color, shape and length satisfied all my sexual and visual desires. Easy to clean and hygienic - the Purple Haze is a great alternative to other sex toys made of plastic, rubber, Cyberskin, or silicone. Women should also consider the Pleasure Bump and Sensual Bulb as good collectible glass dildos. Why settle for one ... when you can have two or three!

Additional Details

Size:  6" total length
Material:  This item is made of Glass, and Phthalate Free material.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
love it
Sex toy review: four hearts. cuteypie tina
Glass dildos can be expensive. It's tough to find a good glass dildo for a reasonable price, but the Purple Haze fits the bill. The Purple Haze is gorgeous and feels great inside of me. I like its smoothness and size. I'm remain stunned that it can reach my G-Spot without a lot of wrist twisting and movement. It is curved for immediate stimulation of my hot spot!!!!!!!
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Racing Nancy
I went a different direction this time, buying the Purple Haze instead of a vibrator. My friend constantly praises her glass dildos. She says they are better than soft dildos. I've never been much of a dildo person anyway. I wanted to see what glass was like. I mean, they look really pretty. I soon realized that they feel good too, or this one does. I say, sure, it is worth the purchase. The shaft contours or the bubbled design ... yeah, that's the best part of it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Hicksonian101
My wife has been asking me for a glass dildo for a long time. Somehow I forget to buy her one when I buy something from VibeReview. This time, though, I didn't forget. I gave it to her and it's been all fun since then. She's used to mechanized toys, but this is a toy that I can tease her with - since it requires some effort. I like the smoothness. She likes everything about it.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I'm so surprised that no one has commented on anal pleasure. I use my Purple Haze for anal sex. I've obviously used it for vaginal penetration, but it feels so much better in my anus. My anal muscles contract so well with Purple Haze sliding in and out of my exit area. The smooth contours force my "other" sweet spot to embrace pleasure at its best. I use my Great King for vaginal penetration at the same time. Using both together............can't top it. Strong, strong, strong orgasms rip through my little body. Quality glass and vibrators bring forth quality orgasms. That's how I look at the situation. Just my opinion.
Sex toy review: four hearts. susej

My girlfriend has an extensive vibrator collection. She's always bitching about buying batteries. I came to VibeReview hoping to find a toy that didn't require a power source. I'd never seen her use a glass dildo. I liked the way Purple Haze looked, so I bought it for her.

It's rare that she lets me stimulate her with a toy. For whatever reason, she wants the control or something. She'll let me watch, but that's it. When I gave her Purple Haze, she invited me to participate in the action. No batteries must mean I have a new responsibility. I can live with it. We play with Purple Haze often. I'm glad I bought it for her.

Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Purple Haze: Erotica that works well. It has artistic value and creates one unique sexual experience. Nothing beats glass dildos. Purple Haze surpasses most other glass dildos like it. There's something really erotic about masturbating with a toy that was handmade. Adding Purple Haze to my dildo collection is the best purchase I've made in months. Unlike some guys, it never gets tired. It's the truth.
Sex toy review: five hearts. sativa
Is there a better glass dildo in existence? If there is, I haven't encountered it. I own three different glass dildos. Purple Haze is easily my favorite of the three. The u-like shaft design and the individual balls (or bubbles, as I call them) fit inside of me better than any dildo, glass or otherwise. Pushing and pulling this artistic dildo sends shivers down my spine. If you desire gspot attention, Purple Haze could be the dildo you are looking for. I would pay two hundred dollars for this kind of pleasure, except I wouldn't...in the literal sense. Ugh. Purple Haze pleases me exactly how I want to be pleased.
Sex toy review: three hearts. cheechee
Purple Haze is my first glass dildo purchase. I had never used one. I read the reviews and did some of my own research. It looked so different than anything I had played with in the past, so I took a chance. Ha. I've been missing out, so it seems. The smooth gliding sensation produced by Purple Haze left me stunned. Easy to use and clean, and NO BATTERIES needed. Not as good as my power toys, but close enough that I can justify the purchase!
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer

Yes! Purple Haze!

As Hendrix sang:

"Purple haze all in my brain

Lately things just dont seem the same

Actin' funny, but I dont know why

scuse me while I kiss the sky

Purple haze all around"

That's what my new glass dildo has done to me. I couldn't have bought a better toy. Aesthetically, it's one of the coolest dildos I've ever seen. The shaft-balls stretch my vagina to ecstasy. I've been showing my girlfriends my new toy. Will work for VibeReview toys? The satisfaction I've felt from Purple Haze is enough payment for my referrals.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Vivian
Glass dildos have a unique feeling to them. Sometimes it's best to take a break from all the power tools. For me, I still want that intense sexual relief, but that relief can arrive from different tools. Purple Haze, a wonderful piece of art, has several circular outbreaks that make penetration (anal or vaginal) a real enjoyment. As the glass dildo goes in, the anal or vaginal lining changes shape to accept each new ball. I am a big fan of Purple Haze. If you want high quality glass, with an artistic twist, give this dildo a try.

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