Dildos: Jenna Jameson sex toys are exciting female masturbation adult toys

Velvet Prodigy

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Velvet Prodigy: Jenna Jameson sex toys are exciting female masturbation adult toys
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Jenna Jameson knows a thing or two about sex toys - those that work and those that don't. Her sexpertise guided Doc Johnson's pursuit to create a reliable G-Spot vibrating dildo that women of all experience levels would enjoy. The advent of the Velvet Prodigy clearly signals a shift in sex toy designs, toward improved functionality, texture, size, and appearance.

Arousing G-Spot massage begins and ends with precisely angled shaft heads and wonderful vibrations. A smooth egg-shaped head starts this toy off with sensual purring and humming pulsations. The Velvet Prodigy's titillating shaft head is the backbone of this vibrating dildo, as G-Spot arousal is directly proportional to the shaft head's effectiveness and soft, smooth egg-shaped texture.

The shaft gradually changes from slim to moderate thickness, so you realize the Velvet Prodigy's shaft navigates easily into your love nook. Since the egg-shaped head is attached to the thinnest area of the shaft, insertion proves more comfortable. This gradual width change allows your vagina to slowly adjust to the sex toy's shape and size.

The Velvet Prodigy is a multi-speed vibrating dildo. Decide your own vibration speeds! Adjust the base dial controller to your own personal preferences and mood, setting a sexual tone that benefits you the most. Since it is waterproof, you now have a water companion that promises to please you in the shower, bathtub, Jacuzzi, or pool.

Editorial Review

The Velvet Prodigy resembles the Japanese G-Spot Squirmy. Both have similar textures and shaft heads. The Japanese G-Spot Squirmy should be credited as the better vibrating dildo, however: It is a dual action vibrator that focuses on simultaneous G-Spot and clit satisfaction. In comparison, the Velvet Prodigy is solely a G-Spot sex toy.

The Gigi and Dreamboat are better G-Spot vibrators than the Velvet Prodigy, but each is more expensive. If one can afford the Gigi or Dreamboat, I highly suggest purchasing one of the two as an alternative to the Velvet Prodigy. However, just because I prefer those two elite G-Spot vibrators doesn't mean that the Velvet Prodigy is useless. On the contrary, it is an effective G-Spot sex toy for a competitive price.

Basically, a vibrating egg serves as the shaft head, and it is pro-stimulation approach to internal arousal. Its vibrations are enchantingly sensual, but it does lack certain power that some women cherish in their G-Spot vibrating dildos. If you prefer slower, deeper vibratory resonance to fast-paced vibrations, the Velvet Prodigy is the right choice. However, if you desire a power sex tool, this is not the one for you.

For what it is, the Velvet Prodigy is a bargain. Women who want to explore the benefits of G-Spot arousal should begin their journey with a vibrating dildo like this one. It is relatively inexpensive, easy to operate, and angled for direct stimulation. The less I have to work for orgasms, the better I feel. The Velvet Prodigy is fully capable of all the heart-pounding work.

Additional Details

Size:  9" total length
4.5" circumference
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Plastic.
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

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Sex toy review: two hearts. Juicy Goddess

I did not care for the Velvet Prodigy. I started trying it out as a clit stimulator, and although I liked how the egg-shaped head nestled against my nub, I was unimpressed by its vibration power. Although I appreciate the slightly velvety texture of the plastic, the vibrations seemed unmemorable, only mild, ranging from barely felt vibrations and wimpy pulsations to a slight buzz. Ho hum! I turned it all the way up and still wasn't rocked, not in the least.

OK, it's supposed to be designed to stimulate my g-spot, not my clitoris, so after some preliminary arousal, I put it inside. I did not care for that sensation at all. Going in it felt uncomfortable, as the egghead and shaft entered. After it was in place, I found that it was actually unpleasant to have it there. I've very happily used more traditional curved g-spotter sex toys with great delight, but there was just something about where this egghead landed in me that not only wasn't stimulating, but made me want to actively remove it. Which I promptly did.

While every woman's anatomy is different and our tastes are as divergent, I imagine that some other women will find that this toy just doesn't match up with their anatomy in a pleasing way. This one made it into my discard pile with astonishing speed.

Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. Anais

I like this sex toy but I think for a different reason than what it is promoted for. When I first saw the Velvet Prodigy, I loved its curvy, mysterious shape and soft, velvety feel.

Wow. It seemed somewhat big or bulky for internal stimulation, but I put lots of lube on the condom I had rolled over it and was ready to go for it.

It felt uncomfortable, anyhow, when I tried to slide its head into my pussy, even after more stimulation and another supply of lube. And when finally inside I encountered the same problem as with the Lucid Dreams, because the moment I started to enjoy the vibration and my vaginal muscles went to work ... the toy turned upside down inside of me, applying uncomfortable pressure to the back of my vagina.

Since I am not big on G-spot stimulation anyway, I took it out and just massaged my clit and the outside of my pussy, using the interestingly shaped head to apply pressure in the places I like, so I enjoy my Velvet Prodigy tremendously as a clit sex toy. The Pocket Rocket Booster, too, is a favorite clit sex toy. Check it out before buying the Velvet Prodigy.

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Kybo

The Velvet Prodigy vibrator is fun. Once I got it inside, it was useful. I had some trouble getting it in and, then later, even more trouble getting it out. The shaft is hard to control because I can't comfortably reach that far. The control knob - being a twist dial - is difficult because I can't reach it easily and whenever I tried to move the toy around or make adjustments, I would wind up turning it off by accident. So control placement is an issue.

This sex toy was a good time and felt nice. It accomplished what I was hoping for, but was just hard to handle and control from a technical-operations standpoint.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Amber

During this ten week playoff between sex toys, the Velvet Prodigy is my favorite so far. Love it.

It is an attractive shade of pink, and the texture is smooth and firm. What makes it brilliant is that the vibrating head is roughly the shape of a vulva. Think as long and as big as an egg, but not as wide, just a purrrfect fit to vibrate a the whole vulva.

Basically, you can vibe much more than just the clit because the surface area is so big and the shape is so ingenious. There are nerve endings in so many places, and this toy will tease many of them!

This is a toy I could be friends with for a longtime. I highly recommend!

Sex toy review: three hearts. Miss Molly

The material of the Velvet Prodigy was a nice change! It has a hard material but with a nice smooth surface feel. It is good for when you want something firm, not a flexible rubber texture. While it is designed for the G-Spot, the shape of it is not great for insertion. And almost is impossible to tell if it's shifted inside of you until you try to get it out. So go slow! It has a tendency to hurt if it has been angled wrong.

Overall, I enjoyed the sex toy but not it is not what I immediately turn to for G-Spot stimulation. I think this is better suited for my clit. The broad surface covers a wide area and distributes the sensation most pleasurably on the exterior. However, in a pinch I would be willing to use it on my G-Spot again. And as long as you're aware of the odd, irregular shape, it's worth a try.

Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Carin

I have to admit that during this project, so many toys that looked like they might be fun, let me down in a sad way. When it came to the Velvet Prodigy and its unusual shape, I let it sit on my shelf for much longer than I should have, way past the date that I was supposed to review it by. I just didn't want to play with another lamo toy. Even if it was pink!

Finally, after avoiding looking at it for several weeks, I went out to buy some new AA batteries just in case my old-brand-new batteries turned out to be a problem. Just as I screwed the cap on the back of my new vibrator the toy sprang to life and announced a nice strong vibe. I was so pleased!

This toy has a long shaft and an egg shape, attached at an angle, at the end, which is where the vibrator seems to be located. The long shaft makes it easy to hold it against your clit without penetration. After getting off that way, I found that licking this toy was no easy feet, but lube works nicely. . and slipped it in for a nice snug fit right against my G-spot. I spun the toy, changing the angle, and experienced a nice hard orgasm that left my toes tingling.

I think that the Velvet Prodigy gets to spend some weeks in the spot of honor under my pillow. Needless to say, I was very surprised and I can't wait to surprise myself again.

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. LC

I liked this vibrator for the shape and color (pink), but what really got me excited about this was that the head fit in nicely and left out a lot of guest work as to where the G spot was. Of course you could insert the vibe in as far as you wanted, but I found that the head really was all that I needed to massage the G-spot.

The vibrating power was average and it wasn't too loud. I really liked the cool trendy packaging, and the vibrator itself felt nice to my touch. It wasn't too rubbery, and nor did it skid against my fingers. Nice and soft!

What I didn't like about this vibrator head collects dust easily, like the plastic had a slick texture look to it, which appeared after using it for the first time. Might just be the coloration. I like it though.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Essin' Em

I had no expectations for the Velvet Prodigy. None. I thought I would put the batteries in, give it a go or two, and then take the batteries out and toss it (I have far too many toys to keep the ones that are crappy).

Not so! I put in the batteries, and what quite surprised at how much power the toy has for just two AA batteries. I mean, it's no Gigi, which is my absolute favorite G-spot sex toy, but it had a good bit of juice.

I was a little worried that the head of it would be too big for me, but it fit okay with a little lube. Of course, I need some clit stimulation (a lot actually), so out came the Hitachi Magic Wand. With help from the wand, it was a fantabulous time, although I tend not to move my dildos/insertable vibes, so I don't know how it works for everyone.

It's pink, which I hate - also a weird material, some kind of plastic that is coated in something to make it feel like velvet. However, it IS phthalate-free, which gives it back some points.

Overall, this is a good sex toy for the price, and a great starter for someone looking for a G-spot sex toy or vibrating dildo.

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Polly A. Moorus
The Velvet Prodigy surprised me. I honestly didn’t expect it to do much for me … or to me, but I quickly learned that it is a fun G-spot vibrator. It’s not the most powerful sex toy I’ve encountered, but it doesn’t have to be an out-of-control power machine for it to feel good. My most recent vibe, the Iris, makes the Velvet Prodigy look like a chump, but it also costs considerably more. Despite not being one of the better G-spot sex toys that a girl can own, the Velvet Prodigy manages to make me feel pretty good, so I can’t complain too much.
The egg/bullet shaped head is what interests me the most. Inserting that wide, somewhat long shaft head can be a real pain, but it sure feels good externally, on the clitoris and labia. Once I am wet enough, after pleasing my clit with its vibrations, I am usually ready to insert it. Beware: It could take a few minutes of playing around to get the entire head situated just right, where it sits on and touches the G-spot. Moderate vibrations erupt from the toy’s motor and feel good with this soft, yet firm texture.
I don’t experience those earth-shaking orgasms, like the ones I feel while using the Iris or Gigi, but those orgasms feel better than, say, the ones I experience with the Waterproof G-spot Nubby and . I doubt many beginners will enjoy the Velvet Prodigy, but experienced ladies will surely get a kick out of it. It is a specialty G-spot sex toy for women who enjoy intense internal stimulation.
Sex toy review: three hearts. feather girl
I get really aroused playing with it, but I still struggle with orgasms. Maybe it's just me and my body, but it takes forever for me to climax with any sex toy I've purchased. It does feel wonderful inside of me, but I want something that will push me over the top.
Sex toy review: four hearts. jolene
Tons of buzz about the Velvet Prodigy. I agree with all of the buzz. I had my deepest feeling orgasm with it inside of me. The vibrations are just right for internal massaging. Learning how best to slide it inside of me was tricky. The shaft head and its angle felt weird at first, but once I found my G-Spot I felt climatically electric, like my whole body was going to erupt into a pool of mush. Melting in pleasure, I mean.
Sex toy review: four hearts. muse for poets
Best gspot sex toy that I've purchased yet. I can't get this much pleasure from a real penis. I am somewhat addicted to the Velvet Prodigy. It has become my relaxation buddy. The strange looking head really does massage my special place. One complaint, of course: The twist controller should be more accessible to my fingers. Like they should move it or make a wire controller.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I fell in love the day I received my package. What need do I have for any other sex toy? I don't. The Velvet Prodigy is the most gentle lover I have taken into my bed with me. G-Spot paradise - for as long as I desire it.

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