Female Sex Toys: Pocket Rocket vibrators and adult sex toys for clitoral stimulation


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Starburst: Pocket Rocket vibrators and adult sex toys for clitoral stimulation
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Simplicity. Effectiveness. Versatility. You desire all qualities in your vibrating sex toys, and the waterproof Starburst clitoral vibrator is celebrated as encompassing all three characteristics. This newcomer sex toy is functionally perfect and powerfully stimulating, always providing you with a sexual boost that's traditionally unheard of!

Many claim it as a "instant pleasure" vibrator, so its pulsating buzzes and rapid vibrations are exactly what you need to feel your best. Blasting off into starry skies, seeking clouds of pleasure, is a routine affair with the Starburst directing all its energetic vibrations to your aroused love button. Pleasure, passion, and devotion mingle in a singular effort toward satisfaction. Single-speed vibrations have never been this arousing, but the Starburst is changing all of that.

But a pocket rocket-style sex toy isn't enough! Ticklers. Yes, you need textured stimulation while you self-stimulate or play with a partner. The Starburst vibrator comes with two clitoral ticklers, and each is textured differently to create an array of sensations. Switch out the sleeves when you desire different forms of stimulation - or use the vibrator's balled-tips for direct stimulation. Plus, this sex toy gem is waterproof and ready for erotic water adventures!

Editorial Review

The Pocket Rocket Booster is my favorite pocket rocket-style vibrator. When I first started masturbating, the original Pocket Rocket clit vibrator worked well, but things have changed over the years: I now need more stimulation power than I did in the past. Though the Starburst is a simple "on/off" sex toy, it is one of the better options for clit arousal. One speed, two ticklers, and plenty of under-the-sheets fun!

In many ways, the Starburst is a compromise between two clit vibrators - the Pocket Rocket Booster (easily the best) and the Pocket Rocket (the older model). For those who want an inexpensive option to the Pocket Rocket Booster - though I recommend women spend the extra cash for it - the Starburst is an acceptable substitute. If you want stimulation options, go with the Pocket Rocket Booster. But if you desire simple effectiveness at an affordable price, the Starburst is a worthy choice.

The Starburst is another example of Vibratex's (the manufacturer) superior vibrating sex toy innovation. The Starburst itself garners a lot of attention, but it is well-deserved attention - it works when other clit vibrators putter along. The tickler-sleeves that come with it are perfect for different types of clitoral massage and stroking. The first sleeve is covered in stimulating nubs and bumpy texture, and the second sleeve boasts of long, thin ticklers. I frequently alternate between the two sleeves while masturbating.

It helps that the Starburst is waterproof. I typically enjoy clit stimulation in a more relaxed environment. Less action is required on my part; a bath toy suits me in such situations. But this is no ordinary waterproof toy: The Starburst is better than many of the toys like it. Power, textured sleeves, and waterproof ability make it a toy worth owning for women and couples of all experience levels. And if you want really heat up your sexy affairs, try combining the Champ's delightful penetration with the Starburst's vibrations!

Additional Details

Size:  6" total length
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly, and Plastic.
Manufacturer:  Vibratex

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Sex toy review: one heart. Anonymous
I purchased this after I purchased the Water Dancer. I was looking for more power. I got more power but the vibration noise makes me not want to play with it.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I do not travel with my favorite sex toy, the Pocket Rocket Booster. I am afraid I'll leave it a hotel room or that it might get broken in my luggage on the plane. Since I am constantly traveling, I need some type of sexual release on the road - this is especially true since I am in a committed relationship. I went with the Starburst because of its similarities to the Pocket Rocket Booster, meaning I can experience similar sensations (though not as good) without jeopardizing the mechanical health of my favorite toy. The Starburst is an active little vibrator sex toy, so it more than fills my needs for a couple of "away days."
Sex toy review: five hearts. Raley
The Starburst is small, powerful, and comes with ticklers. I bought it for a romantic getaway that my husband and I were going on. I use it regularly now. I debated with myself, about buying it. It was a good idea after all.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Rabbit Ears
Love every part of the Starburst. There's no comparison between my old Pocket Rocket and my new Starburst. The Starburst is better at everthing.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
The starburst makes my clit happier and happier, always enjoying every second of its powerful vibrations. I like the cone attachment tickler more than the round one. Stimulating my clit without one of the ticklers also feels very good.
Sex toy review: four hearts. rae c.
The Starburst is my first ever sex toy. I haven't even "played with myself" all that much. Strike that from the record: Now I play with myself all the time. The Starburst has shown me what a real orgasm is like. The bouncing vibrations make me feel like I never have.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Ginger Davis
My poor Silver Bullet finally bit the bullet. It passed away after many, many years of sexual bliss. I look back at that toy with only smiles and appreciation. So I needed to replace it, either with a new Silver Bullet or go in a different direction. The Starburst looked cool to me, as did the Sweet Magic. I ordered both, going against the promise I made to myself: Only spend enough money for one sex toy! Though I spent more than I would've liked, I also got two of the top vibrators ever made. Bless my Silver Bullet for all its hard, hard work, but these two new sex toys are better than my old vibe.
Sex toy review: five hearts. rona
Head spins. An orgasmic induced body tremble. I am not much of a gspot lady. I enjoy my clit orgasms more. The Starburst is a true professional.

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