Rabbit Vibrators: Dildos, rabbit vibrators, and vibrators improve women's orgasms

Silicone Clitifier

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Silicone Clitifier: Dildos, rabbit vibrators, and vibrators improve women's orgasms
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Warning: Extreme pleasure is just around the corner, only a few clicks away. Dual stimulation rabbit vibrators have changed the sex toy landscape. Women get more bang for their buck, experience more pleasure in less time, and exert less energy to access hidden pleasure zones. A mega-deal, right? Of course!

The Silicone Clitifier will help you realize your sexual potential. Surrendering yourself to its dual stimulation potential places you on a path for success, where your wildest orgasmic dreams are fulfilled.

Like the Vibe Rabbit and Jenna's Beaver Vibe, the Silicone Clitifier conquers more traditional vibrators, excelling where others routinely fail. Few rabbit vibrators come with a rotating shaft head, but the Silicone Clitifier does. Small stimulating beads are located in the upper-shaft. As its shaft head moves and the beads rotate inside of your honey pot, your G-Spot receives direct attention.

Its above average length and girth make deeper penetration and sensual G-Spot massage possible. Fabulous sensations swallow you completely as the Silicone Clitifier does its job in record time. But that's not all, ladies: Internal stimulation is certain to make your knees buckle in pleasure, but an element of external stimulation is also promised.

A flexible clitoral tickler is attached at the base, directly above the mounted hand controller. Bend the clitoral tickler in any direction that suits your personal clitoral stimulation needs. Once you've adjusted the clitoral tickler to its correct position on your clitoris, intense vibrations take over. As the shaft moves inside of you, the clitoral tickler's textured fingers will vibrate your clitoris into sexual submission, until you explode with dual orgasms - G-Spot and clitoral!

Swirled, bulged, and contoured texture covers the moving shaft and clitoral tickler. After spending only a few minutes with the Silicone Clitifier, you will know the difference between exceptional and mediocre texture, with the Silicone Clitifier as an example of the former. Its arousing texture adds an additional form of stimulation that you've so desperately sought.

The Silicone Clitifier is multi-speed and multi-functional: 3 rotation speeds and 3 vibration intensity speeds. Combine speeds and functions for a truly unique sexual experience. The controller is located on the lower-base, where indicator lights guide you into action. You are now able to change speeds and functions with less confusion; the indicator lights let you know exactly what operations are active.

Additionally, this is a waterproof dual stimulation sex toy. Exploring your cavern of love is now possible in the shower, bathtub, pool, and Jacuzzi.

Note: The Silicone Clitifier comes in two different styles: The Pink Silicone Clitifier has a butterfly-style clitoral tickler, bulbous shaft head, slightly slimmer shaft, and smooth texture. The Purple Silicone Clitifier has a two-prong clitoral tickler, a rounder shaft head, and bulged, swirled texture. Both are waterproof, the same length, and come with an adjustable clitoral tickler.

Editorial Review

Allow me to introduce you to my new pal, the Silicone Clitifier. Every women needs a bedroom-pal, one that can relieve a lady's tension - or one that adds excitement to an otherwise monotonous day of work and no play. The Silicone Clitifier delivers me from the clutches of mediocre vibrating dildos. So much so, in fact, that I am actively promoting it as one of my top five favorite sex toys.

Two features immediately struck me as beneficial. First, a bendable clitoral tickler is insanely clever. I can't even begin to describe my frustration with fixed clitoral ticklers. You know the ones I am referring to: They don't quite match-up to your clitoris for direct stimulation, turning clitoral stimulation into an annoying exercise of clitoral tickling. Yuck, no thank you! Since the Silicone Clitifier's tickler is adjustable, I always receive the amount of stimulation I require.

Second, it is waterproof. I love my bath and shower sex toys, especially vibrators. Very few quality rabbit vibrators are waterproof, so I am ecstatic that the Silicone Clitifier is equipped to join me in any relaxing watery environment. So, my new bedroom-pal is, in this way, also my new bathroom-pal. One can never have too many friends!

Its rotating beads and shaft head accomplish a lot. Immediately after I insert the toy deep inside of my love tunnel, my body warms up. I can feel my head start to flutter, like I am semi-conscious. At this point, I turn on the clitoral tickler. A powerful dual orgasm sweeps through my entire body, sending me into a moment of paralysis, when I am surrender to the Silicone Clitifier's mastery of my body. There are several different functions and speed combinations that increase or decrease my pace of arousal. I experiment with each combination; I find that my mood often dictates which combinations (if any) I prefer.

Intermediate and professional sex toy enthusiasts will enjoy the Silicone Clitifier. Novices might be too intimidated by its potential to overstimulate. Since it is one of the most active rabbit vibrators sold, beginners might prefer a simpler approach during their introduction to vibrating dildos. While I continue to promote the Vibe Rabbit as my favorite dual stimulation vibrator, the Silicone Clitifier comes in a close second. It is less expensive than the Vibe Rabbit. So if you are on a budget, the Silicone Clitifier is the next best option. The Purple Silicone Clitifier is my favorite of the two available for purchase.

Additional Details

Size:  Purple Silicone Clitifier:
10.25" total length
6.25" insertable length
5.5" circumference

Pink Silicone Clitifier:
10.25" total length
6.25" insertable length
5" circumference

Battery Info:  3 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of TPR.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Just an average sex toy that should be more powerful than it is. I suggest going with a different rabbit vibrator. I've felt my sexual best with the Sweet Magic and Decadent Indulgence. The Gigi is another favorite of mine. Point is, or what I am getting at is, the Silicone Clitifier is not the right sex toy for me, but those other ones are.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. tessa
I wasted my money on this dual stimulation vibrator. The only real cool feature is the movable clit vibrator. Other than that ... I don't have much use for the semi-powerful shaft. I was so bummed out by this sex toy that I finally replaced it with the Sweet Magic vibrator, which a friend recommended I try. That's a toy that is designed to satisfy a woman, let me tell you! The Silicone Clitifier looks all fancy, but it couldn't live up to the hype.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Leanna
It is not the first sex toy I reach for when I am horny. It is a cool vibrator to play with occasionally, but I would pull my hair out if it was the only sex toy I owned, just out of sheer frustration. The clit vibe part of it is remarkable, but the shaft vibrations for G-Spot stimulation don't work nearly as well as I initially hoped.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Screwed Up
the butterfly clit tickler is fantastic. since it moves i can position it for better clit vibrations, more surface-to-surface contact. the beads are a great addition. dual orgasms (for me) are a daily possibility since i bought the clitifier.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
How strange, classic girl! I had the opposite experience. My Clitifier continues to vibrate, twist and turn at a high level. No functional problems with mine.
Sex toy review: one heart. classic girl

Mine was defective. The battery cover kept popping off. Totally annoying. Then I had to hold the battery cover on it just so I could use the toy. Even when it worked, it didn't really work -- not like I expected. The motor struggled. Ugh! Good news: VibeReview handled it like a real professionals. Thank you so much. You turned a bad situation into a good one.

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