Male Sex Toys: Cock rings and vibrators are sex toys for couples

Silicone Island Cock Rings

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Silicone Island Cock Rings: Cock rings and vibrators are sex toys for couples
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Erection enhancement is possible. Some men rely on cock rings to sustain firm and hard erections for the duration of all their sexual encounters and activities. Whether used during foreplay, oral sex, or intercourse, effective cock rings help men perform their best, under the toughest pressure.

Silicone Island Cock Rings have long been reliable erection enhancement sex toys, and have found a new home in many men's hearts. These rings' amazing "staying power" and erection stability cannot be questioned. Rubber cock rings cannot provide the same type of durability and strength as Silicone Island Cock Rings.

Silicone Island Cock Rings are the preferred cock ring brand and are made of non-irritating silicone material. It helps that each ring contains small pleasure beads that aid in vaginal stimulation. Three ring sizes are included in each purchase, allowing you to choose a looser or tighter fit - whichever sensation feels best to you and your lover.

Editorial Review

I've been using various cock ring sizes, shapes, and designs for several years. While any cock ring pleases me, I do have preferences. Silicone Island Cock Rings please not only me, but also my wife. The small pleasure beads serve an important stimulation purpose - to add erotic sensations during sex. My wife can feel each bead stimulating her vaginal opening when I am inside of her. A little twisting, grinding ... she loves the sensations created by the pleasure beads.

I've never experienced erection difficulties, but I realize that a firmer erection is more pleasurable for my wife. That's exactly why I choose to wear Silicone Island Cock Rings and vibrating love rings. I want to please my wife as much as possible and cock rings certainly help, so I continue to wear a ring while having sex. I also feel more confident in myself (silly, I know) and my abilities with a strong cock ring helping out.

I have transitioned from wearing traditional cock rings to wearing vibrating love rings, which enhance my erections and create spectacular vibrations for my wife's clit. I still wear my Silicone Island Cock Rings occasionally, but I've devoted myself to two vibrating cock rings: the Orbit Ring Vibe and Impulse Micro Arouser. Neither vibrating love ring has let me down. Of course, beginners might want to start with traditional cock rings, like Silicone Island Cock Rings, to see if they enjoy wearing a cock ring.

Additional Details

Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. Anton_67
it's awesome how silicone island cock rings don't stretch out of shape.
Sex toy review: four hearts. fishmeister jones
The first time I slid one of these rings on my penis I wondered how anyone could like them. After a month of wearing my cock ring while in the sack, I understand why these sex toys are popular. My erections feel better to my wife and I am able to prevent quick orgasms. It took a while to like the tightness of the rings, but I am a fan now!
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Jackko
I am glad that someone else sells non-rubber cock rings. Because I am fond of cock rings I've been forced to wear itchy rubber cock rings. I don't have to do that anymore! Silicone Island Cock Rings replaced those crappy rubber rings that lose shape and make me itch.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Wearing one of these cock rings was like going back to high school. My dick was harder than it has been in years. One massive erection and I had sex for an hour before busting a nut. I wear one every time I have sex now. My wife certainly appreciated the fullness of my erection.
Sex toy review: three hearts. kinky for you
Man, these cock rings don't lose shape. I have a large dick, and in the past I had to stretch rings out in order to get them on my dick. The three different sizes made my life easier, and I didn't waste time trying to get the rings situated right. Great, great cock rings.
Sex toy review: three hearts. guitar master J
The beaded rings, when I thrust upwards in the missionary position, rubs against my wife's clit. With other cock rings, she doesn't get that extra pleasure. Also, she hates how rubber cock rings rub against her.
Sex toy review: five hearts. PeterB
I get a tigher fit that doesn't stretch too much. Plus, my girlfriend likes the balled circle. It feels better than a rubber cock ring, which can irritate her vagina.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I had never tried using a cock ring before. My buddy said they prolong his erection. Since they don't cost an arm and a leg, I bought some. Hey, they're not bad at all. My erections feel like a gigantic muscle throbbing. My girlfriend found them to be sexy.

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