Sex Games: Tantra Sex works perfectly with vibrating cock rings, rabbit vibrators, and other adult sex toys.

Tantric Sex Positions

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Tantric Sex Positions: Tantra Sex works perfectly with vibrating cock rings, rabbit vibrators, and other adult sex toys.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Does your sexual inquisitiveness influence you to experiment? Do you need a boost of creative energy in your lovemaking? Everyone thrives sexually in an environment that encourages experimentation, because intimacy increases with exposure to new techniques, improved communication, and a general willingness to deviate from monotonous routines.

But sometimes it's helpful to use educational books for sexual enlightenment, as a means of becoming familiar with new sex positions and techniques, and The Pictorial Guide to Tantric Sex Positions is the perfect resource guide to begin an exciting sexual path. Your sexual awareness increases dramatically with one simple reading of this fabulous book.

You can be a master of your lustful bedroom craft, by perfecting proven age-old sex positions and arousing techniques. Learn the "hows" and "whys" of emotionally-driven sexual encounters while connecting with a lover on a spiritual level, where true pleasure thrusts itself upon you and your partner. Empower yourself and your relationship with new skills, proper techniques, and partner attentiveness.

This book contains photographs that put these new sex positions and techniques in an easy-to-follow context that is appealing to people of all experience levels. Waste no time second-guessing yourself or your partner, not with this book by your side, helping you ease into unfamiliar territory or helping you take your sexual skills to another level.

Written in a classy, female-friendly manner, The Pictorial Guide to Tantric Sex Positions book invites you to cultivate your sexual soul, to bless and enrich your relationship with a new sense of awe and excitement. Try to add complementary sex products to your new sexual explorations. The Tantric Lovers Game, Orbit Ring Vibe, and Eros Bodyglide personal lubricant enhance the sex positions and techniques discussed in The Pictorial Guide to Tantric Sex Positions book, affording you the unique opportunity to experience unheard of pleasure.

Editorial Review

The Pictorial Guide to Tantric Sex Positions is not your standard lover's manual. Some educational and instructional books go overboard with wild illustrations and hyperbolic commentary, but this particular book is fairly straightforward, eliminating all that boring filler content ... the kind that makes you say, "Fine. But where is the juicy stuff? I am ready to jump into the fire!" I didn't have to wade through pages and pages of information that, quite frankly, no one wants to read. And this is not a thick book that requires a lot of reading, so couples can lie in bed, read it together, and then try the different positions.

Some of the photographs might be interpreted as cheesy, but in the end none of that mattered to me. I asked myself one simple question after reading the book and looking at the pictures: "Did this book help me learn about new sex positions?" Since it had, my expectations were successfully met. Granted, this isn't my first introduction to Tantra or Kama Sutra sex positions, but this book is easier to follow than a few others that I've read at bookstores. However, the Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions book is better than The Pictorial Guide to Tantric Sex Positions, because its content dives deeper into sexual positions and techniques, so you might want to check it out before buying this one.

Regardless of which book you choose, both help sexual relationships flourish on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level. There are few products, too, that enhance this type of sexual experimentation. I am fond of using the following products before and during a daring expedition of love: the Sweet Celebration Box, Kama Sutra Massage Oil, the Neo Love Ring, and the Magnificent Vibrating Glove. If you want to experience unforgettable orgasms, try mixing and matching those items and kits with the new sex positions and techniques you learned from reading either book.

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Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. romantic_madison
Fun introduction manual. Learned a lot about proper positioning during sex. Also came up with some twists on the techniques discussed. Smaller book than I imagined, but a nice investment. Doesn't take long to read it and is easy to access important pages without searching through the entire book.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. BackinBedGuy
Good book for lovers. My girlfriend and I have been together for four years, but we look for new ways to stay focused on each other. It surprises me that we hadn't previously read any sex positions books over the last four years, but that's the truth. We changed all of that with the Tantric Sex Positions book/guide. While we had tried some of the positions described in the book, on our own, we learned many new techniques and positions. I'd say it is a good book for longtime lovers.

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