Silicone Sex Toys: Adult sex toys for men produce male orgasms

Solo Slider

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Solo Slider: Adult sex toys for men produce male orgasms
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Masturbation sleeves are more popular than ever. Men have finally found a reliable substitute to traditional hand masturbation, and now there's no looking back. The Solo Slider recently arrived on the sex toy scene, surprising distributors, customers and sex toy enthusiasts. Those rough hands should be retired, replaced by the Solo Slider's smooth Cyberskin sex toy material.

It is a multi-function, super-flexible, vibrating masturbation sleeve that makes male masturbation more enjoyable. Stimulating ridges and ribbed texture cover the interior of the sleeve. Vibrations, then, are easily transmitted through the ribbed texture to the penis.

Due to the flexible nature of the Solo Slider, it literally wraps around an inserted penis, but has enough "give and take" for slow or fast masturbation. A pleasurable suction-like feeling is created, further intensifying vibration delivery.

A bullet vibrator comes with each purchase. Users of this masturbation sleeve have two choices - use the sleeve with the bullet vibrator, which easily slides in and out; or use the masturbation sleeve without the bullet vibrator. There are 5 different pulsation and vibration functions, so men can adjust the bullet vibrator according to their personal preferences.

A personal lubricant should be used with all sleeves. ID Glide and Astroglide are compatible with this sleeve's sex toy material. Using lubrication in conjunction with this sex toy will increase your pleasure!

Editorial Review

The Solo Slider is a cheaper version of the Power Stroker 100X. Not surprisingly, it is also less effective than the Power Stroker 100X. Regardless, it is a great starter's masturbation sleeve. Vibration technology, sleeve texture, and extreme flexibility put the Solo Slider in the "higher effectiveness" category. It's not quite the "top" masturbation sleeve, but it's certainly not the worst. Medium-grade, perhaps.

Some masturbation sleeves with vibrations tend to "buzz" the penis, but the Solo Slider massages the penis into one powerful climax. And the vacuum-like suction effect makes a huge difference in the degree of stimulation experienced by men. While I personally prefer the Power Stroker 100X, I have plenty of room in my collection to keep the Solo Slider around. Vibrations and superior texture...all at an inexpensive price? It is a great buy for those experimenting with toys for boys.

Additional Details

Size:  6" length
6" circumference
Battery Info:  1 GV battery required.
Material:  This item is made of PVC, and Silicone.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three hearts. vincent
turned masturbation into an entirely different, more enjoyable form of sexual expression. as the stroker moves back and forth it creates a pleasurable friction and clinging feeling. it is tight as you can imagine. buying it for myself was a good idea.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Dirty Harry
The Solo Slider strokes nicely. Comfortable jerking, rhythmic motions. The flexible sleeve material feels like clingy kitchen wrap with a body or shape. Hard to explain, but I like it.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
A bunch of my friends recommended VibeReview, but specifically suggested the Solo Slider. Good thing they recommended it, I can't afford some of the other products for men. I had to play with the Solo Slider over five or six times before I started to understand how it works. Once I understood the basics, I had grown accustomed to its different feeling. Doesn't come close to sex -- anyone who says otherwise is nuts. If I feel like a little porn viewing, I pull it out of my hidden goodies in the bathroom.
Sex toy review: four hearts. jopsin
I took my buddy's advice. He likes the Solo Slider, so I figured what the hell. It must be good at something if he's willing to admit that he has one of these strange suckers. Since I haven't ever played with anything like it, I don't have much of a comparison to offer. Sorry 'bout that, but, hey, the Solo Slider does feel like an improvement over hand-jerking. It needs quite a bit of lube though for it to feel right.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Sex Project
Didn't like it at all. The sleeve part wasn't long enough. I handed it over to the trash. I bought a different sleeve this time around. The Power Stroker 100X is the one that every dude will dig. Its insides like collapse or something around my penis -- a very unique, enjoyable experience.
Sex toy review: three hearts. D. Harper
I am content with it. It didn't send gushing waves of pleasure to my penis. I do cum with it. The best part is the suction. It does feel like my penis head is swallowed. It took a few uses for me to adjust to it.

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