Sex Toy Accessories: Clean and disinfect sex toys with sex toy cleaner

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Toy Cleaner: Clean and disinfect sex toys with sex toy cleaner
Sex toy review: five hearts.

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Toys can be cleaned many ways, and usually a good hand washing with soap and water will do. But many of you have written in requests for a more "professional" antibacterial cleaner, and if that's what it takes to make you feel good about getting off - well - there's certainly no harm in it. We've looked for the gentlest, most effective cleaner we could find, and here it is. It even has an antibacterial agent in it to make sure your toys get squeaky clean and germ-free. We have to admit, it does make cleanup easy and quick.

Editorial Review

It is settled. No more complaints from me. Finally, a suitable toy cleaner has been added to VibeReview's product catalog. Toys should be cleaned before and after use. I compulsively clean my toys. My cleaning routine improved when I purchased this anti-bacterial cleaner solution. Keeping my toy activity healthy and safe - that's the goal. I have confidence in this cleaner; I use it all the time. Plus, cleaning with soaps and other cleaning material does leave a residue on toys, which I found to irritate my skin and sensitive vagina. This toy cleaner's solution does not have unwanted adverse reactions; I do not experience any vaginal discomfort or irritation. If you play with toys, toy cleaner is necessary.

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Sex toy review: five hearts. thursdayschild
A good toy cleaner is something that seems to be easily overlooked. Certainly, it isn't necessarily sexy, but it should be one of the most important things in your toy drawer. Good clean toys last longer and they're good for your health - and who doesn't like healthy toys that last a long time?! I'm always on the lookout for a good toy cleaner. And I must say I was really impressed with this product!
I've actually ended up keeping it out on my nightstand because it's so handy and convenient. I love being able to pop the cap off and spritz my Hitachi Magic Wand before putting it away for the night. We recently went away for the weekend, and we packed it along with our bag of sex toys, knowing that we'd want it nearby to have on hand whenever we needed it. I've used it to sterilize everything from a metal pinwheel to vibrators and rechargable cockrings. It's worked wonderfully on everything I've tried it on. You know how sometimes, when you use soap and water, you're left with a kind of film or residue on your toys? With this Toy Cleaner, I haven't noticed anything left behind - not even a scent. And it's wonderfully gentle - readers of the blog might remember that D and I have a whole list of allergies, so we have to be very careful what we use especially next to the delicate tissues of the genitals! This Toy Cleaner has proven to be extremely gentle with no unpleasant side effects and no allergens for either of us.
Extremely affordable, I know we'll be purchasing several more bottles of this Toy Cleaner to have on hand. To us, there is nothing as important as our health, safety, and well-being, and we want all of our toys to be squeaky clean and ready to use no matter what! Better safe than sorry, isn't that what they always say?
Sex toy review: four hearts. luna
The cleaner works, hasn't caused any complications, and is cheap. My three requirements have been met. I will buy more, when I run out.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Mae
I haven't used any other toy cleaners, but this one works for me. My first concern is always "how will this product interact with my vagina, skin, etc." If I am cleaning a toy used regularly, I want to make sure that the toy cleaner isn't absorbed into the toy, later to be released inside me. No issues like that have happened. I will continue purchasing this cleaner.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I was one of those that complained about VibeReview not having a toy cleaning substance. As expected, when VibeReview added toy cleaner to their products, I bought it. Obligated, yes. Since I complained, I had to purchase the toy cleaner. So, yeah, I did buy it. It worked like a charm. I don't like screwing around with abrasive soaps. I'd rather skip that step. The toy cleaner is safe and effective. The condition of my toys has never been better. Thanks for taking my suggestion and making something happen.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Bridget Oremon
How can anyone go wrong with a toy cleaner? You'd be surprised. Put simply...some of them suck. Either the cleaner leaves its own residue or it just doesn't clean as advertised. Not Vibe Review's cleaner. Their cleaner takes care of all the bacteria resulting from sexual activity.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Not many "toy cleaners" can be found on the net. It's even difficult to find them in stores, especially a quality one. As usual Vibe Review had a good one, so we purchased it. It's worked fine. The cleaner lasts a while, too. We will buy it again.
Sex toy review: five hearts. stop staring at me
I cannot stand dirty sex toys - I will not allow my toys to collect that disgusting "after sex" smell, taste and visual left over. Maybe some people are fine with a simple rag and wash - not me, though. I want to make sure the entire toy has been cleaned with a solution that kills any bacteria left over. The toy cleaner I found on Vibe Review is the best I've found. I am so happy that this website decided to add this product.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Sally
I was one of the many who wrote you, asking for an antibacterial toy cleaning solution. And, I thank you so much for getting a quality cleaner. I've already purchased two bottles, and obviously, plan on purchasing more.

There is no better feeling than cleanliness. It also helps when you've got the cleaner stashed in your bedside table: cleaning is quickly done, and the toys are ready for another go'round. Thanks again, for responding so quickly - it's why VibeReview is the best on the net!

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