Male Sex Toys: Vibrators for sex toy sleeves improve male masturbation

Stephanie's Vibro Pocket Pal

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Stephanie's Vibro Pocket Pal: Vibrators for sex toy sleeves improve male masturbation
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Stephanie Swift is a busy lady. Her new line of adult toys continues to grow. We recently added Stephanie Swift's Plush Playmate to our fabulous catalog of adult toys. We anticipated a favorable response from men, but we had no idea that men would like the Plush Playmate this much. As a result of the growing interest in Swift's line of toys, we decided to add Stephanie's Vibro Pocket Pal to our catalog.

Let it be known: Stephanie's Vibro Pocket Pal is one of the least expensive sleeves VibeReview sells, especially considering the sleeve comes with a powerful bullet vibrator. The sleeve is made of Futurotic material. Life-like, stretchy and extremely soft, this sleeve is the next best thing to an actual vagina, for the price. Stephanie's Vibro Pocket Pal provides a tight fit that so many men desire. The accordion-like back collapses around the penis, replicating the feeling produced by vaginal contractions. The bullet vibrator slides into the sleeve, adding strong pulsations. The vibrator is multi-speed, so you can adjust the vibration level to your own personal preference.

As with all masturbation sleeves, Stephanie's Vibro Pocket Pal should be used with lubrication. VibeReview's top-selling lubricants are exactly what you need to enhance your masturbation experience: Astroglide and Wet Original. Both water-baed lubricants are compatible with this sleeve.

Editorial Review

Masturbation sleeves generally receive a pass or fail grade. We haven't found very many sleeves that are inexpensive, also constructed of quality material, and feel realistic. Lately, though, California Exotic Novelties has been releasing new sleeves made of Futurotic material, which have been less expensive than other sleeves. We are happy about the discounted prices, but we are even more pleased with the exceptional quality of these sleeves.

I tested Stephanie's Vibro Pocket Pal with the above factors in mind. This is not VibeReview's best sleeve, but it is, perhaps, the best inexpensive sleeve we sell. Some men are willing to purchase the more expensive masturbation sleeves, as they are worth the extra money; however, for those men who want to keep the process simple and the toy cost effective, Stephanie's Vibro Pocket Pal is a great choice.

If you are willing to spend a few extra dollars for an even better sleeve, check out the Power Stroker 100X, Cyberskin Sex Buddy and Blow Job Stroker. Our customers and reviewers appear to approve of all three sleeves, so you might consider upgrading to a more sophisticated sleeve. Or if you prefer, give Stephanie's Vibro Pocket Pal a chance. Both avenues lead to outstanding stimulation!

Additional Details

Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required
Material:  This item is made of PVC, and Silicone.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. a screaming comes across the sky
I was beginning to wonder when toys for men would improve. Drastic improvement emerged with the creation of the Vibro. I play with it daily. I sometimes play with it a couple of times in one day. The inside of this sleeve is smooth and tight. The vibrations make my balls buzz. Try this one before other male toys. I'm out. Happy humping, dudes.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Personally, I prefer my Power Stroker 100X. The Vibro Pocket Pal is better than other male toys. It's just not as effective as the Power Stroker.
Sex toy review: three hearts. seth

This is my first sex toy. My wife has a couple of vibrators, but I never had much interest in a toy for me. My wife has been traveling a lot, due to job duties.

I searched the Internet off and on for three days. Everything was so damn expensive. This sleeve was cheaper than most, but still looked like quality. And it has been a pleasure to use.

Sex toy review: three hearts. Martial Law
My hot dog appreciates Stephanie's Vibro Pocket Pal. This sleeve is my bun... only it's a bun that literally swallows my dick. The surrounding texture comes alive with vibrations. I am stoked to have this toy.
Sex toy review: five hearts. jopsin
Damn straight. Stephanie Swift is one of my favorite porn stars. Naturally, as soon as I saw this vibrating sleeve, I had to buy it. That's exactly what I did. Plunging my dick deep into this sleeve rocks. I've bought really expensive sleeves in the past, but none felt as awesome as this one feels.

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