Lubes & Lotions: Tasty flavored lube makes sex toys more interesting and arousing.

Strawberry Astroglide

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Strawberry Astroglide: Tasty flavored lube makes sex toys more interesting and arousing.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Who hasn't used Astroglide at some point? Most of us have. Reliability, yes, makes Astroglide a top choice among VibeReview customers. Our staff approves of Astroglide, too! Strawberry Astroglide lubricates just like the original, only they improved it by adding delicious strawberry flavor. Oral sex never tasted this good.

Water based and designed to be used with latex condoms, Strawberry Astroglide reigns as the flavored lube champion. If you are looking for different flavors, check out Naughty Secrets. Naughty Secrets provides a variety of flavored lubes to choose from. Strawberry Astroglide and Naughty Secrets are our two best selling flavored lubes.

5 oz. bottle.

Editorial Review

We anticipated Strawberry Astroglide's arrival. We had no idea that it would taste as good as it does. When they say "strawberry," they mean STRAWBERRY. Delicious from the first taste and even fifteen-minutes later, Strawberry Astroglide is my personal lubricant. I’ve been using Astroglide for so long that I refuse to experiment with other lubricants. Now that Astroglide created a flavored version of their original lube, I have more choices! The flavor lasts longer than other flavored lubes. In this case, a little bit goes a long way. Only a couple of tiny drops are needed for lubrication and taste bud stimulation.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Rick P.
One coat of this stuff lasts. There's no reason to use a lot of it. I made the mistake of using too much the first time. The scent and taste is strong. Buying more is a definite possibility.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I put a blindfold on my girlfriend, rubbed a few drops of this strawberry astroglide on my penis, surprising her with the flavor. She never kissed me down there like that before. Incentive-driven oral sex!
Sex toy review: five hearts. vicky moreno
The flavor doesn't fade. Great strawberry taste.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Gingerbread Girl
I'm not crazy about using it as vaginal lube. For oral sex and body licking? Sure.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Carlos G.
This stuff is the bomb! No more salty, sweaty tasting vagina. She'll even kiss me after oral sex. It tastes great too.

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