Male Sex Toys: Adult sex toys for men show how to stimulate the clitoris

Utopia Love Ring

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Utopia Love Ring: Adult sex toys for men show how to stimulate the clitoris
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Men and women alike will appreciate the powerful passion provided by the Utopia Love Ring. This vibrating cock ring has all the style and grace that anyone could want in a sex toy. Both partners are equally satisfied by the textual nubs and indentations.

This cock ring is designed with the best material available, which ensures a tight fit each and every time. Men will experience the greatest erections imaginable with this cock ring surrounding their penis. Women, on the other hand, benefit from the Utopia Love Ring's star-powered vibration output.

Multiple erogenous zones are stimulated with this amazing cock ring. Additionally, this fantastic toy is waterproof, which is unusual for a cock ring. This is a new, exciting development in the area of cock rings; we know that VibeReview's reviewers and customers will love this new capability.

Experience hands-free penile and clitoral stimulation in style, in the shower or tub, with your loved one.

Editorial Review

It is a cock ring, right? It has the shape of a cock ring. It feels like a mighty power tool. Since our first introduction to the Utopia Love Ring, my wife and I have been using it constantly. I could waste your tired eyes' time with a lengthy review, but less says more in this case.

My erections have always been hard. I do not have any form of penile or erectile dysfunction; however, this cock ring has enhanced my erections and my lasting power: wearing this cock ring brings new meaning to "hard as a rock." I am able to prolong sex; orgasm does not come as quickly as it once did, which is fine with both my wife and me.

My wife's new obsession with sex and vibrations has opened up our sexual relationship. Having her clitoris stimulated during intercourse makes the experience more enjoyable for both of us. For whatever reason, the act of introducing a new toy has positively impacted our willingness to experiment sexually. Playing in the shower with this cock ring continues to be a weekly activity, one that I thoroughly enjoy.

As far as vibrating cock rings are concerned, this is one of the best that VibeReview sells. I have no problem recommending this toy as a successful enhancement to men and women's sexual activities.

Additional Details

Battery Info:  Batteries included.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. J. Foster
My ex-girlfriend confiscated my original Utopia Love Ring. She came by to pick up some of her clothing and hid my cock ring vibe in the clothing, and I knew I wouldn't see it again. I came back to VibeReview and order another one - which is illustrative of my appreciation for it. It turned me into an orgasm-creating-monster man, and, especially since I am looking for a new leading lady, I need the Utopia Love Ring ready at a moment's notice.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Professor Ed
The Utopia Love Ring changed everything in my married sex life. My wife enjoys it more than I ever could, and I am a-ok with her enjoying herself. That's all I've wanted, is for her to enjoy sex as much as she can. The best part of all is that we are trying other things which are enjoyable to me. This small sex toy opened our eyes to inspiring sex.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
My husband wears it everytime we fool around. I thought the idea of a cock ring was strange. Oh how quickly things change. Having felt the vibrations of it, I know why my husband likes it so much. Even if he wanted to take it off, I probably wouldn't let him.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Pool of PLEASURE
I agree with everyone else. It never occured to me that something so simple could add this much extra pleasure. Wearing it that first time felt strange, but I quickly warmed up to it. My wife responded favorably to it. That's all I will say about that.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Ned H.
They should invest time into making these with a different color. C'mon, dudes wear these, remember? Color concerns aside, the Utopia Love Ring continually surprises me. I masturbate with the toy wrapped around my penis, with the vibrator angled downward, near my testicles. That feels good. I have worn it many times during sex. It wasn't a very expensive toy at all.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Raley
Awesome toy. Snug wrap around. My girlfriend enjoys the additional stimulation it brings. I enjoy a harder erection. I was nervous that the texture part of the toy might rip, but it can handle pressure.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Constructive Criticism
Ten times better than the Techno Lover. My husband is easy to please. If the cock ring fits, he's ready to go. Me, not so easily pleased. The Utopia Love Ring comes with a much more powerful vibrator. That vibrator is also stable while inserted in the cock ring. The many nubs rub my clitoris during sex. Regardless of how fast or slow my husband and I have sex, the ring manages to send direct vibrations to my clit. We will be using this toy for a longgggg time. Thanks for the tip.

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