Silicone Sex Toys: Kegel exercises are easier than ever with these orgasm balls and training sex toys.


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Smartballs: Kegel exercises are easier than ever with these orgasm balls and training sex toys.

Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Fun Factory creates some of the most innovative dildos and vibrators for women, but they took a different approach with Smartballs, which are primarily used to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Strong PC muscles enable women to focus on pleasure and vaginal control, and since both help women experience deeper and stronger orgasms for longer periods of time, Smartballs is an essential sexual enhancement adult toy.

Kegel exercises - the traditional method to improve PC muscle strength - come alive with Smartballs intensifying one's effort to train vaginal muscles for intense and powerful intercourse. Women who routinely rely on Smartballs as a method for improving PC muscles notice long-term sexual benefits - from more intense orgasms to hours of sustainable sex without experiencing internal fatigue. Urinary incontinence, as well, can be prevented by relying on Smartballs.

A durable elastomer string connects two silicone balls together, providing structural stability. Made of hypoallergenic, odorless silicone material that is durable, Smartballs can be used as frequently as you desire without the material losing its overall strength and shape. Each strand of silicone balls is inserted into the vaginal opening, slowly passing deeper into the vaginal cavity. Each silicone ball contains a smaller and heavier metal ball that vibrates and moves as internal muscles contract. As you move or contract your PC muscles, the internal metal balls create a pleasurable pleasure that trains your muscles, making them stronger.

For health and sexual gratification reasons, Smartballs have become quite popular. Men can tell a difference between trained pelvic muscles and unhealthy, loose pelvic muscles. Impress your boyfriend or husband and yourself with strong pelvic muscles. A significant increase in pleasurable stimulation will result. Luna Beads is a quality alternative to Smartballs, as they are the latest development in PC muscle training.

Editorial Review

I've been using Smartballs for several months. I've noticed a huge difference. My boyfriend has, as well. Since becoming sexually active, I used Kegel exercises to strengthen my pelvic muscles. The exercises worked, too. They didn't work as quickly or effectively as Smartballs. It takes a lot more effort and time to rely only on Kegel exercises, so I am satisfied with Smartballs' fast-paced method of PC muscle improvement. Luna Beads, as the description mentioned, are a great product, as well. Price-wise, I would go with Smartballs, but for overall effectiveness I would choose Luna Beads. Just something to keep in mind.

I tend to lose focus with any form of exercise. Smartballs require little attention. I simply insert my Smartballs once every two days, only for a couple of hours each training session. They work on their own. I have done Kegel exercises with them inside of me. I recommend that women do Kegal exercises and use Luna Beads or Smartballs. After using Smartballs for a significant period of time, my vagina feels stronger: I react more favorably to different sexual positions; my orgasms last longer, and multiple orgasms are more easily attained; my bladder doesn't hurt as much during sex. I gladly recommend this product to women who want to improve vaginal strength, improve their orgasms, and become sexual goddesses.

Additional Details

Size:  Each egg: 4cm long X 3.5cm wide.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Fun Factory

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Sexorcism
SmartBalls are an intelligent way to provide resistance for your pelvic floor muscles.It's easy to add resistance by hanging a weight on the retrieval loop if desired. They're so gush-provoking that I thought that my period came unexpectedly. It's so much fun to exercise your pelvic floor muscles this way. You'll be able to open coconuts in no time!
Sex toy review: four hearts. Domina
For doing kegel exercises I found them to be amazing. Smart Balls are like barbells for your vagina which increases resistance and gives you something to squeeze around. Kegels exercises are recommended for women to enhance their PC muscle and overall vagina health.
Sex toy review: five hearts. RandiM.
I've been intrigued by Smartballs for a long time and was really eager to give them a shot. It was definitely weird using them the first few times, and for the first week I couldn't wear them longer than a half an hour or so. But during that time I was doing Kegels and, I have to tell you, my husband noticed a serious difference. Heck, *I* noticed a serious difference!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous
i have been doing keigles since i was in my teens, and i bought these a few months ago. they are great. i will usually wear them all day, even at work. i only wish that there were some different weights. i suppose i'll have to take a look at the luna beads.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Sexy Lexie
Yeah, I notice a slight difference in the strength of my vagina. I can now clench my husband's penis with my vagina...and hold it in place. He says the "clenching" feels good. I didn't like the feeling of them being inside of me, but I look forward to using them now.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I did not think Smartballs would work. I had a negative attitude about the process and the enhancers. How wrong I was. This is one of those instances when I don't mind eating crow. It took effort and practice on my part, but I felt an incredible difference in the tightness of my hoohoo. My boyfriend sure enjoys the new me. I did the exercises and used Smartballs. Using the two together sped up the process.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Moonchild of the 60s
It took a few weeks to adjust to the strange "full inside" feeling. Once the Smartballs felt like a part of me, I started my exercises. Within a month, I noticed a significant difference in the tightness of my vagina. It had been years since I could grab a man's penis with my vaginal muscles, but I can do it again. Great, great product that more women should investigate.

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