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Riding Crop

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Riding Crop: Riding Crop Fetish Whip
Sex toy review: five hearts.

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Size:  26" long
Material:  This item is made of Leather.
Manufacturer:  Spartacus

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Sex toy review: five hearts. PhlossophurDomme
Riding crops are the preferred beginning toy to learn impact play for BDSM. Because the shaft is not flexible, it is much easier to target correctly. There is a good range of sensation available with a riding crop. The floppy tip can be used for gentle swiping sensation on delicate body parts. The hard shaft can be used like a cane for either light tapping or single deep strokes.

Put a condom on the handle end and eroticize your partner to the crop, or humiliate; whichever is your negotiated preference. Riding crops are usually inexpensive which adds to their value as a starting toy.

Bruises can be created, but it is very unlikely the top will open skin. Be sure to disinfect after each use by wiping it down thoroughly. If the toy becomes too soiled or damaged, simply replace it.

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