Prostate Massage : A slim vibrating anal sex toy feels better than most medium and large butt plugs and dildos.


Serpent's Tail

4 Customer Reviews
Serpent's Tail: A slim vibrating anal sex toy feels better than most medium and large butt plugs and dildos.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The Serpent's Tail is one fantastic anal toy. Made of sleek vinyl, which covers a lightly textured shaft-spine, this toy can be molded into angles and shapes that you find more pleasurable. In this base of this amazing toy, a powerful, variable speed bullet vibrator hums away, preparing each user for sensual pulsations and massage. Vibrations travel easily from the base to the Serpent's Tail's tip.

Experiencing quality anal stimulation is tricky for many people. There is a fine line between pleasure and pain. The Serpent's Tail, though, due to its moldable function, enables each user to experience anal stimulation according to his or her preferences. The hand controller is easy to use, as well. Great texture, perfect width and girth, and powerful vibrations--that's included with this spectacular anal toy.

The flared base makes this a safe toy to use anally.

Editorial Review

Overall, I am impressed with this toy. I enjoy the name of the toy, but my first impression, it was not all that I had hoped. I really had to play with this toy, a few times, trying to find out what works best. Total insertion right off the start, I do not recommend this approach. This anal toy differs from anal plugs and probes. Working up a sweat is guaranteed. Patience, patience, patience. This is a slow transitioning toy that requires users to appreciate subtle changes in texture and resulting stimulation.

Beginners, despite the Serpent's Tail's size, might appreciate this toy more than advanced anal toy users. Beginners will be more inclined to take their time, while experienced users, they want it, right this second. That's how I reacted to this toy, at first. I stuck with it, though. And I am happy to announce, this is a quality anal toy. It is not a favorite, but I would pay money to own one. I don't say that about all the anal toys VibeReview sells.

Additional Details

Size:  6" x 1 3/8"
Battery Info:  Takes two AA batteries.
Material:  This item is made of Vinyl.
Manufacturer:  Topco

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: five hearts. wonderfully exotic
The vibration action is killer. Oh my goodness, it will keep you busy, totally stimulated, and ready for vaginal stimulation. Using my Pocket Rocket Jr. and Serpent's Tail at the same time pushes my limits of sanity. I will, with a huge smile on my face, recommend Serpent's Tail to any beginner or experienced anal adventurer.
Sex toy review: four hearts. nell
I like the Serpent's Tail. I collect all kinds of sex toys, and I use them all under different circumstances. I've been using the Serpent's Tail for anal play more than anything. I do not enjoy huge objects inside of my anus; it has never been something that appealed to me. With the Serpent's Tail, I don't have to worry about painful entry; it feels wonderful upon entering my tight anus. The bullet inside of the base works as well as most bullets. Nothing too special there -- it does what it's supposed to do. Overall, a solid design that helps me complete my sexual experience with double-penetration, because I do use this toy while having sex.
Sex toy review: five hearts. poison ivy
One ugly toy, but it has several benefits that your average toy doesn't. First, the ability to change angles with the molding capabilities. It makes a huge difference. I use this toy for anal and vaginal penetration. My husband uses this toy for prostate play, while I often use it for G-spot stroking. Second, the bullet sends the right amount of vibrations. I cannot stand these overly energetic vibrators that over-stimulate my sensitive clit. Third, the cost. It's affordable. It's easy to ignore how it looks, when you know it works so well. A must buy for couples who are looking to take that next step in their sexual development.
Sex toy review: four hearts. thrill_kill_cutie
I would recommend this toy for anyone looking to spice things up between the sheets. The Tail is great because it's long enough to make it easy to use during sex. Plus, I can mold it to hit to hit my G-spot when I'm playing solo. It's not the prettiest vibrator I've ever gotten, but it serves its purpose well.

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