Sex Toy Accessories: Trim and shave your private places to experience better foreplay, masturbation, intercourse, and improved orgasms with vibrating adult sex toys.


Seiko CleanCut Shaver

3 Customer Reviews
Seiko CleanCut Shaver: Trim and shave your private places to experience better foreplay, masturbation, intercourse, and improved orgasms with vibrating adult sex toys.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Originally designed as a facial shaver for men, it didn't take long for the CleanCut to gain a loyal following of both men and women who desired a close, clean, painless shave around their tender bits. If you like a hairless look, but get nervous when razors or hot wax are placed between your legs, check this out! The Seiko CleanCut is both painless and effective for shaving pubic hair.

For best results, always use your shaver before showering, while the pubic area is dry. We also recommend using talcum powder before shaving to get an even closer shave.

NOTE: If you have a hair trimmer at home that you think would suffice, we recommend you try using it before ordering your CleanCut to make sure that it's able to cut hair down to stubble with minimal damage to the skin. Be careful while doing this, keeping in mind that most trimmers aren't designed to cut this close to skin, and will easily cut you in this very sensitive area.

Update: The Ultimate Personal Shaver Kit is the latest and greatest shaving product on the market. Men and women will both appreciate the convenient shaving experience created by the Ultimate Personal Shaver Kit. When you want a smooth, stylish shave for your private parts, the Ultimate Personal Shaver Kit is the best product available.

Additional Details

Battery Info:  Requires one C battery.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. foto
I have had one of these for about two years, and I love it! I've tried shaving my testicles with regular blades and electric razors with very little success - (or worse yet, nicks). This razor is easy to use, but it needs to be used on dry skin. Baby powder should be applied to the area before use to absorb oils and moisture. Well worth the money!!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I love this shaver! I tried using wax was a couple of times, and it hurt like hell! I've been shaving for years now, which honestly wasn't all that bad. Anyway, I saw an ad for a personal shaver and thought I'd give it a try. It doesn't hurt at all and it cuts pretty close. If you like to shave your beaver nude or just leave a bit of hair, then you should definitely try this shaver. But if you like doing crazy designs, like shaving your initials or something, it would be pretty hard to do.
Sex toy review: four hearts. thrill_kill_cutie
A girlfriend told me about the Cleancut, and it wasn't that expensive so I thought I'd check it out. It's definitely a good alternative to shaving with razors (as we all know, nicking yourself down there can be pretty unpleasant). Only problem is it doesn't cut quite as close as a traditional razor, but as long as you use it daily it cuts pretty damn close. Also, it should only be used on dry skin. I've made the mistake of using it post-shower a couple of times and ended up with some ingrown hairs (ouch!).

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