Male Sex Toys: Anal beads, cock rings, and vibrators are romantic gifts


Triple Blaster

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Triple Blaster: Anal beads, cock rings, and vibrators are romantic gifts
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

What if you could triple the amount of pleasure experienced while you masturbate, enjoy foreplay, or have sex? You wouldn't hesitate to grab the opportunity and run! The Triple Blaster is a triple stimulation vibrating cock ring that makes all your stimulation dreams come true. Simultaneous arousal of multiple erogenous zones lets you feel your best and perform at the highest level imaginable.

Men can wear the Triple Blaster for solo or couple fun; however, many men prefer to use the Triple Blaster while having sex with their partner. Two bullet vibrators slide into the flexible, stretchy cock ring - one on top, one on bottom - for intense during-sex secondary stimulation. The tightness of the ring ensures that men sustain a firm erection that feels thicker, and the vibrations travel through the nubby ring straight to the clitoris.

Because the Triple Blaster focuses on erection enhancement and clitoral stimulation, men and women experience a variety of sensations that are enjoyable and unique. But that's not it! A three inch strand with a balled tip hangs from the bottom of the love ring, and can be used in two different ways. The balled strand is long enough to slide inside of the wearer's anus, providing a third form of stimulation.

Both bullet vibrators are multi-speed, powerful, and connected to one hand controller. The hand controller has two adjustable sliders which can be used to change the pace of the individual bullet vibrators. Vibrations travel from the top of the textured ring to the bottom of the ring, and then resonate through the pleasure bead strand.

Editorial Review

I am all about doubling my fun, so you can bet that tripling my fun excites me even more. The Triple Blaster is a unique sex toy that is designed for multiple arousal of three important erogenous zones: the penis, clitoris or testicles, and anus. Of course, with such aggressive sex toy designs, my first concern is that I will be over-stimulated.

There's an important stimulatory balance that must be achieved and maintained in order for me to climax. Is the Triple Blaster too aggressive for my sensitive precious parts? No way! I've had so much fun with this vibrating love ring that I use it when my boyfriend and I make love and when I play with my favorite dildos. (I slide the vibrating love ring over my dildo's shaft for additional stimulation.)

My boyfriend doesn't object to anal stimulation, but it's not something that we do frequently. He laughed about wearing the love ring and sliding the balled strand into his butt, but I encouraged him to at least give it a shot. As usual he agreed, proving why I have the best boyfriend in the world! We started making love, I turned up the vibrations with the hand controller (easy to use), and my boyfriend started squirming around. Apparently, he liked the feeling of the strand in his rear end.

My boyfriend later explained to me that the strand feels like a pinky's tip inserted in his butt, and for him, that felt really good. It was neither too long nor too wide, but was perfect for the slightest anal stimulation. As far as me, I really enjoyed each vibrator's powerful pulsations. Tiny nubs cover the love ring, and I felt that amazing texture massaging my clit the entire time we explored one another's body.

I also recommend the Orbit Ring Vibe and Impulse Micro Arouser as effective vibrating love rings. It's tough to say which of the three is the best - they all create different types of sensations that are equally enjoyable. However, I recommend that you try one of the three as a sexual enhancement tool. My boyfriend loves wearing these vibrating love rings, and I enjoy the thicker penis that comes from him wearing one ... and the clitoral vibrations aren't too shabby!

Additional Details

Size:  Love Ring:
4" total length
1.25" width

Pleasure Bead Strand:
3" total length
.75" ball diameter

Battery Info:  3 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and TPR.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: five hearts. SusieQ
I totally love this!!! It was the first thing that my boyfriend bought us. Or shall I say me. He was having problems with keeping on condoms when I was on top and cockrings weren't exactly "fun". It was absolutely amazing from the first second he put it on. I loved the sensation it gave me as it stimulated my clitoris and loved the way it would barely hit my anus... I've used this product with him, with out him and with my dildos. Perfect for us and myself!! A must have if you ask me.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Dani California
The vibrations are perfect, but the textured ring is too long and too wide. My fella has complained that it's too heavy. I can have dual orgasms with it on my guy's penis, but it doesn't happen every time or that frequently.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Racing Nancy
We played with it the first night it arrived and we continue to play with it several times a week. Feeling my clit and G-Spot aroused at the same moments is really exciting for me. The vibrations are way more powerful than our other vibrating cock ring. It adds something to a sexy situation so I am inclined to say it is a good sex toy for ladies and gents.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Mike Finley
The ring fits me just right. My girlfriend sure enjoys the quick vibrations and the padded massage nubs. I didn't experience much pleasure from the balled strand. I could barely tell it was inside. Everything else deserves a good rating.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Weighed too much for my liking. It felt like I had this giant bulk pulling my penis down. I plan on buying a thinner vibrating cock ring in the future. The toy's thickness interfered with deeper penetration, too, so that's something to think about before buying it.
Sex toy review: three hearts. MotoCrossMan
The cock ring's tightness is good, the vibrations are outstanding, but the butt strand deal isn't that great. I didn't notice much of a difference at all. Plus it pulls the bottom part of the cock ring down and that changes the shape of the toy and the angle of the vibrations. I quit using that string with ball. Just as a cock ring with vibrations it is a good sex toy.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
My girlfriend and I have a box of sex toys that sit near our bed. In that box, we have three different vibrating love rings: the Impulse Micro Arouser, Diving Dolphin, and Velvet Touch. I suggest that guys stay away from the Velvet Touch, but the Triple Blaster and Diving Dolphin are pretty valuable sex toys. My girlfriend likes the Diving Dolphin's vibrations and texture more than she likes the Triple Blaster. I lean toward the Triple Blaster as a better fit. The anal bead and strand is a cool extra benefit. Bulky and sorta heavy, I think, but the texture wraps around my penis to where I have a solid erection, and I don't cum as quickly as I once did.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Jameson
My crazy wife gave me this strange contraption. I had to read the product description just to know how everything is supposed to work. I didn't think the hanging string with the ball was long enough to stay in my rear. We tried the toy out last night and it surprised the hell out of me. My penis felt like a brick wall, hard and strong. My wife enjoyed the vibrations. The strand fell out twice, but it stayed in there long than I expected it would. When I view the toy as a whole, I call it a success.

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