Sex Games: Romantic role playing and sex toys for couples please both partners with mental and sexual stimulation.

Romantic Rendezvous

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Romantic Rendezvous: Romantic role playing and sex toys for couples please both partners with mental and sexual stimulation.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Romantic Rendezvous is a very special game intended for a couple to share their love and affection. It has been created for a couple to grow closer, laugh, and delve into the joys and delights of being together. The game includes both a board game and a card game that can be played separately, and offers two different romantic experiences, or they can be played together adding an exciting dimension. Two games of love, intimacy, and adventure!

Editorial Review

More games? Ugh. Ok, but seriously, people around the office know how much I dislike games, especially romantic-couple games. And, naturally, I was assigned Romantic Rendezvous! Maybe that means my review will be more objective? Not sure. I do know, however, that I dumped my negative attitude about games for the duration of this review.

Two games in one, really. Card game and the board game, and having both prevents the game from being boring or too predictable. Monotony, just can't have it. I never once considered this game boring. I personally prefer the card game. But I did play both games. My husband enjoyed the board game more.

Like I said, romantic games are not my favorite after-work activity. But if I had to choose a game to play, Romantic Rendezvous would be the one I chose. My reasoning is simple: I did not get bored while playing this game--card or board game. I cannot say the same thing for some of the other games I've played.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. lost_heart
I'm not some intimate game playing fool, but I like Romantic Rendezvous. If I am going to play a game, I'd rather it be this one. I didn't feel all uncomfortable or stupid while playing it. I'm glad I took a chance on it.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
It's a decent game, at best. We had an "ok" time playing it. I'm not much of an intimate game person, so maybe my opinions doesn't mean a lot. Would I play it again? Sure, but wouldn't be all excited about it or anything. Indifferent, more than anything.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Superbabe
My partner and I played Romantic Rendezvous on our camping trip. With the stars glowing a bright yellow-gray, the crickets making music in the background, we got real with one another. All the masks and personas melted away. I felt uncomfortable at first. As the intensity increased, I noticed a change in my thoughts, actions, and words. I was allowing another human to see me for what I truly am. Be Brave! This game could force you beyond anything you've ever known.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Rhonda Johnson
The intimacy ushered to the forefront by this game left me gasping for air. It consumed me. My boyfriend has never shared himself with me, not like he did during our Romantic Rendezvous session. I'm at a loss for words, honestly. The game worked for us. I assume it could work for other couples. It's worth a shot. I hope we play the game again. I had the ultimate orgasm after playing it, and I feel more connected to my boyfriend.
Sex toy review: five hearts. tina
I've never been a game play'n fool. In fact, quite the opposite. Board games, in general, bore me to death. Alas, it only made sense that Romantic Rendezvous would do the same. Wrong. My boyfriend convinced me to play the game. I can't say that I started playing with no reservations, I did. But after a short time, I actually found myself relaxing and enjoying the game. The game did help me open up, strangely enough. The game helped remind both of us what a relationship is truly about. We've played the game several times, and we still aren't bored - it seems that something new always arises from the questions and directions - almost like a self-evolving game: as our perceptions of one another change, our answers and responses change. It really is a cool deal.

My recommendation is don't be turned off by the idea of an intimate board game. It's not as serious as it sounds. Give it a try, you might actually like it. We certainly do. We are contemplating purchasing More Foreplay, which is supposedly for advanced users. Give intimate board games a shot - the worst that can just don't like it, and they don't cost a whole lot, so you really don't lose anything. Good luck!

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